President I-Don’t-Care by Andrew Klavan

What is the president thinking?

That seems to be the question of the day. Russian clients are shooting passenger planes out of the air with Russian weaponry, Al Qaeda on Steroids is taking over Iraq, Iran is running circles around gormless western negotiators while it builds nukes for “peaceful purposes” (because once all non-Muslims are dead, there will be peace!), the Jews are at war with barbarous terrorists so of course the world is cheering for — guess who! — the barbarians, our country is being overrun by illegal aliens we can’t afford to accommodate — and the president of the United States is doing what? Yeah, fund-raising, baby! Doing his charming give-me-some-money speech thing:

I just flew in from Washington and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, it’s great to be back in Akron! Are those Republicans stinkers or what? It’s a war on women, I tell ya. They’ll probably impeach me next cause I’m black. Don’t boo — vote! Thanks, and that’ll be $30,000 a plate!
The preferred explanation for the president’s detachment is psychological. He’s checked out. Let down and disappointed by the world, he is in withdrawal.

Perhaps. But I’d propose an alternate theory that gives him more credit: Obama’s passivity stems from an idea. When Obama says Putin has placed himself on the wrong side of history, he actually believes it. He disdains realpolitik because he believes, in the end, such primitive 19th-century notions as conquest are self-defeating. History sees to their defeat…

But history is lived in the here and now.

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The Democrat Strategy Of Relentless Chaos By: Christopher G. Adamo

Does anyone remember the name Bowe Bergdahl these days? Only a few weeks back, Bergdahl’s name rocketed to the front page of every major newspaper as a result of his release from five years of “captivity” by the Taliban. Early accounts lauded Bergdahl as a war hero who had endured hardship at the hands of his captors, a sentiment trumpeted by Barack Obama and echoed by high-level cabinet members as they sought to portray the event as a great triumph for America.

Very soon however, the details of Bergdahl’s desertion and likely collaboration with the Muslim jihadists began to emerge, casting him instead in a traitorous light. Official accounts of early attempts to find him attribute the deaths of many other Americans to the effort. Perhaps worst of all, without any consultation with Congress (a legal requirement in this situation) Obama authorized the release of five extremely dangerous high-level terrorists, who had been held at the Guantanamo prison since their capture, in trade for Bergdahl.

Any celebratory reactions from Americans quickly turned into horrified shock. Those in government who inarguably knew the circumstances of Bergdahl’s desertion were worse than derelict in their duties to allow such a “prisoner transfer” to take place. Yet Obama not only orchestrated the entire affair, he claimed as much spotlight and credit for it as he possibly could, at least in the beginning. As indignation across the nation intensified, the liberal political machine did what it always does in a tight spot. It changed the subject. Currently, few mentions of Bergdahl occur anywhere in the “mainstream” media.

In truth, it is rather difficult to even keep apprised of all of the “calamity” that bombards the American people every day. Each ensuing upheaval serves the purpose of wiping out any discussion of the previous one. The pattern continues unabated. But without exception, the events themselves and the manner in which the leftist political machine responds to them represent a major leg of Obama’s grand plan to “fundamentally transform America.” At the same time, the blur of devastating “crises” is sufficient to prevent a focus on any single one of them.

Close on the heels of the Bergdahl fiasco came the calamitous news that America’s southern border was spontaneously being invaded by illegal alien children, primarily from Honduras and El Salvador. Hardly likely to be a random occurrence, this drama was curiously timed to bring attention to the “need” for amnesty (or “immigration reform” as the proponents of amnesty attempt to sugar coat it). Emotional accounts of the plight of those hapless children on the nightly news were singularly crafted to evoke sympathy and generate momentum for the faltering effort to get some form of amnesty pushed through the Congress prior to the November mid-term elections.

Once again, the liberal/Democrat movers and shakers miscalculated. Any initial sympathy has since soured into anger among Americans as they watch their nation’s border being systematically eradicated and their society victimized by foreigners and pandering politicians who express concern for everyone involved, except the American people. As communities across America increasingly resist efforts to turn them into way-stations for this onslaught of young foreigners (who will most certainly be joined in short order by the rest of their families), the public relations boon anticipated by Democrat strategists suddenly became a growing political liability.

