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Remember: The government cannot give anything to anyone that
the government doesn’t first take from somebody else. Jeff Foxworthy

“Murphy’s Law” By Jim Murphy

Hello once again from The Association Of Jingoistic Conspiratorial Angry Xenophobic Constitutional Amendment Supporting Fossil Fuel Burning Four Wheel Drive SUV Drivers Of West Texas.


Let me begin by saying that in today’s American society, Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/Socialists are completely out of touch with REALITY. The only REALITY that those idiots recognize are the so called REALITY TV programs which in fact are not REAL at all.

Earlier yesterday morning I was listening to the radio and I heard Hillary Clinton speaking authoritatively on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. According to this lying criminal heifer the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution for the benefit of….. now hold on……….. THE MILITARY. For someone who holds a law degree, she seems to have as little grasp of the REALITY of the Second Amendment as anyone of whom I can think…… well, perhaps other than President Barack Hussein Obama and a multitude of his political appointees…. and a bunch of Democrat Senators and Congressmen…. and unfortunately too many Republican Senators and Congressmen. As I understand it, Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine was one of the sponsors along with a Democrat (all the Democrats are interchangeable) Senator which I believe was shot down on the Senate floor. Of course, Susan Collins has been on the VARMINT LIST for many years AND shall remain there as long as she is in office. Just look at what some of the framers of the U.S. Constitution along with some well respected Americans have said about “The Militia” and the “Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.”

“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the WHOLE PEOPLE. To DISARM the people is the best and most effectual way to ENSLAVE them”.. GEORGE MASON – Co-author of the Second Amendment during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution – 1788

“A Militia, when properly formed, are in fact THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.”.. RICHARD HENRY LEE – May 1788

“The people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.”… ZACHARIAH JOHNSON – Several State Convention on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution

“And that the said Constitution be NEVER CONSTRUED to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the Press; or the rights of Conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from KEEPING THEIR OWN ARMS.”…. SAMUEL ADAMS

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the WHOLE BODY OF THE PEOPLE ALWAYS POSSESS ARMS and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”…………….. RICHARD HENRY LEE – American Statesman 1788

Now these are just a few of many quotes from the founders of our nation and our Constitution. How is it that some 228 years later, we have a President and members of Both Houses of Congress along with at least 4 members of the Supreme Court and various State Governors have come to the conclusion, like Hillary Clinton, that the Second Amendment was made to protect the government.

When the REALITY of the matter is really obvious that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (for those of you living in the People’s Republic of San Francisco, that would be the First Ten Amendments to The U.S. Constitution) were adopted TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES FROM AN INTRUSIVE AND POWER HUNGRY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

I have listened to various politicians and clergy and members of the media all tell us that there is absolutely no need for any American to own a semi-automatic “Assault Weapon”. Of course they are so out of touch that many of them call a semi-automatic weapon a MACHINE GUN. I just read an article written by a member of the clergy where he states that he owns a semi-automatic Colt .380 pistol which he keeps in his home. He also stated that he had no problems with people who are hunters. But he does not understand why ANYONE would need a semi-automatic “Assault Rifle.”

Let me share a thought with you about some information I received from my first partner on the Houston Police Department. It had to do with self defense and protecting yourself and citizens. He told me that if someone attacked you and they were using only their fists and feet ….. then I should use my Nightstick or my Slapper. If someone attacked me and they were using a knife or a gun….. then I should use my pistol. He also had a view that I later adopted as my own. And here it is:

1) A handgun is something you use in an emergency when you cannot get to your shotgun.
2) A shotgun should be used when you can get to it and are at close range.
3) A rifle should be used if you had some distance which was too great for your shotgun.
4) All shot should be multiple shots to the largest part of the bad guy’s body.

I have never seen a situation with which I could argue with those rules given to me on December 7, 1958 which was my first day on the street.

The greatest number of people who tell you that you do not have any need for a high capacity magazine or a semi-automatic pistol or rifle have never been in a life or death situation and more than likely have never had their hands on a firearm of any kind.

Please take time to read about some of the battles in the War for American Independence. You might learn that there were any number of MILITIAS. Most of them were used to supplement the regular U.S. Army troops. Many of the Militias were not all that dependable in battle. BUT while you are at it, please take time to read about The Battle of Cowpens. I think you will find that George Mason and Richard Henry Lee knew exactly what the Constitution meant when it spoke of A MILITIA.

