Ultimate Schadenfreude: Democrat is Twice Bitten, Not Shy By Selwyn Duke

There’s stupid. There’s really stupid. There’s really, really stupid.
Then there’s Democrat stupid.

A prime example is a Friday Wall Street Journal article titled “This Democrat Is Giving Up on ObamaCare.” It’s penned by one Burke Beu, someone I describe as “ethnically Democrat,” as he says “I grew up in a Democratic family. I have been a registered Democrat since age 18.” He also tells us, “[I was] a Democratic candidate for statewide office in Colorado and a party precinct captain in that caucus state.

I’ve volunteered for numerous Democratic candidates and contributed to party causes and campaigns. The 2014 election results were extremely disappointing for me….”
And, of course, Mr. Beu has soured on ObamaCare. In fact, he wants it repealed. All good so far. Except that he doesn’t have any explicitly harsh words for Obama, hasn’t given up on his party, wants a single-payer system and seems to believe Hillary Clinton is the solution in 2016. (Note: In fairness, Clinton is different from Obama — she has two X chromosomes.) But here are the money lines:

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, then lost my job in the Great Recession. I was lucky; my brother lost his job and his house. I survived on part-time jobs while paying out-of-pocket for my health insurance.

I voted for President Obama again in 2012, then received a cancellation notice for my health insurance. This was due to ObamaCare, the so-called Affordable Care Act. However, I couldn’t afford anything else.

Does this guy wear a “Kick me” sign?


He wears a “Kick me harder” sign.

There’s a saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” What do you say about a guy whose life consists of being fooled?

Beu believes Medicare should be “a model for health-care reform” and says “We Democrats need to get over ourselves, start anew on a national health-care policy, and return to our progressive principles.”

Actually, sir, you need to get over your party.

First, “progressive principles” is an oxymoron; liberals don’t have principles, but provisional positions. This is because they’re governed by emotion, which changes with the wind. As G.K. Chesterton put it, “Progress is a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative.” No, I won’t explain that, Mr. Beu. You figure it out.

Beu also mentions the “stupidity of the American voter” remark by ObamaCare designer Jonathan Gruber, taking umbrage and saying “Such comments…are insults to every citizen regardless of party.” So Goober is offended by Gruber.

And Beu is one of those very “useful” people. He doesn’t get that elitist snobbery and superciliousness define the left. Just think of the revelations about socialist French president François Hollande, who is “a cold, cynical cheat and a Socialist who ‘doesn’t like the poor,’” writes National Post about insights provided by the leftist’s ex-girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler. “He presents himself as the man who doesn’t like the rich. In reality, the president doesn’t like the poor” and in private calls them “the toothless ones,” reports Trierweiler. Oh, too anecdotal?

“Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned”? Then read the 2008 piece “Don’t listen to the liberals — Right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows.” It relates what some of us without “Kick me” signs figured out for ourselves long ago.

Beu also says, when pointing out that Democrats need to exhibit humility and admit error on ObamaCare, “We resent Republicans who act morally superior and pretend to have a monopoly on patriotism, but….”

It’s not pretense, Bucko. As this Pew poll from this summer shows, while 72 percent of “steadfast conservatives” and 81 percent of “business conservatives” “often feel proud to be American,” only 40 percent of “solid liberals” do. That, Mr. Beu, is by liberals’ own admission. (Pew also has a category in the poll called “Faith and Family Left.” I’ve never heard of such a thing — unless it refers to faith in government and the family of the person the liberal is cheating on his spouse with.)

Note also that when liberals and conservatives don’t feel proud to be American, it’s for very different reasons. Liberals don’t like what America was, was meant to be, and what they often imagine it to be (“We’re so Puritan!”); conservatives don’t like the cesspool the liberals are turning it into.

I know schadenfreude isn’t a feeling reflective of a charitable spirit, but the best I can say about the Beus of the world is that they need tough love. Mr. Beu reminds me of a guy who’s being held by the back of the neck, is being repeatedly and violently kicked, and complains about how something needs to be done about the foot. Tend to the foot. Regulate the foot. Repeal the foot.

