The Next President Is Going to Be Hated By Victor Davis Hanson

Everyone hates the sourpuss who says the party is over. The next president will have to tell the American people that a reckoning is on the horizon—and that it is not going to be pretty.

President Obama has created lots of mythoi about the landscape he inherited in January 2009: the Iraq war was lost and al Qaeda ascendant; the September 2008 meltdown had wrecked the economy; the immigration system “was” in shambles; and Obama would have to restore fiscal sobriety after George W. Bush (all “by his lonesome” with a “credit card from the Bank of China”) in “unpatriotic” fashion had alone piled up U.S. record debt.

In reality, the 2007-8 surge had all but ended al-Qaeda in Iraq; and the American fatality rate in the Iraqi theater of operations had plunged to fewer than the military’s monthly losses to accidents and illness. To be sure, the economy was still shaky, but the recession that had started in December 2007 was all but over, ending in a natural fashion about five months after Obama took office. The so-called bailouts and TARP rescue measures were already in place to stop the panic of four months prior. Bush’s nearly $5 trillion profligate increase in the national debt would be doubled by Obama, despite an increase in income taxes, a fortuitous fracking bonanza, and near-constant zero interest rates. Obama shattered the old Clinton-Gingrich formula of balancing the budget by raising income tax rates and curbing spending. The bipartisan Simpson-Bowles committee recommendations to address the debt were ignored. There is no need to compare the status of health care in 2008 to the present mess.

An adult president is going to have to tell the American people that a mandated equality-of-result economy is fossilized, entitlements are insolvent, the debt is unsustainable, interest rates are going up, the medical system is pure chaos, and people have to get over expecting to live off government, not because it is unethical, but because it is untenable.

Then we come to the world abroad.

In a recent interview in The Atlantic, Obama seemed to voice pride in his overseas recessional, even including his Syrian faux red lines that eroded American “credibility”—which to Obama is a mere construct of the Washington foreign policy establishment. Is there any legacy that Obama diplomats now cite as historic—the special friendship with Turkey, the Iran deal, the pullout from Iraq, the dismissal of ISIS as amateurs, the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the red lines in Syria, the reset with Russia, the disaster in Libya, the ostracism of the Gulf states, the distance from Israel?

A great power’s deterrence—acquired with difficulty over years—can be easily lost in months. And it is often only restored through danger commensurate to what was paid during its original acquisition. When Ronald Reagan inherited a wrecked foreign policy in January 1981—invasions of Afghanistan and Vietnam, communist insurrections in Latin America, Iran in chaos, American hostages in Tehran, an ascendant Soviet Union—it took him three years to reestablish U.S. credibility.

Reagan was roundly despised for his supposedly cowboy manner in reinstating deterrence. In November 1983, Hollywood gave us The Day After—a melodramatic account of what life in the heartland would be like after a nuclear strike. The message was for America to brace for a nuclear winter that Reagan would earn in his absurd effort to “win” the Cold War.

Prepare for the same hysteria in 2017. The Pentagon, to remain the world’s most powerful and respected military and to help to keep the world order relatively calm, quietly accepts that it will have to demonstrate soon to America’s enemies that it is quite a dangerous thing for any nation to shoot a missile near a 5,000-person, $5-billion American Nimitz-class carrier; or to hijack an American naval craft, humiliate the crew to the point of tears, and then video the embarrassment; or to attack a U.S. consulate. Yet it will not be so easy for our military to reestablish credibility in 2017. And over the next 10 months we may see some scary things not witnessed since the annus horribilis of 1980.

Trying to persuade Putin that NATO has commitments to the territorial integrity of the Baltic states, and deterring him from further expansionism will be one of the most dangerous gambits of 2017— and one that will be widely caricatured.

The effort will be somewhat akin to what would have happened had Neville Chamberlain said “no” at Munich, instead of waving a worthless scrap of paper to the adoration of huge British crowds. Assembling a British-led coalition in 1938 of the Poles, Czechs, French, Dutch, and Belgians, while ensuring the Soviet Union was neutral, would have checked Hitler’s rather still weak Wehrmacht, but in the short term earned Chamberlain the slur of war-monger rather than for about a year canonization as a League of Nations humanitarian.