It should be readily apparent to every American with just average intelligence that someone who is intent on committing a terrorist act of killing multiple people ARE NOT CONCERNED with the current firearms laws ….. NOR would they be concerned with more strict firearms laws. THEY ARE TERRORISTS COMMITTING MASS MURDER and believing that more strict firearms laws will prohibit this in the future is way beyond stupid.



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“Think about it. We have 50 states; each with its own gun control laws, and many of those laws have gotten either tighter or looser over the years. There must be tons of data that could indicate whether murder rates went up or down when either of these things happened…. But have you ever heard any gun control advocate cite any such data? Tragically, gun control has become one of those fact-free issues that spawn outbursts of emotional rhetoric and mutual recriminations about the National Rifle Association or the Second Amendment.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“Virtually all empirical studies in the United States show that tightening gun control laws has not reduced crime rates in general or murder rates in particular. Is this because only people opposed to gun control do empirical studies? Or is it because the facts uncovered in empirical studies make the arguments of gun control zealots untenable.”….THOMAS SOWELL

“The best we can help for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”………. ALEXANDER HAMILTON

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence…from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable…the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference —- they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”… GEORGE WASHINGTON – First President of the United States

“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”… NOAH WEBSTER ****

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”… PATRICK HENRY


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Yesterday I heard several reports that a University in Michigan has decided to drop ALL COLLEGE MATHEMATIC REQUIREMENTS. What will replace the Mathematic Requirements, you ask? This is almost too easy. Why, DIVERSITY CLASSES.

OK. Just for a moment, please stop and think of just about any type of job that you may pursue. I can almost guarantee that math skills are very important. I have a hard time thinking just in the Law Enforcement field how mathematics enters into almost every phase of every investigation. The more complex the investigation, the more math skills are put into use. I actually cannot think of a single crime investigated where some type of math skill is no put into play. Accident scene and homicide scene diagrams. Figuring out the speed of vehicles by the amount of skid marks left at the scene. The value of property and the collective values of property stolen or damaged. And these are just a few.

But this Michigan college has decided the DIVERSITY is more important in our future society than MATHEMATICS.

Keep in mind though that the State of Michigan is where the City of Detroit is located………. THE PROSECUTION RESTS.
This past week end, I lost another really good friend. Mr. Roger Lamar Goertz, who has been on our prayer list for quite a long time. He was 78 years old. Within the past couple of years I had written a short piece about Roger. He was born with both feet deformed and at a very young age, his mother and he would get on a bus and ride to Dallas where he had multiple surgeries as a young boy. Of course I did not know him back then but I do know some people who played football against him in high school. Even with severely deformed feet, Roger played football AND was his team’s place kicker…. only he did not use a holder… he drop kicked the extra points. One of the guys who played against Roger in high school said that he was also a pretty tough middle guard on defense and was damn hard to move.

I first met Roger about 8 years ago. He had lost his wife and was living at a senior high rise living facility. He was one of our regulars at morning coffee and I don’t know that I have ever known anyone with a better attitude. He was quite interested in the history of West Texas and gave me several books on some of the historical happenings around our area. He was an interesting man to talk with. He was a counselor at Big Spring High School when he retired. I also believe he did coach at a smaller school at one time.
All I know is that I will miss him a bunch. He appreciated a good joke and always had a nice smile.
When I think of tough guys I have known down through the years I have to think of my former neighbor in Hobbs, New Mexico…. Bob McKelvey… who spent the entire Second World War in a Japanese Prison Camp; I also think of my neighbor down the street Billy Williams who died earlier this year and worked hard at ranching; farming; and in the oilfield his entire life. He had to raise his younger siblings when he was still in high school; And of course Roger Goertz who endured unbelievable pain his entire life but I never heard him complain. The thing these three men had in common was not only were they three of the toughest people I have ever known, but they were also three of the nicest friends I have ever had. My life is better for having known them all.
Can someone explain to me how Switzerland, where almost every family owns firearms has the LOWEST HOMICIDE RATE IN THE WORLD and Honduras, a country in which private ownership of firearms is prohibited has the HIGHEST HOMICIDE RATE IN THE WORLD? The population of both countries is approximately 8.2 million inhabitants.
OK. It is time for me to dine on a dish that I hate worse than anything on earth. AND that is it is time for me to EAT CROW!
Regardless of what I have said or written in the past. Regardless of the fact that early in the game I made the prediction that “Donald Trump will NEVER get the Republican Nomination.” Regardless of the fact that I made earlier statements that “I will NEVER VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.”

Well let me now admit that I was wr—, uh made a mis —-, uh was in er—, perhaps a bit confused on the issues for a short period of time.