Mr. Beu, that foot happens to be attached to a man, a being with intellect and free will. And he is not your friend.

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“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

Greetings once again from A Conservative Jingoistic Second Amendment Supporting West Texas SUV Driver.


STUPID – lacking normal intelligence; foolish; silly; dull and boring.

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes…Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage… And basically, call it the STUPIDITY of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass.”

This was the statement made more than once PUBLICLY by Jonathan Holmes Gruber in reference to the Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare). Now, while I believe that these statements made by Jonathan Holmes Gruber should be insulting to the American voter….. Of course if Gruber is indeed correct, then the American voter is too stupid to realize that they have been insulted, not only by Gruber BUT by the entire Obama Administration.

BUT, when you look at the past two Presidential elections, you might get the idea that for the past six years or more at least the majority of the American voting public blew past STUPID a long time ago.

THEN, after Jonathan Holmes Gruber made his involvement in the crafting of the Affordable Healthcare Act public, the entire Democrat/Socialist Obama Administration claim that they had no knowledge of Gruber and that he certainly was not one of their team. BUT THEN, when you look at earlier statements made by Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi and other members of the Obama Administration, it sure appears that the Administration and members of same are lyin’ their asses off….. BUT, what’s new? These people have been lying to the American people for well over six years.

So I am going to have to agree with Jonathan Holmes Gruber that at least part of the American voting public are EITHER…. STUPID… OR …. ARE LYING TO US ABOUT EVERYTHING….. OR MORE THAN LIKELY BOTH.

All you really need to do is listen to Jonathan Holmes Gruber for a short while to pretty well identify him as an arrogant, self-centered, narcissist. HEY! That almost sounds like someone else whom we see on a daily basis. Of course with Jonathan Holmes Gruber being a product of academia, we should not be at all surprised. What really amazes me is that this jerk could not only be a party to, but a major designer as well of perhaps the most intrusive piece of legislation ever thrust upon the American people, and then rat the whole deal out and not realize that he had just made himself for all practical purposes a co-defendant and major offender in what I consider a criminal conspiracy. Of course, we all know that nothing will ever come of these acts during the next two years. AND, I think it would be a mistake to think that the Establishment Republicans will do anything approaching the right thing in dealing with these criminal politicians.

AND, to make matters even worse, we learn that Jonathan Holmes Gruber has received somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.9 MILLION DOLLARS in CONSULTING FEES from the federal government. I saw several pieces breaking down the distribution of FEDERAL AND STATE TAX DOLLARS and they all seem to back each other up. Of course the U.S. National Institutes of Health contributed the largest amount at $2,050,000. closely followed by $1,730,000. from that hotbed of medical research, the U.S. Department of Justice, and a total of $1,373,050. combined from the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Minnesota. I believe that were I a citizen of any of those states I might want to take a really close look at many of my elected state officials.

But at least Gruber’s arrogant, condescending attitude had one positive result as it landed him securely on our VARMINT LIST.

Now we have to sit back and watch Barack Hussein Obama more than likely with another Executive Order, grant AMNESTY to somewhere between FOUR AND SIX MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS….. Yeah, you heard it right…. ILLEGAL ALIENS….. not Undocumented Workers… or Undocumented Immigrants.


