TODAY’S LESSON: Why it’s called Lake Superior?

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Lake Superior

Lake Superior contains ten percent of all the fresh
water on the planet Earth.

� It covers 82,000 square kilometers or 31,700 square miles.

� The average depth is 147 meters or 483 feet.

� There have been about 350 shipwrecks recorded in Lake Superior

� Lake Superior is, by surface area, the largest lake in the world.

� A Jesuit priest in 1668 named it Lac Tracy , but that name was never officially adopted.

� It contains as much water as all the other Great Lakes combined, plus three extra Lake Erie ‘s!!

� There is a small outflow from the lake at St. Mary’s River (Sault Ste Marie) into Lake Huron , but it takes almost two centuries for the water to be completely replaced.

� There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and
South America with water one foot deep.

� Lake Superior was formed during the last glacial retreat, making it one of the earth’s youngest major features at only about 10,000 years old.

� The deepest point in the lake is 405 meters or 1,333 feet.

� There are 78 different species of fish that call the big lake home.

� The maximum wave ever recorded on Lake Superior was 9.45 meters or 31 feet high.

� If you stretched the shoreline of Lake Superior out to a straight line, it would be long enough to reach from Duluth to the Bahamas .

� Over 300 streams and rivers empty into Lake Superior with the largest source being the Nipigon River

� The average underwater visibility of Lake Superior is about 8 meters or 27 feet, making it the cleanest and clearest of the Great Lakes. Underwater visibility in some spots reaches 30 meters.

� In the summer, the sun sets more than 35 minutes later on the western shore of Lake Superior than at its southeastern edge.

� Some of the world’s oldest rocks, formed about 2.7 billion years ago, can be found on the Ontario shore of Lake Superior ..

� It very rarely freezes over completely, and then usually just for a few
hours. Complete freezing occurred in 1962, 1979, 2003 and 2009.

That’s Why it’s called Lake Superior

From the Bear’[s Corner: Whopper of the day

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is being hammered by Republican lawmakers after he claimed on the Senate floor that all the ObamaCare “horror stories” being circulated are untrue.
And his second in command, Chuck Schumer made a similar statement.

SideBear: Harry would make a good standup comic.

Greta to FCC: It’s none of your business, read Constitution

SideBear: Give Greta a one ata girl for this.

Quote of the Day 03/04/14

“The framers of the constitution employed words in their natural sense; and, where they are plain and clear, resort to collateral aids to interpretation is unnecessary, and cannot be indulged in to narrow or enlarge the text; but where there is ambiguity or doubt, or where two views may well be entertained, contemporaneous and subsequent practical construction is entitled to the greatest weight.” — Justice Melville Weston Fuller (1833-1910)
Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1888-1910

To Impeach or…By the Bear

This past week I posted two articles on this website dealing with the subject of “Impeachment.”

Article #1 was by Betsy McCaughey who was the 72nd Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995 to 1998 and it can be read in full here…

Article # 2 in the Washington Free Beacon centered on the testimony before Congress by Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University who is concerned about the ‘power grab’ of the executive branch. Turley is a Democrat and it can be read in full here…

Unless you have been sound asleep for the past few years I think it’s a given the smell of “Impeachment” is in the air and justifiably so. Obama has violated his Constitutional authority more times than I can count and everybody in Congress knows this to be a fact, so you have to wonder why our legislators choose to stay so passive in the face of this enormous power grab never seen before in the history of the United States.

To put it bluntly, the United States is no longer a Republic but as the Washington Free Beacon put it … ‘The Imperial Presidency’

In the 200 year plus history of this country only two Presidents have been ‘impeached; Andrew Johnson who succeeded Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton and neither of the two were removed from office. So what it amounts to is “Impeachment” is only the first step in the process and the second step is removal from office.

Our very system of government is hanging by a thin tread and our Imperial Leader knows he is holding the upper hand. He very well knows that what he has done is not legal and there are grounds for “Impeachment; and he has shown his disdain for the Constitution by publicly stating: “As President I can do whatever I want to.” And the fourth estate, the MSM aka the Presidential Stenographers will roll over and never challenge a word he says. They are useless as teats on a bull.

Now as an ardent people watcher I can give you my opinion as to what is happening.

The GOP had a bad experience when they “Impeached” Bill Clinton and they walked away with mud of their faces. They also know that the votes are not there in the Senate for removal from office. It would take 67 votes for removal out of a 100 votes in the Senate and even if the GOP wins the Senate in the upcoming election, I don’t think there will be enough votes for removal. Plus the GOP is in a very short supply testosterone aka as the party with ‘no balls’.

The longer Obama gets away with his illegal edicts, and remember we are dealing with the biggest ego in the universe, the more defiant he will become. Something has to be done to stop the inevitable “train wreck” that is about to happen.

If I read Obama right, and I do believe I am right, Obama is a very arrogant man who believes all the accolades heaped upon him by an adoring press, arrogant and cockiness is a common trait among con-men and the biggest con-job of all was how he became President. The American public bought into the idea of a man of color could be elected to the highest office in the land. (White guilt) He conned the public with platitudes such as ‘hope and change’ meaningless word that meant nothing.

Elections have consequences and this is one.


If we are to survive this period in our history we must crack that veneer of cockiness by delivering him political defeats, big or small doesn’t matter, a defeat is a defeat for his ego and his ego is what compels him to be defiant. This is his weak spot.

It can start out with the power of the purse strings that is given by the Constitution to the House by refusing to fund Obama’s pet projects and it can culminate with a big victory for the GOP in November.

Poll after poll is showing that the public is turning against him, this is a man who thrives on being loved and admired by the people, and this in itself is a form of defeat.

And as long as we continue talking about “Impeachment”, this has to be bruising to his ego. The more the country talks about “Impeachment”, the better.

When I hear him say …”they don’t love me anymore” is the day that I know the Republic won.

Can anything be done to stop President Obama’s power grab?