There are 4,000 troops now in Iraq. To stop ISIS and prevent a Syrian redux, more may be sent—a task far more costly than it needed to have been, and far more unpopular.

The Obama “special relationship” with Recep Erdogan’s Turkey is in shambles; it green-lighted the Islamicization of Turkey and the destruction of democracy. The next president must deal with a key NATO member, whose behavior and values are becoming entirely antithetical to the premises of NATO, and whose provocative bullying under no circumstances should earn the alliance’s military solidarity.

The Iran deal would be laughable if it were not so tragic. What Obama calls the Iranian violation of the “spirit” of the agreement— from shooting missiles near carriers and hijacking and humiliating Navy seamen, to unleashing cyber war on the U.S. and issuing daily promises of war against the U.S. and Israel—is a precursor of more to come in the next 10 months. If Iran is not to become a nuclear power, the next president will have to re-impose sanctions and reassemble a coalition to prevent its nuclearization. That effort too will be difficult, and it will outrage many and be caricatured as saber-rattling.

China has established the precedent that it can create an artificial island in the midst of key sea lanes and then expand upon that fantasy island concept by claiming additional sovereign air and sea space around it. To prevent a Chinese veto over all commercial traffic to our Asian allies, President 45 is going to have to persuade the Chinese of the foolishness of their overreach and convince them to end the general precedent of island creation. That, too, will be no fun.

History in the short term adores appeasers. They pontificate and pose as sober and judicious humanitarians who will do anything to avoid confrontation on their watch, even as they light the fuse of Armageddon for their successors. The restorers of deterrence are always smeared as war-mongers—and only praised as Churchillian largely when they are dead. So it will be for the next president if he or she chooses to stop the decline and restore the American-led postwar order.

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Quote of the Day 04/17/16

“The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations to have as little political connection as possible… Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalships, interest, humor, or caprice?… It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” — George Washington (1732-1799) Founding Father, 1st US President, ‘Father of the Country’ September 19, 1796

“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

Hello from the West Texas Branch Of Large Carbon Footprint Leaving Jingoistic Xenophobes.


As I said last week, I went to Houston to attend my 60th High School Class Reunion. This was the 1956 graduating class from Lamar High School. Lamar High School opened its doors in 1937, the year of my birth, and from that moment until January 16th, 2014 they were the Lamar Redskins. BUT, political correctness reared its ugly head and the name of the school was changed to the Lamar Texans. Now, I just wonder how long it will be before someone decides that the name of the school itself, LAMAR, will be scrapped. You see, Lamar High School was named in honor of Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar who was the Second President of the Republic of Texas. Mirabeau Lamar was also a member of the Texan Army who defeated Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. One must wonder at what point in time that this fact will become offensive to some individual or some group and the name of the school will be changed also.

I can assure you that the change in mascots did not set well with ANY of the 1956 graduates. I also saw some film where some of the students in 2014 were not enamored with the caving in of the Houston Independent School District in dropping the REDSKINS as the school mascot. One of the interviews I saw was with a black student who was pretty pissed about the change. BUT, I don’t know why any of this should surprise any of us. Some of my classmates who still live in Houston said that there was a move afoot to change the names of several schools in the Houston area, among which were Sydney Lanier Jr. High School (where I went from 7th thru 9th grades). You see, Sydney Clopton Lanier served in the signal corps of the Confederate States of America Army.

AH, but it doesn’t end there, John H. Reagan High School is named after a cabinet member for Jefferson Davis who was President of the Confederate States of America. Well, that about ends it.

NO! We also in Houston have a Junior High School named after Albert Sydney Johnston who was a General in the Army of the Confederate States of America. They did not mention Robert E. Lee High School in Houston but several others are under fire also. Political Correctness is running the show for sure.

BUT, getting to visit with some really old friends even for a short while was worth the trip. And other than the reunion I got to go out and eat with two of my old partners from the Houston Police Department. And these were two men for whom I care a great deal. We went through some good and some tough times together.