Tony Aguilar, Mary Vigil, Joe & Ruth Lucero, Ted Salgado -NM – Ella Dunlop, Kaleigh Paige Hudgens, Bobby Peiser, Bob Wallman, Maria Tupaz, Bernice Murphy, Don Faubion, Judy Langham, Liz Deguren, Roger Tucker, Charlotte Williams, John Gallemore, Zak Krejci, Debra Blake, Mary Denson, Randy Jones, Don Weaver, Roger Goertz, Billy Williams, Gerry Fincher, Jerry Carpenter, Steve Mida, – TX – Sr. Delphine Grigas (98) – IL – Paul & Debby Gula, Mike Burkebak, Alan Miller, Debbie McKeown, Violet Fermin, Carlos Fernandez, Hamilton Anderson, Arlene Anderson, Kate Nolan – FL – L.T. Drennan – OK – Lynn Jones – NE – Warren Wetmore – IL – Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban – MD – Charles Latham, Rocky Leonard, Bette Miller – AZ – Kate Powell, Annise Kennedy, Sam Wittstruck (17 yoa) – CA – Pat Holley, Keith Chambers, Nancy Chambers, LANA Athey – CO – Hal Whitmore – DE – Herb Johnston – NY – Lonnie Shoultz – AL – Perry Evans – AR – Jim Pinney, James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old) – OH – Josip & Lela Slivar – ZAGREB, CROATIA – Sister Clarice Carroll (83) – HAITI – Rick Vizzier USNA74, Steve Burich USNA74 -VA – George Rimmer – WA, RET. COL. Pete Mekkelson -WVA

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Troy Partain of Stone Mountain, Georgia
Wayne Martin of Blacksburg, Virginia

John Mallory – DEA – Fr. Joseph M. Peek, Gary and Cindy Hogman, Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families.


“Nearly a hundred years of the supposed legacy of slavery found most black children being raised in two-parent families in 1960, But thirty years after the liberal welfare state found the great majority of black children being raised by a single parent.”…THOMAS SOWELL

“If we are to go by evidence of social retrogression, liberals have wreaked more havoc on blacks than the supposed legacy of slavery they talk about. Liberals should heed the title of Jason Riley’s insightful new book, PLEASE STOP HELPING US.” …. THOMAS SOWELL

“A nation that forgets its past has no future.”… WINSTON CHURCHILL

“My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best.”…WINSTON CHURCHILL

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”… PATRICK HENRY


Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Louis Farrakhan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC Chairperson, Leon Panetta, Supreme Court Justices – Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts, Eric Holder, John McCain R-AZ, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Ezekiel Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius, Bill Richardson, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN, Former Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, COLIN POWELL , Michael Moore, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Former President Jimmy Carter. Al Gore, Chuck Hagel, Dick Durbin, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie R-NJ , Michael Bloomberg, Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX, Susan Collins R-ME, Patrick Leahy, Jeff Flake R-AZ, Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX, John Boehner R-OH, John Cornyn R-TX, Mitch McConnell R-KY, Mike Huckabee R-AR, Lisa Murkowski R-AK, Robert Menendez NJ, Al Franken MN, Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Patty Murray WA, Henry Waxman CA, Linda Sanchez CA, Maxine Waters CA, State Senator Wendy Davis D-TX, Elijah Cummings D-MD, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, Lois Lerner, Michael Morrell, Tommy Vietor (National Security Council Spokesman), Karl Rove, Rep. Ann Kuster D-NH, Jen Psaki (State Department), Josh Earnest, Marie Harf(State Department), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO), Orin Hatch (R-UT), John Koskinen (IRS COMMISSIONER), Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security Secretary), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Deval Patrick (D-MA), Charlie Crist (D-FL), Jerry Brown (D-CA), John Lewis (D-GA), Michelle Nunn (D-GA), Jay Nixon (D-MO-Gov.), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Julia Pierson, Jonathan Holmes Gruber

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When I heard and read Jonathan Gruber’s name I was drawn back to the mid 1960s when my partner Peary Perry and I were working in the Vice Division on the night shift. Our Sergeant told us to go and interview a Mrs. Gruber who lived in Southwest Houston in a fairly old neighborhood which was a fairly high crime area. So we took off one evening and went to Mrs. Gruber’s house. Of course we were in plain clothes and Mrs. Gruber cracked the door and we showed her our identification and badges but she still wasn’t completely sure we were who we claimed to be. But she finally let us inside and this is where it got weird.

