How big is ObamaCare in this year’s midterms? More than 80 percent of respondents in a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for USA Today said that a candidate’s stance on the troubled health law is important to them, with 54 percent saying it is “very important.” The worst news for Democrats is that among the majority of registered voters who said the law was “very important,” there were twice as many opponents as there were supporters. Overall, support for the signature Obama initiative, which pairs expanded welfare and entitlement programs with far-reaching regulations on health insurance, fell to 37 percent. That’s the lowest level since the summer after the law was passed in 2010 when incumbents’ town halls across the country erupted with ObamaCare outrage. The takeaway: The electoral climate this year is defined by ObamaCare and the forecast is getting worse for Democrats.

Source: Fox News

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IRS deadline

It Only Takes Trey Gowdy 55 Seconds to Shame Congressman

Quote of the Day 04/10/14

“When the state intervenes to insure the indoctrination of some doctrine, it does so because there is no conclusive evidence in favor of that doctrine.”
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) Philosopher, educator

You know why this government doesn’t function properly? by the Bear

Because its very foundations are built on a pile of lies and no one ever gets punished for the deceit and lies before Congress, let alone going to jail. Everyone in in D.C. (District of Corruption) knows this and without the fear of punishment the lies will go on and on.

• Fast and Furious: Maybe a 1,000 people were killed, Who cares? Nobody in D.C. because these people where inconsequential nobodies.

AG Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress, end of story.

• Lois Lerner top liar at the IRS reuses to answer questions about investigations by the IRS that may have influenced a Presidential Election, no big deal and she is rewarded with a six figure life time pension.

• Who changed the CIA “talking points” regarding Benghazi? People died for their country and unknown video maker nobody gets thrown into jail for a year and all the liars get promotions.

• We have provable “voter fraud” beyond a doubt and the Justice department refuses to investigate because it benefits their party.

• And here is an example of lying by omission … Pelosi: Dick Cheney ‘set the tone’ for CIA torture and for the sake of argument, let’s say this is correct. But what Pelosi didn’t say is every member of Congress was informed about this and no one objected.

The country has progressed to a two tier justice system; one for thee and one for the meaningless, inconsequential nobodies who go to work every day and pay their taxes to support corruption.

And of course we have the biggest liar of all who just came out with the “whopper of the year.”

A new study just released by the Rand Corporations says….

By our estimate, 3.9 million people signed up for ObamaCare, not 7.1 million like the White House says

A caveat right off the bat: RAND’s estimate only runs through March 28 whereas the actual deadline for signing up was March 31st. Given the crush of traffic on in late March, many more people could have signed up over those last three days than were captured by these numbers. On the other hand, the White House was claiming six million sign-ups as of March 27. There’s no way to reconcile that with RAND’s data.
One of them is wrong. Maybe both, in fact.

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Obamacare Promises: Then vs. Now


Will IRS Targeting Send Someone to Jail? by Amy Payne

It’s time to talk tough on the IRS—after all, it’s tax season. But the sad reality is, the investigation of the agency’s targeting of conservative groups has gone nowhere.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said this week that “Somebody at the IRS violated the law. Whether it was Lois Lerner or not, we’ll find out.”

Lerner was head of the division that grants nonprofit status—and she has been at the center of the controversy since it became known that conservative groups’ applications were being held up and flagged for special scrutiny.

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee is reportedly working on a letter that will refer Lerner to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation. The Wall Street Journal reports that the letter will cite criminal activities, including “violating taxpayers’ constitutional rights,” “misleading investigators,” and “exposing private taxpayer information.”

But what does that mean? Would the Obama Justice Department take up such an investigation?

Not likely, says Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky.

“The House should not expect the Holder Justice Department to do anything,” von Spakovsky told The Foundry.

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