So once again, Democrats eagerly sought to shift their focus away from the border fiasco, and onto something… anything that might redound to their benefit in the fall elections. When visiting Texas earlier this month to attend multiple fundraisers, Obama refused to visit the border, despite being invited there by Texas Governor Rick Perry. With public opinion swinging severely against the Democrats and their treasonous quest for thirty million new voters, the last thing Obama wanted was any visual association between himself and the humanitarian disaster he and his policies had created. It is indeed time for the Democrats to figure out a way to distance themselves from the border mess. What will be next?

Much can be learned of how this scheme is intended to operate by a close examination of one of its chief practitioners, Hillary Clinton. Despite her claims of a stellar political career, Hillary Clinton’s “popularity” with the public has always been inversely proportional to the amount of time she spends in front of the cameras. Lately, she has been desperately attempting to pick up the pieces after her disastrous June interview with Diane Sawyer, in which she attempted to make the case that upon leaving the White House in 2001, she and Bill were essentially paupers.

Prior to that, she is best known for her hysterical 2013 rant in front of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, which was looking into the lapses and deception surrounding the September 2012 Islamist attacks on the Consulate in Benghazi during which four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stephens were killed. When pressed for specifics by Senator Ron Johnson (R.-WI) she retorted “What difference, at this point, does it make?” The single most telling, and most overlooked portion of that shameless obfuscation was the phrase “at this point.” In Clinton’s world, such a declaration rendered the episode inconsequential on the basis that it was old news. Once the heat is turned up on any liberal debacle, the chances are good that they will attempt to declare it “old news.” To this end, their absolutely predictable undermining of efforts to quickly resolve any matter should be a red flag to those interested in actually finding the truth.

Last week’s lies are simply irrelevant to this week’s controversy since they were only ever intended to win the debate of the moment (See: “If you like your doctor and your healthcare plan, you can keep them.”). Those who dare to demand any shred of accountability from Obama or his fellow leftists will be derided as overly “partisan” and targeted for political destruction. The plan is to continue shifting the country left, which requires that real consequences of Obama/Democrat policy be brushed aside.

“Fast and Furious” has become “old news,” with nobody actually held responsible for it, on account of Attorney General Eric Holder’s indefensible stonewalling of congressional investigators. Similarly, the ongoing drama of the missing IRS e-mails, and the flagrant efforts to evade accountability for what was clearly an abuse of power by former IRS department chief Lois Lerner and her minions, will no doubt be dragged on as long as possible, to then be dismissed as irrelevancies from “the past.”

Unfortunately, each of these incidents, along with too many others to mention in this space, represent a government that has broken the constitutional boundaries intended to protect the American people from its overreach. A government that effectively exempts itself from oversight while continually amassing ever greater power is a threat to the people. It needs to be stopped, and its key players held accountable. Otherwise, “liberty and justice” are themselves in danger of being reduced to merely being trite phrases from the past.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years. He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.

“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

Hello again from the West Texas Headquarters For Jingoistic Right Wing Conspiratorial Fossil Fuel Burning Four Wheel Drive SUV Owners.


According to several of the Webster’s New World Dictionaries here is the definition of “surprise”:

SURPRISE – to come upon unexpectedly; to amaze; to astonish; to take unawares; to catch off one’s guard; to shock; to stun

I think we all pretty much understand that the word “SURPRISE” indicates something UNEXPECTED.

OK. President Barack Hussein Obama, who is also according to the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists the world’s most articulate and intelligent human, decides to cut back on our military with plans to reduce the number of military personnel to pre-World War II levels. And of course he and his merry band of incompetents announce this for all the world to see and hear. Then just as soon as this announcement is made, other countries who do not have our best interests at heart decide that they can begin to behave in a manner which heretofore has been unacceptable.

The Obama Administration announces that these actions come as a complete “SURPRISE” to them.

QUESTION: Why are they or anyone else SURPRISED that this is happening?

As a part of reducing our military presence worldwide, President Barack Hussein Obama orders a complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Then almost immediately a group of Sharia supporting Muslims known as either ISIL or ISIS, take your pick, have moved in and are in the process of taking over the country of Iraq in order to form a CALIPHATE which is a MUSLIM STATE and is totally dedicated to complete domination and conversion of everyone to Sharia Muslim beliefs. Oh, there is another choice… either convert or DIE. People have been warning of this type of activity for years BUT our Incompetent Administration either:
A. Did not believe it
B. Do not care

According to incompetent spokespersons for the incompetent Obama Administration… this came as a complete SURPRISE to them.

QUESTION: Why are they or anyone else SURPRISED that this is happening?