Mrs. Gruber was at that time in her mid to late 80s and her house was fairly dark so she invited us into her living room. You could not take a step without stepping on one of her many cats of various age and breeds. One huge cat was lying on the arm of a couch. This damn cat must have weighed 20 pounds. She told us his name was “Chang”. “Chang” was purring so I thought he might be friendly so I reached down to rub his head at which time he turned into a Tasmanian Devil and damn near took my hand off. At this point Mrs. Gruber advised us that “Chang doesn’t like strangers very much”. I wanted to respond “No Shit?” but I didn’t. Then she took us into her LABORATORY. We knew it was the LABORATORY since she had a sign on the door designated it as that very thing.

Inside the LABORATORY she had all kinds of crime fighting tools in the form of test tubes; fingerprint stuff; literature. This little woman had subscribed to every single Detective Magazine and had sent off for those old kits you would find in the back of those magazines. You remember the old “You Too Can Be A Detective” scams. She had ‘em all. Then she got to her valuable crime fighting information. She had page after page of license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions and she told us that she would sit at her front window and she noticed that cars would stop at the intersection and sit there for a few seconds and look around and then go on. She said this was highly suspicious behavior. Of course she had learned about suspicious behavior from her mail order Detective Books.

Of course being trained Investigators, Perry and I realized that this sweet little lady lived in a world all her own. So we told her that we would check out the license numbers and get back with her. This little woman began calling us every single day with lists of license numbers. Neither Perry nor I had the heart to tell this little old lady that the reason that those cars were stopping at her intersection was due to a four way stop sign being there.
SO, we decided that the only thing we could do was to pawn her off on a couple of other Officers. So we went back to her house and gave her the names of two of our senior Officers working in Vice. We told her that we had been assigned to a super secret case and that under no circumstances was she to divulge that she had previously talked with us. She was sworn to secrecy and we never got another call from her.

BUT, about a month or so later we had a Divisional Meeting and we were given some instructions on several items and as the meeting was ending and we were walking out, one of the senior Officers whose name we had given to Mrs. Gruber raised his hand and asked our Lieutenant: “Lieutenant, were you ever able to find out about this Mrs. Gruber shit?” Peary and I had to get out of the room before we burst into fits of laughter. Of course we never asked any other questions about it but I always had to hand it to Mrs. Gruber that she knew how to keep a secret.
As you know, I have very little use for the NFL front offices and have little use for the NFL Player’s Union. And every time something doesn’t go the exact way that some folks want, the cries of RACISM are shouted from the highest mountain tops.

Last week I was reading the (Sub) Standard Times sports Page and there was printed a list of the Largest Fines ever handed out by the NFL. They fined San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr. a $1 Million fine in 1999 regarding a gambling scandal. Other fines were listed from $200,00 to $950,000 against various teams, players, and coaches for a plethora of violations from off duty criminal acts to violation of league policies. I noticed that New England Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals and the New England Patriots franchise was fined $250,000. I thought at the time this bordered on stupidity and have not changed my mind. Then I got to the last fine which was $200,000 handed out in 2003 to Detroit Lions’ president Matt Millen for NOT INTERVIEWING ANY MINORITY CANDIDATES BEFORE HIRING COACH STEVE MARIUCCI. Steve Mariucci was a very successful NFL Coach and had been on the coaching staff of several Super Bowl teams.

I remembered this incident and at the time thought it was a really lame way to do business. If I needed a head coach and guy like Steve Mariucci was available and I knew that he was the person I wanted, then why interview any other applicants, minority or not?

To me this was just another instance where the NFL has caved in to Political Correctness.
I am sure you are all like me in waiting for the findings of the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri. From some early reports, evidently the testimony tends to support the story told by the Officer in the shooting of “The Gentle Giant.” You remember, “The Gentle Giant” who had just committed a robbery at a local convenience store. I would sure hate to see the Officer indicted if the evidence presented does not provide probable cause for an arrest.
Never forget that great quote from former NY Yankee Catcher, Yogi Berra when he said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”





FW: What I’d like to say… by the Shadow: From my email box


I’ve been thinking of what I’d like to say to the leadership and incoming Republican majority if I had a forum. It would be a bit long and it wouldalso be a challenge to find a methodology that would attract their attention. I’ve finally decided the best thing I could do was to come at it through the prism that connects all of us on this net. That of a veteran; which I am and we are, collectively. Those of us who have served, pledged our lives if necessary for this country. tend to view politics with a jaundiced eye. For good reason. Ours was a world as different from politics as night from day.

