Obama and the Brotherhood: The Ties that Bind by Arnold Ahlert

In 2013, Egyptian media claimed President Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Leading the charge was Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt. He spoke on a TV program, Bitna al-Kibir, insisting there would a time when a number of conspiracies against his nation would be exposed, including why Obama’s support of the Brotherhood remained steadfast, even as they became despised by Egyptians themselves. The most damning indictment? “Obama’s brother is one of the architects of investment for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood,” al-Gebali declared.

The brother to whom al-Gebali referred is Obama’s half brother Malik Obama. He has been under investigation by Egyptian authorities for his ties to the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), an entity created by the Sudanese Government. That government has been on the State Department’s list of of designated terror sponsors since 1993.

IDO’s agenda is all about spreading the virulent Wahhabist strain of Islam across Africa, and Malik has operated as the IDO’s Executive Secretary. In 2010 he not only attended the IDO’s conference in the Sudanese capitol of Khartoum, he supervised it, insisted journalists Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack. That conference was also attended by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. Malik’s boss, IDO Chairman Suar Al Dahab also attended. That would be the same Suar Al Dahab photographed together with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and the MB’s spiritual leader, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

Shoebat and Barrack address “naysayers” who argue that President Obama shouldn’t be held accountable for his brother’s actions. “Those who make such charges encounter problems because Barack and his brother are very close. Each was the best man at the other’s wedding and Malik has made multiple visits to the White House,” they explain.

Moreover, Malik is not Obama’s only relative involved in “charity work” of a questionable nature. Along with Malik, Sarah Obama, the president’s step-grandmother, was engaged in fund-raising operations for the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), founded in 2008 by Malik in memory of their father, and the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF) founded in 2009. These non-profits were ostensibly engaged in raising money to build homes for widows, orphans and HIV/AIDs victims in in Kogelo, Kenya.

However, in 2011 the New York Post revealed the dubious nature of that assertion. “President Obama’s half-brother runs an off-the-books American charity that claims to support poor Kenyans — but it lies about its federal status and no one knows how it spends its money,” the paper reported, further noting that photos on the BHOF website are the only purported evidence that the nonprofit has accomplished any part of its mission.

The Post also noted that BHOF “claims to be a tax-exempt, federally recognized nonprofit. It is not.”

Enter the IRS. In May 2011, BHOF not only received tax-exempt status from the IRS in what the Daily Caller described as “an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark contrast to conservative organizations that have been waiting for more than three years, in some cases, for approval,” it received retroactive status, dating back to December 2008. This despite IRS rules making it illegal to operate longer than 27 months without an IRS determination. Regardless, BHOF’s tax-exempt status was approved.

The organization’s approval letter was signed by Lois Lerner.

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28 Times Obama Said He’d Prevent Iran from Getting a Nuclear Weapon

Quote of the Day 04/22/15

“The Republican form of government is the highest form of government; but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature – a type nowhere at present existing.” – British economist Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

The Environmental Insane Asylum By Alan Caruba

Earth Day was declared in 1970 and for the past 45 years we have all been living in the Environmental Insane Asylum, being told over and over again to believe things that are the equivalent of Green hallucinations. Now the entire month of April has been declared Earth Month, but in truth not a day goes by when we are not assailed with the bold-faced lies that comprise environmentalism.

Around the globe, the worst part of this is that we are being victimized by people we are told to respect from the President of the United States to the Pope of the Catholic Church. Their environmentalism is pure socialism.

Organizations whom we expect to tell the truth keep telling us that “climate change is one of the biggest global security threats of the 21st century.” This was a recent statement by “world leaders” like the G7, a group of finance ministers and central bank governors of seven advanced economies, the International Monetary Fund, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States. On April 17 they adopted a report about the “threat” put together by think tanks that included the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.

When I speak of “climate” I am referring to data gathered not just about decades, but centuries of the Earth’s cycles of warming and cooling. When I speak of “weather”, the closest any of us get to it other than today’s, are local predictions no longer than a few days’ time at best. The weather is in a constant state of flux.

Climate change is not a threat and most certainly there is no global warming. As Prof. Bob Carter, a geologist at James Cook College in Queensland, Australia, has written, “For many years now, human-caused climate change has been viewed as a large and urgent problem. In truth, however, the biggest part of the problem is neither environmental nor scientific, but a self-created political fiasco.”

The fact that the Earth is now into the nineteenth year of a natural planetary cooling cycle seems to never be acknowledged or reported. “The problem here,” says Prof. Carter, “is not that of climate change per se, but rather that of the sophisticated scientific brainwashing that has been inflicted on the public, bureaucrats and politicians alike.”

In a book I recommend to everyone, “Climate for the Layman” by Anthony Bright-Paul, he draws on the best well-known science about the Earth noting that “Since there is no such thing as a temperature of the whole Earth all talk of global warming is simply illogical, ill thought out, and needs to be discarded for the sake of clarity. The globe is warming and cooling in different locations concurrently every minute of the day and night.”

“Since it is abundantly clear that there is no one temperature of the atmosphere all talk of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is simply an exercise in futility.” A look at the globe from either of its two poles to its equator and everything in between tells us with simple logic that being able to determine its “temperature” is impossible. The Earth, however, has gone through numerous warming and cooling cycles, all of which were the result of more or less solar radiation.

The Sun was and is the determining factor. The assertion that humans have any influence or impact that can determine whether the Earth is warmer or cooler is absurd.

