Gaslighting in relationships: all you need to know

There are people who always want to be right about everything. This type of behavior is manifested in all human relationships, including couples. Lately it has become a trend the term_ gaslighting,_ which refers to a person who wants to convince the other that he/she is wrong, even if he/she is not. In reality,_ gaslighting _is a strategy to gain more power by making the other person confused and questioning his or her own life. GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS is something that happens very often. This behavior is more common in men, who try to psychologically subdue their partners. It is a subtle form of emotional abuse. This attitude is very harmful and aims at destroying the self-confidence of an individual, who comes to doubt her own sanity. Generally, those who gaslight their partner are narcissistic and manipulative men. This individual only wants to subdue his partner, who in reality is his victim.

Here are some examples of GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS.

  • HE TELLS YOU THAT EVERYONE LIES TO YOU EXCEPT HIM: this manipulative man questions every one of your friends and family. He speaks ill of each of them and tells you that they all lie to you because they consider you unintelligent. He wants to convince you that the only person who always tells you the truth is him. He advises you not to trust any of your friends or family. The reality is that he wants to isolate you from your environment so that he can control you better.
  • INCOHERENCE: what he says never coincides with reality. He describes a reality that only exists in his imagination. Everything he says is adapted to your convenience. The goal is for you to doubt and be confused about what the truth is. You should never trust him, the only valid thing is your own criteria.
  • FAKE: He never does what he says. His words never reflect the truth, but are a story told according to his intentions. He will try by all means that you create him, since he wants to be the center of your life. You must beware of this man, because he is capable of doing anything to control you.
  • HE INVENTS A REALITY ALL THE TIME, INCLUDING OTHER PEOPLE: for example, he tells you that you are very messy and that others also think that about you. He dares to invent that others have certain thoughts. He tells these lies to make you feel helpless so that he can dominate you.
  • HE QUESTIONS YOUR VOCATION: you are happy developing in your vocation. Your partner doesn’t like that because he feels he can’t dominate you. That’s why he starts telling you that your job is badly paid, that it’s useless and that the best thing you could do is to stay at home. He manages to confuse you, because you think he wants to protect you. In reality, he wants you to stay home to keep a close eye on you. He doesn’t want you to have a life of your own, because he feels that you belong to him.
  • HE DENIES WHAT HE REALLY SAID: when you remind him of something he said, he denies it outright. He does this to confuse you and get you to question your own mental health. This man has no scruples, he only wants to destroy your identity to control you.
  • HE MENOSPRECIATES YOUR EMOTIONS: when you feel bad, sad, overwhelmed, he belittles your emotions. He tells you that you are too sensitive, childish and exaggerated. He adds that your feelings are meaningless, that it would be better if you had another personality. This man’s behavior is very dangerous and you should stay away from him now.
  • GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS, SOMETHING WORST THAN YOU THINK: this attitude can destroy a personality.

Getting to know this manipulator better

The man who tries to make his partner doubt his own mental health in order to dominate it is a seriously harmful individual. He is basically an egocentric, self-centered, narcissistic and manipulative man. This individual is an unscrupulous and shameless being. He wants to destroy his partner’s personality in order to control it. He will show no mercy in order to keep her from her job, family and friends. Unfortunately, gaslighting in relationships is much more common than one might think. No woman should allow her partner to harm her in such a way. The reason many women are victims of this type of emotional abuse is that they are not aware that they are suffering it. GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS is nefarious for women’s emotional health, therapeutic help is very useful in these cases.

Trusting oneself: the best defense for women

The reality is that any woman can be a victim of GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS. To prevent that from happening, you have to build up a strong self-confidence that no man dares to break. If you have values, ideals and dreams of your own, you must always defend them. If your partner questions them, you should ignore those comments. If you see that he persists in his negative attitude, you must separate yourself from him. You must prioritize your life and never allow another person to question your mental health. Keep in mind that these individuals are unscrupulous and will do anything to weaken your identity.

Final thoughts

GASLIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS is a subtle form of emotional abuse that occurs within the dynamics of a couple. It usually happens that the man wants to convince his partner that she is wrong, to the point that she doubts his mental health. The ultimate goal of this manipulator is to destroy his partner’s identity in order to completely dominate her. The best way to defend oneself from this type of individual is to build strong self-esteem. We all have solid ideals from our childhood. These values must be maintained throughout life and never be allowed to be destroyed by another.

If we come to the sad conclusion that our partner wants to control us using this manipulation the only solution is definitive separation.