I also got to visit with a man whom I have known for years and for whom I have a great deal of respect. He was one of the most intelligent humans I have ever known and even though he is a year or so older, his mind is as sharp as ever. He grew up and married a really wonderful lady and raised two sons who are both professors at Duke University. Both of his parents were professors at Rice University. My friend retired from NASA. I really enjoy visiting with him and rarely do I fail to learn something as a result.

I also got to see some old friends who lived several blocks down on the same street where I lived while growing up in Houston. One was in my class from the first grade on. He and I hunted and fished a whole bunch together and he is still sharp as ever and still has a great sense of humor. His wife was in a different class in earlier years but graduated from Lamar in 1956. They were both in good shape and it did my heart good to see a couple who had been together since our school days.

I also had a really nice visit with one of my oldest friends who was also a hunting buddy. He had two older brothers and one younger, who is now deceased. I was friends with the whole family. His Mom was one of the great ladies of all times. Those boys knew who the boss was for sure. My friends’ Dad had a good job with Halliburton and his boys and I and several other high school friends worked several summers for Halliburton unloading bags of sand from a boxcar and stacking them inside a metal building. And trust me, between those bags weighing between 80 and 100 pounds and a metal building in Houston in the summer the fun left the building pretty early in the day. Of course back in the 1950s we were being paid something like $1.75 per hour and that was pretty good pay for high school kids. Only problem was that you were too tired to go out and spend your money.

Then, of course, I got to visit with a couple of folks whose health had pretty much taken a turn for the worse. One of my old hunting and fishing partners had to use a walker and was also suffering from Parkinson Disease. His mind and memory were still in good shape.

And, naturally, we were furnished a list of our classmates who had passed away and many of them were some of my oldest and closest friends. I understand that our next one will be in 5 years. I just hope that I am still in good shape and will be able to make it back.


I can tell you all that getting away from the normal political crap for a few days was very refreshing. BUT, now I am back and it doesn’t appear as if much has changed over the past week end.

I have just about had the lick with all the whining over the Colorado delegates going to Cruz. I had read several months ago that Colorado did not have a primary but rather a series of caucuses in which the various districts in Colorado chose their delegates for the nominating convention. SO, if I knew about this strange way of doing business, I must assume that either “The Donald” had somehow let this tidbit of information slip by his crack staff or he just chose to not send a team to Colorado to hustle the delegate votes. It seems as if Ted Cruz took a different path and evidently cornered the market on the Colorado delegation.

However, Trump’s decision or lack thereof to try to get the Colorado delegates did not slow down his whining and accusing of everyone from the RNC to the State of Colorado. Now, while I agree that the method used by Colorado doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, it is what it is and it is just as fair for Trump as it is for Cruz or anyone else in the race. And, I am sure that Trump will run away with the State of New York. I just wonder if Cruz or Kasich will reach the stage on the whining plateau as did “The Donald” on Colorado?

And I have an announcement to make: I will not be seeking the Republican Nomination either. SO, I would imagine that this will make it as big as Paul Ryan announcing that he would not be seeking same.

ALSO, I might add that I have heard about all I can stomach about the “DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF VOTERS”. As well as I can remember, the first and I had hoped the very last time I would be subjected to incessant whining about “DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF VOTERS” was in 2000 when it seemed that this accusation was being thrown about by Al Gore several times an hour. And yes, I thought Al Gore was a complete turd back then and he has done nothing to change my opinion.

I have heard enough screeching by Hillary and just outright stupidity out of Bernie Sanders. I will vote for ANYONE who is the Republican candidate even if it is “The Donald”.

I just hope that on election day, the American voters realize just how dangerous this coming Presidential election really is. Losing Antonin Scalia off the Supreme Court has really made this election ultra important. If we get one or perhaps two or even three new Justices in the next eight years, we can ill afford them to be of the caliber of Sotomayor or Kagan.