In our world we relied on certain basic tenants that were tried and true (at least it used to be that way).

First of all. we relied on the basic tenant of a meritocracy. nobody was given anything; we had to earn it. We had to prove ourselves, time and again, almost on a daily basis. Our job was to defend this nation.

In order to do that we had to display some basic requirements. Competence, professionalism, tenacity, intellect, resourcefulness, dedication and not the least. courage. And I’m not just talking about the field of combat; those of us on the tip of the spear faced danger. and death… on a routine basis.

More Naval Aviators, Marines, soldiers, airman and sailors have died in service to their country in accidents, than all the politicians in this country’s history.

As someone who has experienced both, I can state emphatically, that routine operations such as landing on an aircraft carrier at night with a two hundred foot ceiling and a pitching deck is just as challenging and demanding as confronting the enemy in direct ground combat. In both instances. the margin for error is extremely small and a failure to get it right can be just as catastrophic, resulting in death and injury. Not just to yourself, but to your comrades and associates as well.

My purpose of saying this is not self aggrandizement, but more of a plea for you who have just been elected to at least show a bit of courage of conviction, that I saw on display by young men on a daily basis during my time in the military.

Before you submit to the siren song of the pundits, manipulators, lawyers and media; that you have to compromise and go along to get along, our plea is that you reject them! Openly and emphatically.

I also want to say to you no matter how the Democrats, the media and this Administration try to spin it, this election was not a mandate for compromise, it was a mandate of rejection and repudiation, nothing less; a repudiation of where this President and his political party have been taking us.

It is a national recognition that we have been manipulated and lied to by these mar plots on a daily basis. That they have become lawless, mendacious and relentless in their pursuit of ultimate power. Your mandate is to stop them. plain and simple.

I plea for you to show the courage of our veterans. to stand up and demand competence, efficacy, integrity and honesty from our government. And I’m not just talking about the politicians. I include the monolithic bureaucracies and those agencies of the Federal Government filled with activists, that are now interfering in our daily lives by regulatory fiat.

Like an agency that claims a mud puddle after a rain (standing water) gives them the right to control your own property that you bought a paid for. We want you to end the insanity of government employees being immune from prosecution when they break the law.

There should be no union contract what so ever that impedes immediate prosecution and dismissal for such conduct. that includes the IRS,ATF, EPA, HHS, INS, State Department and tragically this administration andJustice Department as well.

We have an Attorney General and President who are both pathological liars. Both men have not only violated the Constitution, they have refused to adhere to and enforce our laws. I submit that both have committed “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. They should not only be impeached, they should be indicted as well.

Show courage.

In the past two weeks as a result of Mr. Gruber’s outrageous comments and random acts of honesty from a Democratic operative we, actually the nation now knows emphatically just how deceptive and mendacious this Administrationand Democratic Party has stooped to in order to control our lives.

Acknowledgement that the law was written so convoluted and misleading so as to disguise its’ true meaning. And our Presidents response? “I just heard about this”, then the classic, “Mr. Gruber was not on our Staff”. What a feckless, outrageous statement! “Not on our Staff”. then why did you, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry and a litany of leading Democrats keep recognizing him during the so called debate, and how crucial his contributions were to getting the ACA passed. Why all those meetings with him in the Oval Office and White House?, as well as the Democratic caucus and Staff? Why was he paid hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars by various Government Agencies Democrats control; including the Justice Department?

What they really meant to say, was this arrogant, devious little devil showed us how to lie,
deceive and manipulate our way through it. And now their greatest defense is; “He was not on our Staff”. They are the penultimate examples of that old axiom; “Liars always figure… and figures always lie”.

Think this is an anomaly? Not hardly. there is a litany of Democratic sacred cows based on lies, deceit, dishonesty and manipulated figures… or figuring liars if you’d rather. All of these agendas are pogroms, for want of a better word, designed to eliminate opposition and impose absolute
control of every American’s life by government edict. Lets address some of them.

