Obamadelphia, DC: the New US Capital

Report: SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found “Washed Up Along Riverbank” of Rio Grande

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Quote of the Day 07/14/14

“A people who extend civil liberties only to preferred groups start down the path either to dictatorship of the right or the left.” — Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

From Chaos to total insanity on the border by the Bear

What’s happening along the southern border is outrageous in the sense that this government would intentionally subject the American People diseases, criminal violence from Central American gangs, unknown terrorists and expect We the People to fund $3.7 billion dollars to finance this absolute madness.

New revelations have come to light that the Obama administration has contracted with airlines for daily flights to El Paso, Texas to bring in more and more illegal immigrants and then they are immediately dispersed to different locations around the country. They have no papers, they are not checked for diseases or criminal records and no one knows who they are or where they were sent.

There are reports that there has been an outbreak of tuberculosis in the border area and this will spread like a wild fire as the immigrants are dispersed across the country.

How many times have we been told by Obama that the border is secure? The southern border is 1,969 miles long and of that there is only 700 miles of fence been built. The rest of the border is wide open to anyone to walk across. Just another lie of the many Obama tells.

Sec. of HHS Jeh Johnson announced: “Our border is not open to illegal immigration,” he said. “Our message to those who come illegally is we will send you back.” At the same time his department is dispersing immigrants across the country. Does anyone in government ever tell the truth anymore?

SideBear: We have had Presidents who have made mistakes and an honest mistake can be forgiven but we have never had a President whose sole purpose is to destroy this country. I understand the reasons why he hates this country and the people therein but I think it goes even beyond his early childhood days when he was raised in a family of leftwing radicals; there is something very seriously wrong with him in the realm of mental health problems.

He is aloof, shows no signs on compassion for the very country that elected him and he alienates all our allies. He kept Benjamin Netanyahu waiting two hours while he went to supper; most people wouldn’t do this to a dog, let alone a head of a State. This is not normal behavior which leads me back to my concept of mental health problems and that problem is revenge against this country who he blames all that is wrong in this world, is America’s fault.

This a man without a heart who leads a political party that would spread diseases and many will die and the government will simply write this off as collateral damage.

How can he justify walking away from a major crises on the border, war breaking out all over in the Middle East and he goes on another multi-million dollar vacation? It just doesn’t make sense. ALL FOR WHAT? Power and political gain!

And on the ninth day of creation God said “those who would betray their brothers and sisters should be hung from the highest trees for treason.”

Michelle vacations


Obama to Give Central American Countries $250 Mil to Send More Illegals
PLUS $ 130 million already funded = $380 million

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How Much Foreign Aid Does the US Give to Mexico?

The amount of Foreign aid that the US gave to Mexico during 2012 was estimated to be $316.7 Million. The aid is given in the areas of drug intervention, social aid and used military product.


SideBear: No cooperation, no money…problem solved.


Judge Jeanine: President needs to fix border mess he created

Big Majority Favors Sending Alien Minors Home

Immigration: Three in five Americans say the tens of thousands of minors who have crossed the border “should be ordered to leave the U.S.” What about that do the Congress and president not understand?

The latest IBD/TIPP Poll, conducted June 24 to 29, asked those Americans who are following the story what to do about the influx of unaccompanied minors. Those saying that the government should order them to leave totaled 60%.

Breaking that sizeable majority down, 64% of independents wanted the minors sent home, as did 40% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans. There were 879 Americans surveyed in all.

Those who think the children “should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens” totaled just 28%. Forty-six percent of Democrats thought they should stay and move toward citizenship; so did 24% of independents and 14% of Republicans.

Ten percent of all people polled weren’t sure.

The findings reflect a widespread recognition that the border is undergoing an unprecedented crisis as our immigration system fails to function as intended under the law.

But can we do something about it? Sure, says Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. Instead of throwing $3.7 billion in emergency funds at the problem, as President Obama wants, the government could “buy a plane ticket, put them up in a hotel room, get them some good meals” and spend only about “$1,000 per child,” or roughly $57 million.

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