Pew: Opinion of U.S. Government Hits Record Low

Just 28 percent of Americans rate the government in Washington favorably, the lowest percentage ever in a Pew survey and down 5 percentage points from a year ago, Pew said in a statement.

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In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. – Voltaire (1764)

‘We’re Going to End Up Like Cyprus’

From the Bear’s Corner: Looking in all the wrong places

I imagine about now that Chris Matthews and the rest on the minions at MSNBC and CNN are worn out from looking at maps of flyover America trying to find a small town named Chechnya in Middle America that they can blame as the home of the two Marathon bombers.

Surely, there must be someplace like a small town in Kansas where the population is all white, bible clinging people who love their guns with a local Tea Party organization that supports Sarah Palin?

The template of bombers must fit the mold that the left MSM predetermined who would commit this “act of terrorism.” In their minds there can be no other explanation than this act was committed by a right wing terror group.

Quote of the Day 04/22/13

“Nothing is more idiotic than rich, moron actors who earn millions to pretend to be useful people whining about the rich having all this money they didn’t earn. Here’s my own super logical idea for actors and their pay: An actor should always earn less than someone who actually does the occupation he’s pretending to do. Since people who do things are superior to people who pretend to do things, this just seems fair. So if an actor plays a teacher, he has to get less than the average teacher’s pay. And if he plays a soldier, he gets less than the average soldier’s pay. Of course, I bet the consequence of this would be that all the big name actors will only accept roles where they play CEOs or a Romney-type investor, but, hey, this is all about fairness.” -humorist Frank J. Fleming