Immediately after these idiotic announcements of the idiotic cuts in manpower and equipment for our U.S. Military, the Crimean region of the Ukraine suddenly decides that they want to be a part of RUSSIA once more. And of course, Russia is backing them all the way since the Russian leadership realizes that there is certainly no danger of the United States coming to the aid of Ukraine, or for that matter anyone else. Not only did Barack Hussein Obama not furnish equipment to Ukraine, he instead went on a series of “Fund Raisers”.

Once again our band of merry incompetents announce that this sudden move by Russia and Crimea came as a bit of a SURPRISE.

QUESTION: Why are they or anyone else SURPRISED at this happening?

Now let us go down to our own Southern border with Mexico. Obama and Homeland Security have been cutting resources to the Border Patrol and have further been preparing for a huge influx of illegal aliens, many of whom are children, from Central American Countries. According to even some liberal news sources, the Obama Administration has been preparing for this for almost a year.
Yet, when the thousands do show up on the US/Mexico border and enter the country ILLEGALLY, they cannot be handled as if they were an ILLEGAL ALIEN from Mexico. Nope, under the administration of George W. Bush there was an addition to our already unenforced Immigration Laws making it illegal to immediately deport these Illegal Aliens from countries other than Mexico (OTM-Other Than Mexican as they are referred to).

When this glut of ILLEGAL ALIENS invades our borders BY THE THOUSANDS, we also learn that they are being assisted across the Republic of Mexico by the DRUG CARTELS, with the approval of the Mexican Federal Government.

But according to the Criminal Administration headed by Barack Hussein Obama, this invasion of ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN came as a complete SURPRISE to them.

QUESTION: Why are they or anyone else SURPRISED at this happening?

Now let’s look at Israel and Gaza for a moment. Now as I understand, the Palestinians under the capable leadership of Hamas, began firing rockets from Gaza into Israel a couple of weeks back. Now these missiles were aimed at the Israeli population in general and no regard was given to civilian casualties. Of course, Israel was able to intercept a large number of these missiles but a few have made it through and have killed some civilians.

So, after warning the Palestinian population, Israel began to shoot back with artillery and also have sent ground troops and armor into Gaza in an effort to destroy the missile sites and even after the warnings, civilians were not permitted ,BY HAMAS, to leave the dangerous areas. In other words, the Palestinians are using civilian population which includes women and children to shield their arms and rockets. SO, in my opinion, the Palestinian civilian casualties are the fault of HAMAS and not Israel.
AH, but our brilliant and articulate President felt it necessary to caution Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attempt to minimize civilian casualties. Of course I also heard Prime Minister Netanyahu say that he did not need U.S. approval to defend his country.

QUESTION: Why should it SURPRISE any of us that Barack Hussein Obama along with John Kerry seem to be leaning toward the Palestinians rather than our only real ally in the Middle East?

QUESTION: Doesn’t it strike you as a bit unusual that members of the U.S. Customs; U.S. Border Patrol; County Sheriffs of ALL the border states; DEA; FBI have identified the ILLEGAL ALIEN problem for many years but the national politicians have refused to do their jobs? There DOES NOT need to be some huge overhaul of the current Immigration Laws. They just need to be enforced AND those ILLEGAL ALIENS who come into the United States and commit crimes should go to jail for sentences commensurate with the crimes which they committed.


I realize that many of the elected officials at the national level have served in the U.S. Military. And I realize that some have been Prisoners of War during various conflicts. And I am sorry that they had to suffer that fate. BUT, that does not excuse them for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. Apparently the American voters in a few states have about had it with incumbents and are replacing them with some new blood.

QUESTION: Isn’t this a good thing? Don’t we all need to be looking at people who are only interested in their own re-election? Why should REPLACING CAREER POLITICIANS WITH SOME NEW FACES WHO MIGHT DO SOME GOOD NOT BE THE GOAL OF EVERY AMERICAN VOTER?

It’s damn sure mine.