Political Correctness. It is the anthesis of Free Speech. It is an attempt to silence, an attempt to control thought, speech and behavior. And it is a tactic that has been exploited by all the worlds greatest despots and oppressive regimes.

The National Socialist Party, under Hitler. The various Communist regimes in the Soviet Union and Russia under the Bolsheviks to Stalin, all the way to Putin. Imperial Japan. Communist China under Mao and his minions. Cuba under Castro. I could go on and on. But I would be irresponsible if I didn’t point out the latest great threat to the world; The savage and uncompromising, vicious, Radical Islamists.

The ultimate practitioners of “Political Correctness” in today’s modern world. Do you realize how much American military blood and capital has been expended over the decades fighting this type of thought? And now you politicians allow it to take hold in our own country! Time to buck up and take them on.

The history of Democratic lies is long wide and continuous. it is the Foundation of all their political philosophy. “Shovel Ready Jobs”. “GreenJobs”. Solar Energy and all the other inefficient sacred cows of the environmentalists. including those obscene windmills along with biofuels,
ethanol and a dozen other wasteful government subsidized scams. Pork for fat
cat Democrats! A scam is a scam is a scam.

I believe in science. when it is real science. The biggest lie of them all is “Global Warming” and the so called consensus of thousands of scientists. That is not science. It is a conspiracy. True science is irrefutable. It is an open and transparent process. There is no exceptions of; we believe, take our word for it.

I won’t let you see my computer models because you’ll just attack them and find fault with them.

True science invites scrutiny, testing and retesting to come to an emphatic and “provable” hypothesis.

The Global Warming crowd demands that you accept their hypothesis on “Blind Faith”.

This is from the same crowd that annually has to come up with excuse after excuse, citing anomaly after anomaly (that somehow wasn’t accounted for in their infallible computer models) as to why the earth’s temperature is not warming, the seas aren’t rising and the ice caps and glaciers aren’t melting as predicted. It is a fraud and conspiracy to control our lives, nothing less.

As I said, I believe in science. but I’m also a pragmatist. I believe in my heart that someday, an alternative to fossil fuel will be discovered. But probably not in my lifetime, my kids lifetime or even that of my grandchildren. When that alternative comes to pass, it probably won’t be at the impetus of some government program. It will come from the research and development of private enterprise, Free thinkers and real scientists.

I am not a supporter of rampant pollution, nor am I a blind supporter of restrictions and insane restrictions on development of resources by government intervention. Guess what I’m trying to say is someone in the government needs to get a big dose of common sense.

I want you to make the average American aware of the billions and billions of dollars this government wastes every day on these pipe dreams and how damaging it is to our daily lives in terms of opportunity, expense and quality of life. We have given you a mandate for that as well.

Last, for now. Immigration. You need to make the unemployed and American poor and so called disenfranchised understand something, that the Democrats continuous clamor and support of amnesty and unfettered immigration… Is not an act of empathy or altruism. It is a craven attempt at changing the political landscape of this nation forever.

Power and control through the influx of 20 million new voters. If you have a job at an entry level of the labor force, those immigrants will be coming for your job. And it doesn’t end there.

Drive by any major construction site these days and look at the numbers of “illegals” doing both skilled and unskilled jobs at those projects.

You’ve heard of “Mission Creep”. We’ve got a national case of “Illegal Creep”. Illegal aliens taking jobs that hard working Americans will do.

The answer is deportation (Oh my God did he really say that?) and a “Guest Worker” Program that is used successfully around the world, and used to work in this country until the social engineers and activists intervened.

Time for tough love, we cannot sustain the world’s poor. The real answer is
that their own countries are responsible for their citizens, not the good
old US of A.

We need to be realistic. Anytime this government subsidizes or sanctions something, be it a business or illegal immigration; you can bet your behind… you’ll see an explosion of those taking advantage of those stupid decisions. 20 million today. fifty million tomorrow. Fact. every attempt at limited amnesty has resulted in an explosion of more illegals.

