The Ballgame is over By the Bear

I remember way back when my son played little league baseball that they had a “slaughter rule”, the rule was invoked when one team got so far ahead of the other that the game was ended right there and then.

If we apply this rule to Obama’s foreign policy, he would be long gone by now.

Iran is going to be a ‘nuclear state’ as the mullahs of Iran have out-smarted him at every turn.

He has lost Iraq as Al Qaeda with the help of Iran are controlling more territory every day.

He surrendered in Afghanistan to the Taliban in his 1 for 5 swap as he announced that America is withdrawing.

Pakistan will cut a deal with the Taliban because they have no choice if they intend to survive.

He backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Al Qaeda) and the Egyptian people learned a very easy lesson…that you can’t trust Obama.

Al Qaeda has a firm grip on Libya because there was no response to Benghazi and the present government is at the point of collapse.

From the Baltic States to the Black Sea that encompass must of Eastern Europe he pulled the rug out from under them as he withdrew America’s promised missile defense system.

He has shown his disdain for the Brits, Israel and now Canada is mad at him over the Keystone pipeline.

I could go on and on, but what for, there is enough here to invoke the “slaughter rule” and he has turned America into the laughing stock of the world.

Ballgame Over!

From the Bear’s Corner by T. Scott: Washington D. C. – Business as usual

Truth would tell us that there is no way that anyone would kill Bergdahl and risk losing a trade that would return five of the most evil men in all the world to their homeland. Our government, as has been seen far too often, cannot believe its own lies as a plethora of reasons, masking as excuses, are thrown to the avid minions in the media in the hope that enough of us will bite into the ” official ” lie. While you mull over that consideration, perhaps you might find reason to accept the comments, in Arabic, uttered by Bergdahl’s father to an audience carefully amassed by a White House looking for straws they might grab and throw to us much like an owner tosses a bone to a pet dog. For that matter, we all might well wonder why it is that Obama deemed this father to be worthy of any attention at all.

America, you have been lied-to since the early days of the First Obama administration. Haven’t you gotten your fill ?

How do you know when you are shopping in Texas?

Whose fault is it?

Bush to Barry about fault

Quote of the Day 06/12/14

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should
have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence
from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own
government.” – George Washington