Tony Aguilar, Mary Vigil, Joe & Ruth Lucero, Ted Salgado -NM – Ella Dunlop, Kaleigh Paige Hudgens, Bobby Peiser, Bob Wallman, Maria Tupaz, Bernice Murphy, Don Faubion, Judy Langham, Liz Deguren, Roger Tucker, Charlotte Williams, John Gallemore, Zak Krejci, Debra Blake, Mary Denson, Randy Jones, Don Weaver, Horace Riebe, Roger Goertz, Billy Williams, Gerry Fincher, Jerry Carpenter, Steve Mida – TX – Sr. Delphine Grigas (98) – IL – Paul & Debby Gula, Mike Burkebak, Alan Miller, Debbie McKeown, Violet Fermin, Carlos Fernandez, Hamilton Anderson, Arlene Anderson, Kate Nolan – FL – L.T. Drennan – OK – Lynn Jones – NE – Warren Wetmore – IL – Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban – MD – Charles Latham, Rocky Leonard, Bette Miller – AZ – Kate Powell, Annise Kennedy, Sam Wittstruck (17 yoa) – CA – Pat Holley, Keith Chambers, Nancy Chambers, LANA Athey – CO – Hal Whitmore – DE – Herb Johnston – NY – Lonnie Shoultz – AL – Perry Evans – AR – Jim Pinney, James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old) – OH – Josip & Lela Slivar – ZAGREB, CROATIA – Sister Clarice Carroll (83) – HAITI – Rick Vizzier USNA74, Steve Burich USNA74 -VA – George Rimmer – WA,

GySgt. Daniel West, MSgt. (Ret) Randy Morrow , CAPT. Michael Rice, CAPT. Nick Francona, GySgt. James Walker, CAPT. George Zeigler, CAPT. Catherine Schmidt Fiancé of Capt. Zeigler) SSgt. Matt Ross, Alex Boyd, RCT Graydon J. Phillips, * 1ST LT. Levi English, GySgt. Eric Harmon, Archer Abblitt, Maj. Todd A. O’Brien – USMC Kenneth Thomas -USCG SSgt. Eric Grudziecke, A1 Elizabeth Chaffon, Cody Barber, Col. Phil Samples, TSgt. Aaron Brown, TSgt. Rebecca Goodwin, 1st LT. Mandie Yates – USAF – Capt. Brian Kriss – TxANG – Zachary Moore – US NAVAL ACADEMY – Lt. William Jourdan, CDR Robert McLay, Lt. Tommy Brown, Lt. Russell Brown, CAPT. Wayne Putnam (Ret), Matthew J. Blaker, Ensign Ethan English – US NAVY – Bud Barnett – USNA ’74 – SSgt. Mike Campagna – SPECIAL FORCES – SSgt.Michael Strawn, Sgt. Logan McKinzie, Capt. (Fr) Kevin Peek, Maj. Fred W. Tanner, Lt. Col. Robbie Ball, SSgt. Travis McGowan, Michael B. Hudgens, Scott Hillyer, Jeff Schoonover, CWO2 Mitchell Wittstruck – US ARMY – CWO3 Tim Helton and the 1/230 Air Cav Squadron TNANG – All of the men and women presently serving in the United States Military

Troy Partain of Stone Mountain, Georgia
Wayne Martin of Blacksburg, Virginia

John Mallory – DEA – Fr. Joseph M. Peek, Gary and Cindy Hogman, Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families.


“A country that does not control its own borders does not have any immigration policy. There may be laws on the book, but such laws are just meaningless words if people from other countries can cross the borders whenever they choose.”……….. THOMAS SOWELL

“When we do not control our own borders, we have no way of knowing how many of those coming across those borders are criminals or even terrorists.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“Willful ignorance is not the way to make immigration decisions or any other decisions. Yet the Obama administration is keeping secret even where they are dumping illegal immigrants by the thousands, in communities far from the border states…. Looking before we leap is not racism — except in the sense that anything the Obama administration doesn’t like is subject to being called racist.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“A muttonhead, after an education at West Point — or Harvard — is a muttonhead still.”… THEODORE ROOSEVELT

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”….. PATRICK HENRY


Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Louis Farrakhan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC Chairperson, Leon Panetta, Supreme Court Justices – Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts, Eric Holder, John McCain R-AZ, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Ezekiel Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius, Bill Richardson, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN, Former Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, COLIN POWELL , Michael Moore, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Former President Jimmy Carter. Al Gore, Chuck Hagel, Dick Durbin, Andrew Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie R-NJ , Michael Bloomberg, Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX, Susan Collins R-ME, Patrick Leahy, Jeff Flake R-AZ, Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX, John Boehner R-OH, John Cornyn R-TX, Mitch McConnell R-KY, Mike Huckabee R-AR, Lisa Murkowski R-AK, Mary Landrieu LA, Robert Menendez NJ, Al Franken MN, Claire McCaskill MO, Patty Murray WA, Henry Waxman CA, Linda Sanchez CA, Maxine Waters CA, State Senator Wendy Davis D-TX, Elijah Cummings D-MD, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, Lois Lerner, Michael Morrell, Tommy Vietor (National Security Council Spokesman), Karl Rove, Rep. Ann Kuster D-NH, Jen Psaki (State Department), Josh Earnest, Marie Harf(State Department), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO), Orin Hatch (R-UT), John Koskinen (IRS COMMISSIONER), Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security Secretary), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Deval Patrick (D-MA)