The only program that stifled the flow for a while was the Eisenhower deportation program back in the fifties. It only lasted until the do-gooders persuaded us to defy our common sense and the Democrats realized there was political gain to be made by legalizing them.

Folks. those are your mandates as I see it. Show the courage, stamina and conviction of the average man and woman who has worn this nations uniform.
Nothing less. Get on with it.

SideBear: The Shadow speaks from his heart and he has a RIGHT TO HIS SAY.

Republican Tsunami Swept Away Amnesty Myth By VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

Everyone finds a lesson in the Republican midterm tsunami. One was that so-called comprehensive immigration reform and broad amnesty have little national public support. Polls have long shown that, but so do last week’s election results.

Candidates in swing states who promised amnesty got no edge from such opportunistic posturing. Candidates who pandered to identity groups and played the ethnic card lost in most cases. Voters in liberal Oregon overwhelmingly rejected driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

In reaction, President Obama sulked, threatening to quickly push through an unpopular amnesty by executive order. He apparently knows he enjoys neither public nor congressional support for his planned executive fiat.

In an increasingly multiracial society, voters — including many Mexican Americans — see mostly illogic, hypocrisy and chaos in the present relaxed immigration policy of the partisan-minded Obama administration. They grow weary of identity politics that give privilege some immigrant groups over others based on no definable, much less consistent, logic.

Voters assume that liberal-elite advocates of open borders who mock finishing the border fence count on the fences around their own estates — whether Hollywood grandees, the former mayor of Los Angeles or the president of the United States.

They understand that quick assimilation and melting-pot integration — made possible only by measured, diverse and legal immigration — are not the goals of either ethnic lobbyists or Democratic Party activists.

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It’s Official: The Democrats are the Party of the Devil By Selwyn Duke

Perhaps the first clue, or the ten thousandth, was when many Democrats opposed the reinsertion of God into their party’s platform in 2012 and booed the judgment that the measure to do so had passed.

But now it’s official:

The Democrats are the party of the Devil.

Here’s the story, courtesy of CBS Boston:

Ruth Provencal is a devout Catholic whose favorite phrase when saying goodbye has now thrust her into controversy.

“I would say ‘thank you for voting, God Bless you,’” Provencal explains.

After serving as an election volunteer five times, the 67-year-old was told to stay home on November 4th, sacked by Derry [New Hampshire] officials who argued that her reference to God might be an illegal effort to influence voters.

“I just can’t believe that you’re telling me that I can’t say the word God,” she told the elections official. “Then she said ‘no you can’t.’”

My, it didn’t take long for the Democrat mantra to change from “Yes, we can!”

The article actually states that Derry election officials believe saying “God bless you” could be electioneering. Now, let me apply a little white male linear logic here.

Since we don’t yet have a Satanist Party on the ballot (give it time) and I don’t believe one of the other minor parties was the concern, I’m going to take a wild guess and say it was thought that the alleged electioneering could be an influence with respect to one of the two major parties. And here’s what this means:

One of our major parties is so closely associated with godlessness, with evil, with everything so antithetical to the divine that even the mere mention of God’s name in a polling place constitutes a message in opposition to that party.

I’m going to take another wild guess and assume this party was not thought — even by the liberal election officials — to be the Republican Party.

What’s funny is that I seem to remember another party officially opposed to God. It was once dominant in places such as the Soviet Union, Hungary and Albania and still masquerades as its old self in China. I don’t think it started with “D,” though, but was one letter back.

So should the Democrats henceforth be known as the Demonrats? Will their new symbol be the Pentagram? Will they trade the donkey for the Tasmanian devil? Will their (relatively few) election winners be sworn in this coming January on a book written by Anton LaVey?

This also explains why the Democrats’ campaign tactics seem to perfectly align with occultist Aleister Crowley’s maxim “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” It also should shape Republican campaign tactics in future elections. Forget spending millions of dollars on ads, political strategists, data mining and get-out-the-vote efforts. All they really need do is hire an army of exorcists.

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