The Earth had passed through warming and cooling cycles for billions of years before humans even existed, yet we are told that the generation of carbon dioxide through the use of machinery in manufacturing, transportation or any other use is causing the build-up of “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere. We are told to give up the use of coal, oil and natural gas. That is a definition of insanity!

Here’s the simple truth that most people are not told: The Sun warms the Earth and the Earth warms the atmosphere.

As for carbon dioxide, the amount generated by human activity represents a miniscule percentage of the 0.04% in the Earth’s atmosphere. There has been more carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere—well before humans existed—contributing to the growth of all manner of vegetation which in turn generated oxygen.

Without carbon dioxide there would be no life on Earth. It feeds the vegetation on which animal life depends directly and indirectly. As Anthony Bright-Paul says, “A slight increase in atmosphere of carbon dioxide will not and cannot produce any warming, but can be hugely beneficial to a green planet.”

The Earth’s atmosphere is approximately 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.9% Argon, 0.04% Carbon Dioxide, and the rest is water vapor and trace gases in very small amounts. They interact to provide an environment in which life, animal and vegetable, exists on Earth.

When you live in a Global Environmental Insane Asylum, you are not likely to hear or read the truth, but you can arrive at it using simple logic. We know instinctively that humans do not control the waves of our huge oceans, nor the vast tectonic plates beneath our feet, the eruptions of volcanoes, the Jetstream, cloud formation, or any of the elements of the weather we experience, such as thunder, lightning, and other acts of Nature.

Why would we blindly assume or agree to the torrent of lies that humans are “causing” climate change? The answer is that on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, we will be deluged with the propaganda of countless organizations worldwide that we are, in fact, endangering a “fragile” planet Earth. We hear and read that every other day of the year as well.

The achievement of the human race and the last 5,000 years of so-called civilization is the way we have learned to adapt to Nature by creating habitats from villages to cities in which to survive and because we have devised a vast global agricultural and ranching system to feed seven billion of us.

As for the weather, John Christy, the director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, says he cringes “when I hear overstated confidence from those who describe the projected evolution of global weather patterns over the next one hundred years, especially when I consider how difficult it is to accurately predict that system’s behavior over the next five days.”

“Mother Nature,” says Christy, “simply operates at a level of complexity that is, at this point, behind the mastery of mere mortals—such as scientists—and the tools available to us.”

Whether it is the President or the Pope, or the countless politicians and bureaucrats, along with multitudes of “environmental” organizations, as well as self-serving “scientists”, all aided by the media, a virtual Green Army has been deliberately deceiving and misleading the citizens of planet Earth for four and a half decades. It won’t stop any time soon, but it must before the charade of environmentalism leaves us all enslaved by the quest for political control over our lives that hides behind it.

We must escape the Environmental Insane Asylum in which they want us to live.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

Teachable Lesson for Luis Gutierrez Regarding Deportations, Path to US Citizenship, & Rule of Law! By John W. Lillpop

In his criminal drive to establish a legacy of tyrannical mastery over the US Constitution, the rule of law, and good old- fashioned common sense, Barack Obama has misled millions of impressionable, gullible Hispanic racists into believing that He (Obama) is exempt from laws that apply to all US citizens, even the most precocious.

In fact, of course, as US president, Obama is bound by statute to a far greater extent that most common citizens.

Among the more gullible and less enlightened victims of Obama’s snake oil chicanery is Luis Gutierrez, an unrepentant Hispanic racist, who actually serves in the US House of Representatives, representing (??) the great state of Illinois.

Gutierrez has bought into Obama’s lie about immigration reform, hook line and sinker. Most distressing, Gutierrez even subscribes to the fanciful notion that Obama can unilaterally change existing immigration law as needed to meet the election goals of the Democrat Party.

In Gutierrez’ diminished mental capacity, he sees nothing wrong with the president ignoring the wishes of the American people, and particularly the US Congress, when it comes to immigration law.

In wholeheartedly supporting Obama’s flagrant tyranny, Gutierrez has blindly nudged other Hispanics in the direction of “invasion insanity,” including his ill-advised campaign to educate followers as to methods to avoid deportations.

Gutierrez has made it a point to travel widely and promote his “Don’t Deport Me” campaign for illegal aliens throughout what remains of the United States of America.

However, Barack Obama’s delusion of grandeur about immigration and his omnipotence have been stymied in federal courts, first in Texas and then in a review by the 5th Circuit in New Orleans on April 17.

As a result, Obama’s quirky Executive Orders are officially held in abeyance, pending a final decision by the 5th circuit and probably decisive action by the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, Luis Gutierrez continues to raise the hopes of loopy illegals looking to steal their way into America without the requirements for background checks (medical, criminal, financial, terrorist) that confront those who try to come here legally.

Gutierrez brags that he is teaching illegals how to avoid deportations and how to cash in on efforts to grant citizenship to those who simply do not belong here.

Earth to Obama, Gutierrez, and the 20-40 million illegal aliens squatting on US soil:

There is a 100% effective way to avoid deportation back to the third world— and that is by getting the hell out of the US on your own, and by staying out. Mitt Romney called in self-deportation and it makes far more sense than the ramblings of our incoherent community organizer.

There is also an effective means for taking advantage of a “path to citizenship,” and it can be accessed through a process known as legal immigration!

In truth, there is no lack of a path to citizenship! It’s available to those who have the integrity and guts to follow the rules that apply to tens of millions of others throughout the world.

In sum, do not invade America. Take your turn in line, and follow the rules.

Remember. just because you are Hispanic, America does not owe you anything, least of all undeserved citizenship!

Do those things and you will have no need for Barack Obama or Luis Gutierrez, or their criminal ploys!