A Question for those Who Believe in Homosexual Scouts By Selwyn Duke

Not satisfied with having pressured the Boy Scouts of America into lifting their prohibition against openly homosexual scouts, activists now want homosexual scoutmasters to be allowed as well. Equality, you know, is the order of the day.

Yet the truth is that virtually all of you who advocate this social change operate with a certain bias — you just don’t realize it.

Let’s put aside for a moment the issue of homosexuality’s moral status; for argument’s sake, I’ll accept the supposition that homosexuality is the equivalent of heterosexuality. But if this is so and it’s okay for a homosexual man be a troop leader and go on camping trips with 11 and 12-year-old boys, why isn’t it okay to have a heterosexual man be a Girl Scout troop leader and do the same with the girls?

Yes, I know that men are responsible for most sex crimes, but the homosexual man is a man, too. So why the double standard? Homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

It has often been said that fears of homosexual BSA leaders are unwarranted because there’s a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. But then fears of men as Girl Scout leaders would be unwarranted, too, as there’s also a difference between heterosexuality and pedophilia, correct? After all, homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent.

Some activists might also aver that homosexual scout masters are vetted adults who will behave responsibly. But then the same could be said about male Girl Scout leaders, no?

As for the scouts themselves, if it’s okay for a 13-year-old boy with same-sex attraction to sleep in a tent with other 13-year-old boys, why can’t a heterosexual 13-year-old boy go camping with 13-year-old girl scouts? Homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

By the way, the BSA was once sued by a girl who wanted to be a “boy scout,” and there are people who say that separating the sexes in such ways is intolerable inequality. Besides, those on the cutting edge of sexual activism contend that “gender” is a personal choice, anyway, and one feminist professor insists that “gender” (I believe her theory means this to include “sex” also) doesn’t even exist. So allowing what I’ve outlined does seem like an imperative of progressive thought’s latest iteration.

Some activists also say that it’s silly to fear homosexual activity among boy scouts because the kids won’t indulge such things unless they’re inclined to do so in the first place. But the same could be said of teen boys with girl scouts — the girls won’t do anything they’re not inclined to. And homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

Of course, you may have a problem with all this if you understand that there is such thing as temptation and that precautions should be taken to minimize the chances of sexual activity in youth programs. If this is your attitude, though, then it follows that the exact same standards — and prohibitions — that apply to occasions of heterosexual temptation should apply to occasions of homosexual temptation.

Because as we all know, homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent.

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From the Bear’s Corner: On the road to Socialism

More than 30% of the U.S. economy is already under control of the government by way of healthcare and financial services.

Obama made it clear last week when the White House released the National Climate Assessment he going to attack the energy markets and fossil fuel next to be under government control. This will mean that about 50% of the U.S. economy will be socialized or to put it another way, America is half way down the road to socialism.

The debate for control of the energy sector will center on Global Warming/Cooling and now renamed as “Climate Destruction” which is the biggest hoax every perpetuated on the public.

“Climate Destruction” is a backdoor way into National Socialism.

The United States government already owns more than 28% of all the open lands in America and individual “property rights” are being extinguished by the EPA land grab whereby they lay claim to have jurisdiction over all the waters in the United States and when the government controls the economy and all the land, the Republic will cease to exist.

Somehow I had this strange idea in my head that an elected government is only the caretakers of the people’s business and property. And We the People own every square inch of the United States … Silly Me !


Manchin: ‘Many People Will Die’ if Fossil Fuel Reliability Stripped Away in Harsh Winters

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Is this what America stand for ? by unknown from the internet

The world says – My children are hungry.

America says – Gay Marriage.

The world says – My children are sick.

America says – Abortion.

The world says – My children have no home.

America says – White Privilege.

The world says – My children have no shoes.

America says – Global Warming.

If the world is not listening to America anymore, perhaps it is because America
is babbling insanely to itself.

Dick Cheney: Hillary Clinton ‘Clearly Bears Responsibility’ for Benghazi


For the next six days starting today Weds. 5/21 through Mon. 5/26 I am headlining Congressman Trey Gowdy videos. I am doing this because I see Gowdy as a raising star in American politics but he is different than your typical politician of recent vintage and he deserves the attention we are giving him.

He says what he means and he means what he says and I believe his first concerns are the welfare of this country. A rather refreshing point of view considering that the District of Corruption (D.C.) is home to a den of reprobates.

Gowdy needs help and support to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attack and you can expect the Democrats to obstruct, twist facts and lie and cover up what happened at Benghazi. (the coming hearings) (Nancy Pelosi on Benghazi: ‘Why aren’t we talking about something else?’)

They don’t want the truth to come out!

I am sure many of you are familiar with Trey Gowdy and if you are inclined to agree with me pass these videos along to your e-mail lists as public opinion weighs heavily in the world of politics.