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“Ignorance is dangerous enough in itself. But ignorance on the part of an egomaniac, who announces that he is his own best advisor, is incorrigible ignorance. He can surround himself with the best minds in the country and it will not do any good if they are just there for window dressing.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“The unprecedented public criticisms of President Obama by four of this former Secretaries of Defense, not to mention retired four-star generals, demonstrate that having knowledgeable and experienced advisors cannot make up for headstrong ignorance on the part of a President.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non work.”…..MILTON FRIEDMAN

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”……. PATRICK HENRY

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”….. PATRICK HENRY


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I don’t know about the rest of you but I was really taken back when I learned that Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) had cancelled a concert in North Carolina in protest to a proposed North Carolina State Law regarding Trans-Gender bathroom use. Rarely a day passes when Trans-Gender bathroom use is not high on my list of priorities. But isn’t it nice to see that an entertainer the stature of Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) has seen fit to also push this to the top of his importance agenda? Then again, perhaps I am being a bit snotty since I don’t give the first damn about Bruce Springsteen or any of his concerts or his family or his dog or his likes or his dislikes. Bruce Springsteen is pure turd from the word go.


OK. Here is an article from the pages of the (Sub) Standard Times. Headlined …. APPLE PUZZLED AS TO HOW FBI HACKED iPHONE WITHOUT ITS AID. First of all, obtaining the encrypted information from the Apple iPhone was ordered by a District Judge. And for those of you who have had no dealings with Search Warrants or Court Orders let me give you a clue. A COURT ORDER (and a Search Warrant is a Court Order) IS NOT A REQUEST. IT IS AN ORDER FROM A DISTRICT OR A MAGISTRATE JUDGE GIVING THE ENFORCEMENT AGENCY THE AUTHORITY TO OBTAIN THE ITEMS SPECIFICALLY NAMED IN THE SEARCH WARRANT/COURT ORDER. I can remember that the Arrest Warrants from New Mexico began with YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED to bring in the body of whomever was named in the warrant.

I can recall several occasions when some smart ass would decide that they would not comply with a Search or Arrest Warrant or Court Order and which ever business decided they would refuse were promptly shut down until we found what was ordered seized by a Judge. Apple was way wrong to deny their assistance in that matter in my opinion. HOWEVER, the FBI found a way to bypass the encryption on the iPhone and evidently got what they needed.

Let’s see now. How do you suppose the FBI was able to hack into the Apple iPhone. I am sure that it never crossed Apple’s mind that perhaps the Federal Agency might just have contact with an Apple employee who would help either because it was the right thing to do….. or …. perhaps they were given some monetary recompense.

I did receive one cartoon where an FBI Agent took the Apple iPhone and gave it to his kid and told him that under no circumstances should he try to bypass the encryption. And of course it was done in an hour. I also wonder if it might perhaps cross the minds of the Apple big wheels that there are probably literally thousands of really smart college students who do this kind of stuff for fun? It is just like when many police agencies went to scrambled radio transmissions. I know in Hobbs, NM, it took at least 2 weeks before scanners were being sold which could receive our scrambled radio transmissions. If it is electric…. someone can bypass the security system.


This past week end served to reinforce something I have known for a long time. Growing up in Houston, Texas in the 1940s and 1950s were the absolute best of times. Even though I did not realize it at the time, I was learning more about our country, our state, our government, and lots of other things than do most people today learn in all of their schooling. The thing is that I remember many of the things I learned in my school years. Unfortunately our public education system today is falling way short of what it needs to be.





Constitutional Right to Pee Whereever One Wants? by John lillpop

In the good old days, a pervert breaking into the girls’ potty would be arrested and castrated on the spot!

These days, thanks to the infestation of laws and culture by liberal nut balls, the pervert is the victim, on whose behalf morally-bankrupt and brain dead Democrats throughout America swear allegiance and do stupid things!

Bottom line: So what if Bruce Springsteen cancels a show in North Carolina because that state won’t allow a transgender dude to pee with the gals?

After all, there is no Constitutional right to pee wherever the hell one feels most comfortable, regardless of the rights and feelings of others, right?

North Carolina must not waver in their convictions…the liberty and freedoms of an entire nation to pee with dignity and privacy is at stake!