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A bus is a vehicle that runs twice as fast when you are after it as when you are in it.

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Quote of the Day 7/15/11

“Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.” – Ezra Pound (1885-1972) American poet

We The People should be outraged – but we are not……why ? By T. Scott

It doesn’t matter where you were raised, if you attended church or not. What does matter is that all of us are raised with a set of values which are our own to mold, adopt and let into our lives as we see fit to do. I cannot tell you that your values are amiss nor can you openly comment about mine – as long as we do not trespass on each other, we are free to live our lives in peace and to obey the law of the land………………………….unless, it seems, unless you subscribe to Democrat Dogma for in that group of scoundrels, there are different rules, different patterns of conduct and certainly a far different set of values than those held by most of us.

Most of us remember the national trauma occasioned by the revelation that operatives from one political party did break in to an office in the Watergate complex that was occupied by representatives of the other political bloc. At the end of lengthy investigation, certain people who were given the nick-name PLUMBERS were sent to jail and Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office – not because he was involved in the break-in but because he tried to cover it all up.

Today, the nation is gripped by a story that shocks many of us ( that is : it shocks those of us who have a strong moral and ethical code ). The happening is being called GUNRUNNER and whatever it is or was called, it is a certainty that people involved were of our own government, that the truths behind this sordid mess are becoming known more and more with the passing of each day, and yet, the media who were so anxious to skewer Rickard Nixon and the Republican Party are curiously silent and have shown no desire to tell We The People what really happened in this far more serious event.

We do know that our tax dollars were used to buy the weapons that were at the base on this rather stupid endeavor. It is also known that the orders to wage this ill-conceived plan came from the top of The Department of Justice, perhaps from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Certainly, someone had to authorize this scheme and that someone needs to be held responsible and charged.

The media remain silent as if virtually mugged by the administration and yet, unlike the Watergate mess where a cover-up was the crime that caused a President to resign. there is a far more serious cover-up happening before our disbelieving eyes and in this case, a man was killed with one of those purchased weapons. This, then, opens the door to possible charges of contributing to a homicide.

We The People have values. The silence from any and all in the mainstream media and in the Democrat Party is deafening ! Are there none in the mainstream media or the Democrat Party who find themselves morally upset with this happening – or has corruption spread across all of their houses ?

AMERICA – This is a Wake Up call that cannot be swept under a rug or hidden from those of us who believe in truth !!!

For Small Businesses, ‘Stimulus’ Is A Joke

Economy: The engine of most of our job growth is still suffering two years after the recession supposedly ended. When will the White House and Congress start listening to the problems of small business?

Small businesses were once rightly seen as the entrepreneurial backbone of our nation’s economy and way of life. But today they’re demonized by the White House as “millionaires and billionaires,” and the medicine that’s been forced down their throats — $830 billion of stimulus, $1.7 trillion of Fed mad-money, $700 billion of TARP bailouts and $1.75 trillion in yearly regulation costs — has only made them sicker.

Small businesses bear the brunt of this failed experiment in Keynesianism. U.S. Bancorp’s 2011 small business survey, just released last month, shows the vast majority of small businesses — 78% to be exact — “think the U.S. economy is currently in recession,” despite Obama’s whopping stimulus.

Worse, 85% believe things won’t get any better next year.

Meanwhile, a separate monthly economy survey by the National Federation of Independent Business finds pervasive gloom among small businesses.

“New jobs are not to be found on Main Street,” said the NFIB’s chief economist, William Dunkelberg. “Overall, the June employment numbers quashed any hope of establishing a positive trend in job creation. It was a serious reversal.”

How serious?

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