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    Lame duck Obama



From the Bear’s Corner

Like many pundits and blogs, Syria debacle has consumed all the air surrounding the news and I too have fallen into this trap because the prospect of an unnecessary war that could engulf the entire world is frightening.

But there is something bothering me this morning that I would like to address about Syria.

Besides the many accolades that our adoring media and the left attribute to Obama, he is only a mere mortal man like the rest of us, so I doubt he can part the seas with a wave of his hand or walk on water.

Obama’s problem with Syria is his own making and now the country is asked to go to war so he can save face/ credibility. Should we bomb Syria many people are going to die; is one man’s saving face/ credibility so important that we are asking people to die for his cause. And it is a questionable cause at this point.

Have we as a society come to a point where one’s life is less valuable than another’s? Is the butcher or baker’s life less valuable than a politician?

And who wants to be the first man to die for a mistake?

SideBear: Have you noticed that Syria has become the greatest distraction of all?