I have heard all the “NEVER TRUMP” people and read of all the statements from some so called “Conservative Republicans” saying that they also would NEVER vote for Donald Trump. Well let me tell you now that it has come time to show your true colors.

If you do not mind your Second Amendment Rights being thrown out and destroyed; If you do not mind risking that your First Amendment and Fourth Amendment Rights being overturned; If you can live with your Fifth Amendment Right to DUE PROCESS being destroyed; If you have no problems with the federal government being able to seize private property at will; If you are satisfied with the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch of our federal government being able to bypass the Legislative Branches unchecked; THEN, by all means, either stay at home and do not vote OR do some idiotic write in which will go nowhere OR vote third party which is voting for someone only marginally better than Hillary Clinton. ANYTHING THAT WE DO OTHER THAN VOTING FOR “THE DONALD” WILL GIVE THE PRESIDENCY TO SOMEONE WHO, IN MY OPINION, IS AT LEAST AS…. IF NOT MORE.. DANGEROUS THAN BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.


AND THAT, MY FRIENDS IS…..REALITY! Remember, Gun Control IS NOT ABOUT GUNS….. IT IS ABOUT CONTROL. ** Please re-read the quote by NOAH WEBSTER.



** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List. Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.



Lies, Damned Lies, And The EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’

Environment: President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” is on pause, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in March after more than two dozen states filed suit to stop it. A new report shows why the plan should be scrapped entirely, and the EPA sued for fraud.

By its own admission, the EPA says Clean Power Plan is one of the most sweeping regulations ever enacted. It would require electric companies to cut CO2 emissions 32% within 25 years — basically by shuttering coal plants and force feeding “renewable energy.”

In pushing the Clean Power Plan, the EPA claimed it would cost industry $9 billion a year, but produce up to $54 billion in annual health benefits, including “avoiding 2,700 to 6,600 premature deaths and 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.”

Who could complain about that?

Turns out, the benefits of the Clean Power Plan will be closer to $0, while the costs would be far higher than the EPA claims.

That’s the conclusion in an in-depth report by the Manhattan Institute’s Jonathan Lesser.

Put simply, Lesser says the EPA’s benefit calculations are based on faulty assumptions and statistical legerdemain. He notes, for example, that since the Clean Power Plan will have an infinitesimal impact on global CO2 levels, it can’t have a $20 billion impact on health.

The EPA also claims $34 billion in side benefits because the rules will reduce other pollutants. But Lesser notes that the EPA has been double counting this co-benefits, using them to justify other costly rules, and that there’s likely to be zero improvement in health, given how clean the air is already.

EPA regulations to cut mercury emissions, for example, relied almost entirely on these supposed co-benefits to justify the $9.6 billion price tag. The direct health benefits from the reduction in mercury was negligible.

While the EPA wildly exaggerated the health benefits of the Clean Power Plan, it also made assumptions guaranteed to minimize the actual cost of the rule, Lesser found.

This isn’t the first time the EPA has been charged with fudging the numbers and relying on faulty science to justify massively expensive regulation.

The EPA has long claimed, for example, that cutting smog pollution will sharply reduce asthma attacks, as it is doing with the Clean Power Plan.

But the data show the opposite. As smog levels have plunged across the country, asthma levels have climbed.

The EPA also assumes in all its regulations that there is no safe level for any pollutant, a claim that defies science and common sense. At some point, there’s nothing to gain from squeezing another molecule of pollution out of the air.

Even those who take global warming seriously should insist that the EPA come clean about the real costs and dubious benefits of its regulations.

Source: IBD Editorials

Paul Ryan’s Treason by Daniel Greenfield

The GOP must represent its voters.

In an awkward interview with the Huffington Post, House Speaker Paul Ryan threatened to sue Donald Trump if he were to ban Muslim immigration or build a border wall with Mexico. Considering the current track record of suing Obama over abuses of power, this is little more than a confession of impotence.

And yet it’s deeply troubling that a top Republican is willing to go to such lengths to fight for Muslim migration or for that matter illegal immigration in general.

Paul Ryan insists that he will continue to “speak up in defense of our principles, in defense of not just our party’s principles, but our country’s principles”, but it’s telling that these principles seem to involve illegal immigration and Muslim migration.

Since when are either of these representative of our party’s principles or our country’s principles?

And yet they are indeed core principles for Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan had complained that a Muslim ban was, “not reflective of our principles not just as a party but as a country.” Like Obama, Ryan speaks of “our principles” without actually referencing specifics. While a constitutional conservative, speaks in terms of the Constitution, Ryan uses the “values” language of the left which references no laws, only general sentiments attributed to no specific law or document.