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This week there have been a couple of deaths of a couple of reasonably famous people. The first being actor, James Garner. I can remember seeing James Garner as supporting actor in a few old Randolph Scott Westerns. I think he made some light comedy movies with Doris Day (whom I really enjoyed) and of course was the lead actor in the TV Western, Maverick. He made some decent war movies and I watched one before his death was announced. I believe the title was “Thirty Six Hours” when he was captured by the Germans and they made him think that he was older and that America had won the war and he was suffering from amnesia. The German doctor was trying to revive his memory and the whole idea was to learn the date and location of the Allied Invasion of Europe. A bit far fetched idea but a really good cast and good movie. I think the last movie I saw him in was with Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, and Tommy Lee Jones where they were old astronauts called out of retirement. Anyway, I liked most of Mr. Garner’s movies and was sorry to see him go.

Then, early this morning while I was going over the (Sub) Standard Times I read where former Dallas Cowboys running back Robert Newhouse had died of heart failure. He was only 64 years old. I remember him first at the University of Houston where he was an outstanding running back. I got to watch him play for Houston for his three Varsity years. Then I was happy when he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Of course during his time with the Cowboys, they also had running backs Calvin Hill followed by Tony Dorsett. With threats like that, Robert took on more the role of a lead blocker. And if you watched some of the really good runs made by Dorsett you would find that Robert Newhouse had unjointed some defender in order for Dorsett to get loose. He still did a good job of running with the ball and was an excellent receiver out of the backfield. But he was a complete football player and from all accounts a really decent person. I know that he was also a good basketball player as he played with the Cowboys traveling basketball team during the off season. They came to Hobbs, NM one year and played some local all stars. The Cowboys had a good basketball team and some really great athletes. They always said that Robert Newhouse had 44 inch thighs. I thought that might be an exaggeration but when I got a close look at him in shorts, I was a believer. Earl Campbell was the only other human I ever saw who had those kind of thighs.

HOWEVER, that particular year, during the early summer and old Hobbs kid came home to visit his family. His name was Jeff Taylor. And Jeff Taylor was perhaps the best high school basketball player I ever saw…. and I have seen a bunch. Anyway Jeff Taylor was on fire that night and in the 4th quarter with the Hobbs team way ahead, Taylor was sitting on the bench and one of the Hobbs players ran out of gas and Jeff Taylor got up to come in as a substitute. Robert Newhouse saw who was coming in and ran over and picked Jeff up and carried him over to the Hobbs bench and laughed and said that the Cowboys had seen way enough of him on that evening. After the game, every single Cowboy player went up and talked with Jeff. Jeff Taylor was at that time playing professional basketball in Europe for one of the Italian teams, I believe. He played in college at Texas Tech and I believe played one year with San Antonio… but I could be wrong on the NBA team. Anyway it was a fun night and Robert Newhouse showed that nigh as he did his entire professional career that he was a class act
I have come to the point where I cannot even stand to watch some of these incumbent bozos when they are guests on one of the FOX News programs. HOWEVER, I still am in strong support of:


I cannot remember which Primary Runoff it was but the underdog Republican beat the politician. Always glad to see that.

See Y’all next week

The Nexus of Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigration by Alan Caruba

All manner of reasons are being offered to explain the influx of thousands of illegal aliens, not the least of which is President Obama’s open invitation to Latin Americans to come here with the promise of becoming citizens at some point. By overloading the southern border, this has opened the doors to criminals and potential terrorists as well.

In March, the Huffington Post took note of the other far lesser known or discussed reason our southern border is so porous. “Americans Spent About A Trillion Dollars on Illegal Drugs in the Last Decade.” With that kind of money awaiting them, you can be sure that the drug cartels are going to make every effort to satisfy the market.

