Obamacare “Fix” Means Double-Digit Rate Hikes by The Feed

President Obama’s attempt to fix widespread insurance plan cancellations earlier this year is now coming back to haunt him. According to Politico, many states—including Florida and North Carolina—are facing much bigger rate hikes than average. Some could be as high as 18 percent—more than double the 7.5 percent in other states. The reason for huge hikes in select states is that the president’s decision to allow insurers to continue offering some previously cancelled plans is having terrible knock-on effects:

The president’s decision is now having an impact on upcoming rates, insurers say. Many younger, healthier Americans — the category companies had counted on enrolling when they set their initial prices — stuck with their existing coverage. In states with the biggest numbers of these “transitional” policyholders, their absence from the Obamacare market is pushing premiums higher.

“It really is a state-by-state story,” said Joel Ario, a former director of exchanges at the Department of Health and Human Services who is now managing director at Manatt Health Solutions. “The more transitional policies that are not part of the risk pool yet, the more upward pressure there is on premiums.”

With “fixes” like this making rates spike dramatically in some states, it’s no wonder the law is more unpopular than ever. But a more fundamental problem remains: even in states that aren’t seeing these spikes, premiums are still rising by 7.5 percent. These year-on-year increases may not be quite as dramatic, but every year they bring us one step closer to a system we cannot afford any longer, period. Obamacare deserves all the scorn it will get for double-digit jumps in some states, but the bigger tragedy of the law is that we still have done next to nothing to make health care more sustainable over the long-term.

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More than 600 illegals with criminal records released by ICE

Quote of the Day 08/21/14

“You have to understand that if you seek that office, then you have to be prepared to give your life to it. Essentially, the bargain that I think every President strikes with the American people is, ‘you give me this office, then in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone. I am giving myself to you.’” – Barack Obama

A Good Day for a hanging by the Bear

Hangman noose

“One man hanging is a tragedy to satisfy the lust of mob rule because it fits the narrative of white cop shoots black man.”

This past weekend in Hackensack NJ one black man assaulted three unsuspecting victims of which two where seriously hurt as he played the ‘Knockout Game.’

In Chicago this past weekend 7 people were killed and 29 more were wounded from shooting incidents.

And in Ferguson, MO. Protestors chanted “Time to kill a Cop.”

Most of this is not newsworthy because it doesn’t fit the media narrative.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) who has higher office aspirations folded like a worn out bed pillow and called for the arrest of the white cop who shot Michael Brown just hours before a grand jury convened, will this influence the grand jury? You bet it will, the pressure is on.

What all this amounts to someone has to be sacrificed to satisfy the narrative and the most logical person to hang is the white cop, even though that most of the evidence released to date points that the shooting was justified. At this point no one knows for sure what happened and wouldn’t it be prudent to wait until all the evidence is in? Why wait? The media has already found the cop guilty.

There’s going to be no winners in this narrative; Jay Nixon (D) political career is over, Eric Holder (AG) who is a racist will only add gas to the fire and Obama’s tepid response only sent mixed messages.

Of course the biggest losers of all is a white cop who has been found guilty without due process and that phase on old piece of parchment that says …”Equal Justice for ALL”.


Missouri Governor Irresponsibly Demands ‘Vigorous Prosecution’ Of Cop

Racial Politics: Under the Constitution, police have the same rights to due process as citizens. Yet Democratic politicians pandering for urban votes seek to deny Darren Wilson his.

On Tuesday night, on the eve of a grand jury hearing over the Wilson-Michael Brown shooting case, Missouri’s Democratic governor, who reportedly has 2016 White House aspirations, delivered a grossly irresponsible address calling for a “vigorous prosecution” of the Ferguson cop, whom he gratuitously noted shot Brown “in broad daylight.”

Gov. Jay Nixon also demanded “justice for Michael Brown” and his family, echoing the calls of the looters, protesters and race merchants.

He did not ask for a “vigorous” investigation or “justice” based on the facts. No, he’s already rendered a verdict — guilty — further endangering the life of Wilson, who’s already received death threats.

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Source: Ferguson officer beaten before shooting Brown

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