Though Paul Ryan claims that he wants to maintain the traditional separation of powers, and quotes the exact basis for it, he seems reluctant to do so when he claims that a Muslim ban would be wrong. Ryan knows quite well that his opposition to a Muslim migration ban is not based on the law. Like his support for illegal alien amnesty, it is based on the values construct of the left and not on the Constitution.

Paul Ryan was a longtime supporter of illegal alien amnesty. Back when amnesty was still being disguised as “immigration reform”, Ryan was a key player in pushing it forward. Ryan was so notorious for his support for illegal alien amnesty that he had to promise not to move forward on it under Obama in order to gain enough support to become Speaker. And yet despite this Ryan continues to sound amnesty notes.

Like most of the left, Paul Ryan describes illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants.” Last year, he once again endorsed some measure of legalization for illegal aliens. Even now his website’s top 5 issues includes a call for “immigration reform” which remains a euphemism for illegal alien amnesty.

As is typical of stealth amnesty bids, up front are a raft of security measures and at the very back is a plan for more guest workers and finally a call to “give people a chance to get right with the law”.

That is yet another amnesty euphemism.

Paul Ryan’s amnesty pledge expires when Obama leaves office. That means that, if we take his website at its word, he would like to push amnesty measures under the next administration. A few years ago he was anticipating a move on “immigration reform” in 2017. And so it is not surprising that he remains less than fond of any calls to crack down on illegal immigration.

While Paul Ryan has currently been fairly quiet about amnesty, there was a time when he was one of the more vocal national legislators throwing out amnesty talking points about a “broken immigration system” and “de facto amnesty”. Ryan was certainly not the only prominent Republican to climb on board the amnesty express, but he remained aboard it long after it was leaving the station.

Despite the general shift in the GOP, there is no sign that Ryan has abandoned it. Instead he views Obama’s divisive tone as having poisoned the wall on amnesty. He’s still the same politician who complained two years ago, “People say, ‘amnesty!’ No, it’s taking a problem that’s intractable, that’s been around forever, and trying to fix it in a way that as best guarantees as you can that we’re not going to be in the same [situation] ten years from now.”

Trump’s victory has made it quite clear that Ryan’s view of amnesty, once mainstream in the GOP, is now on the outs. If Trump were to win a national election, then the country would have ratified a rejection of amnesty. The thing that Ryan once fought so hard for, turning illegal aliens into guest workers, was thoroughly rejected by Republican voters.

But there is no sign that Ryan is willing to give up or give in. And that is the problem.

Paul Ryan insists that a ban on Muslim migration would be wrong because, “Muslims are our partners.” That would come as news to all the Americans killed at home and abroad by “our partners” from Saudi Arabia to Muslim refugees and terrorists operating in the United States. And yet even after the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, Paul Ryan shows no sign of being willing to reconsider his position.

And that’s not surprising.

Paul Ryan doesn’t represent any kind of national Republican consensus. Instead he is a vocal and effective spokesman for the point of view of his backers and sponsors. That is why Ryan not only supports illegal alien amnesty, but also backs “sentencing reform”, a euphemism for freeing criminals.

Despite the anti-establishment election, Paul Ryan continues to represent a particular strain of elitist establishment politics which is concerned with the advocacy of very specific and specifically destructive policies without regard to their consequences, whether it involves criminals, illegal aliens or Muslim terrorists. These principles are often put forward as conservative, but in fact they are a particular species of libertarianism that has very little regard for national interests and none for their victims.

Ryan’s support for illegal immigration and Muslim migration is treasonous. And yet the deeper treason is his treason to the ordinary Republicans whose views and interests he simply does not seem to care about. This is a problem that did not begin with this election and is not likely to end with it.

And yet it is a problem that must be confronted.

The GOP came dangerously close to endorsing amnesty because special interest agendas mattered more than national interests and community interests. And we are not out of the woods yet.

Paul Ryan represents everything wrong with allowing a handful of special interests to set the agenda for the GOP. The agenda has been repudiated at the polls, but it will take far more work to repudiate it in the GOP.

Source: Front Page Mag

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Gov. Mary Fallin: Future Trump VP running mate?

Oklahoma governor goes ‘On the Record’ Trump VP pick buzz, a meeting she and five other governors had with the presumptive GOP nominee and his recent poll struggles, saying he must speak to the ‘heart’ of the people