The article was about a Rand Corporation report by its Drug Policy Research Center as requested by the Office of National Drug Control Policy that tracked total expenditures, consumption, and number of users of marijuana, cocaine (including crack), heroin and methamphetamine. The decade tracked was 2000 to 2010.

Despite federal spending between $40 and $50 billion to fight the war on drugs, “American spending levels on illegal drugs stayed more or less the same.” RAND drew some of its data from the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program, but it is no longer funded by the federal government which, one must assume, leaves it unable to know if the market for illegal drugs has expanded, shrunk or stayed the same.

The news about the illegal immigration from Latin American nations has a side to it that has not received much news coverage. It has to do with the views of four-star Marine Corps General John Kelly who heads the U.S. Military’s Southern Command. In a July 8 essay in the Military Times, “Central America Drug War a Dire Threat to U.S. National Security”, Gen. Kelly noted how the drug cartels have overwhelmed the governments of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, rendering any opposition to them too great a threat.

“Due to the insatiable U.S. demand for drugs, particularly cocaine, heroin and now methamphetamines, all produced in Latin American and smuggled into the U.S.” said Gen. Kelly, they have been left “near broken societies” in which the rule of law has been destroyed. How bad is it? According to the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., applications for asylum in neighboring countries—mostly Mexico and Costa Rica—are up 712%,

Cutting off aid to these countries as has been suggested by some will turn them into entities that are little more than names on a map and increase the distress of their law-abiding populations. Indeed, because so many of them have already come to the U.S., the children arriving here have families waiting for them. Seventy-three percent of the 47,017 minors apprehended at the border were from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They will stay here to be processed by a system that has not deterred the estimated eleven million illegal aliens already living here.

According to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, despite the illegal immigration crisis the U.S. has encountered, Gen. Kelly’s U.S. Southern Command is “only sourced (financed) at five percent of the capacity it needs.” Reducing the funding to the U.S. military has been a priority of the Obama agenda.

Allen West, a former Lt. Colonel and member of the House of Representatives, writing on his July 8 blog, said, “We know Obama has a penchant for turning generals who don’t toe his line and agenda points—like former CENTCOM Commander Marine Corps General Mattis—into civilians, I certainly hope we don’t see another truth-telling general, a commander, called on the carpet by Obama’s lapdog Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel—or worse, getting a call from the Capo di tutti Capi Valerie Jarrett.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that “a significant majority of children coming across are not unaccompanied alien children according to the definition found in federal law.” As noted above they have family here in the U.S. Moreover, “there is little evidence to suggest that the recent arrivals are victims of trafficking which involves coercion.” Their families have paid smugglers to bring them to the U.S.”

While we read and hear references to those who smuggle immigrants to the U.S. border, known as “coyotes”, an Associated Press report noted a 2010 U.N. study that estimated this “service” generated $6.6. billion for the smugglers as the migrants pay anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 each for the journey across thousands of miles “in the care of smuggling networks that in turn pay off government officials, gangs operating on trains and drug cartels controlling the routes north.”

The appetite for illegal drugs that has been a part of life in the U.S. for many citizens has contributed to the illegal alien flow from the Latin American nations whose governments have been undermined by the drug cartels. It’s a vicious circle that is not likely to be broken any time soon, if ever.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

A Brief History of Progressivism by Andrew Syrios

Progressives have a way with words that is truly impressive. Perhaps it started when they stole the word liberal from libertarians and since has snowballed out of control. From “social justice” to “pro-choice” (except with light bulbs) to various “isms” to describe their opponents, progressives are experts at such linguistic feats. And while conservatives and even libertarians unfortunately use many trite phrases in place of an argument as well, progressives are the all-time champions. The best proof of this is the term progressive and their excessive use of it when referring to everything they support as being progressive and everything they oppose as more or less reactionary. This simple dichotomy is a pleasant fiction for those who like their politics boiled down to the most unsophisticated, partisan blather. However, the idea of progress coming on some gradient between reactionary conservative or libertarian and progressive liberal is blatantly fallacious.

Assuming progress is one way and reaction the other is a kind of two-dimensional thinking that breaks down very quickly. For example, the progressives of the early twentieth century generally believed things that would abhor progressives of today. Those progressives were the ones who rammed through Prohibition against those “economic conservatives who … pushed so hard for repeal”[1] as historian Daniel Okrent put it. The famous progressive William Jennings Bryan was a staunch supporter of Prohibition. As his biographer Paolo Coletta noted, …

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