We The People are losing our America ! By T. Scott

While it is extremely painful to watch and listen as news sources recount the Battle of the Bloated Budget, one observable fact becomes crystal clear.

    We The People are losing our America !

Our own inattention is certainly paramount in allowing the affairs of our government to slip into the sad state we now observe, but we had a lot of help along the way. No members of any of the media had the intelligence to see behind that scrim of lies and deceit coming from the White House. If just one of that group would have asked a reasonable question, maybe some meaningful dialog would have opened the door for more questions and there might have been an opportunity for some truth to seep out, but no, we were to be denied any thought of knowing what was happening to our nation.

Whether or not anything could have been done to stop the collapse of the morgage market, the observation that members of our Congress stopped any meaningful examination of Fannie and Freddie still sticks in the craw of many Americans. The added insult to our nation came in the form of the Dodd-Frank Bill to ” fix ” our financial mess – a bill like the Health Care bill – not read but passed by the then Democratic Congress without so much as a single question. America was denied truth in this situation by our less than ethical media.

Many looked at the Democrat controlled Congress of the last two years with some degree of wonder why it was that they never tried to produce a budget which is a required and deliberate action but not one of them had the sense or the curiosity to ask, ” Why ? ”

The reason is right there in front of us but we were too blinded to see that Harry Reid did not want to introduce any thought of enacting budget talks because he knew that there would be some hard questions to be answered, even within his own party, and as he was unwilling to open that potential Pandora’s Box, he did nothing. Then, after the House became controlled by Republican interests, Reid had the opening he wanted as there was now an avenue leading to discussion and a willing, and casually naive, group across the aisle that could be counted upon to be the blocking dummy Reid needed. Aided by the puppet media who could be counted on to throw rocks,darts and the kitchen sink at any and all Republican suggestions, Reid knew that any uproar from We The People would become muted in the confusion of facts, fables and fiction flying through the air. He couldn’t meaningfully debate his own party and with the added ammunition coming from his allies in the media, the Republicans would have a difficult time establishing their fact base and if a base were developed, the media would take it upon themselves to exploit any chink in whatever plan was offered. When the Cut, Cap and Balance Plan finally cleared the House, Reid had it tabled and not one member of the Senate gave it any consideration at all, meritorious or not. The media was typically silent and We The People lost.

And so, it came to pass that with all kinds of lies and distortions, rigged figures and a bushel or two filled with typical Democrat scare tactics, the deal was made and America took a giant step backward.

Obama claimed that his plan ( the one that was never seen ) bore discretionary spending lower that that during the Eisenhower administration – and it seemed a valid point until a look at the actual outline of spending showed that something wasn’t exactly kosher – there was an unusual twist and a lie was created to make Obama look good. You see, under Eisenhower, highway spending was included with other domestic spending, but when Obama’s minions shifted the highway figures out of the list of domestic issues, the numbers indicated that Obama’s plan actually lowered an area of spending – a carefully concocted distortion of fact uttered to escape any scrutiny from the thoroughly dulled minds of mainstream media.

Nor did the brain-dead media had the ability to calculate that the total Obama debt limit increases would be the largest in history, a 1.9 trillion increase in 2010 and the new 2.4 trillion increase just enacted. To gain some perspective on this mess, consider that the debt ceiling under President Reagan was revised upward from 2.352 trillion to 2.8 trillion dollars. The total Obama increase is higher than the entire national debt in the Reagan years and no one seemed to take notice and if they did, they didn’t care to comment.

Following the same thoughtless trend, none of those who pretend to lead the nation have demonstrated any economic understanding for if they did, they would clearly see that by putting America back to work and removing many of the government obstacles now acting to retard business development, the new jobs created would mean that less of us were unemployed – people now doing nothing would be able to have meaningful jobs that would build their self-respect, give them a sense of value and contribute to the flow of commerce as more funds would flow through the business cycle – and, incidentally, into the financial coffers of the cities and states now suffering because of a lack of a decent income stream. Income taxes collected would also flow into the national treasury along with a surge in normal business taxes and help the recovery as well. Obvious is the fact that it is not in Obama’s play book to do anything that might help business in any way….if business wanted to grow, they would have to do it all by themselves and take the risk that future restrictions and limitations wouldn’t carefully negate the positive steps business leaders might take. Our government postures itself as the biggest reason for business not to succeed ! Imagine such heresy ? The fact that it is happening in our America is beyond belief, and under Obama and Reid, it is right here.

Obama’s gang has enacted legislation that will hake it more costly to try to start a new business, and with the range of costs levied upon business by our all-gluttonous government, many businesses are fearful of trying to expand and all America loses because our government cannot see that the forest of regulation is strangling our economy. Since the financial rescue bill was signed, Obama wasted no time meeting with his union cronies and this can portend no constructive good for America and her need to expand business in a far more competitive manner.

Interestingly, it is undisputed fact that the Democrats own the economy. The Democrats own the rising unemployment rates. The Democrats own the rising costs associated with people being unable to work. The Republicans controlled one half of one part of the Congress and still they managed to introduce legislation that would have been far-reaching only to see it shot down, but they made the effort. That effort nails the total responsibility down as a Democrat problem. The Republican led House showed America that the budget matter could be opened for discussion and that a meaningful House resolution could be passed. That it was killed by Democrats who had produced nothing addressing the budget for over two and a half years – well, now we will watch them try to turn it around before the 2012 elections.

Those who have supported the Democrats during these trying times essentially bought tickets to ride the Democrat train. Where will it go ? Will it even get up a head of steam ? Tune in, this could be a far more exciting time than any of us would have imagined.

We The People will be watching.

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Update: Downgrade Nation: Blame the Tea Party By the Bear

The political discourse in American politics never ceases to amaze me and if B.S. could be converted to dollars the country wouldn’t have a National Debt. Does anyone wonder why Washington is an island of wasteland where an honest word was never spoken.

So now the left is out in full force demonizing the Tea Party for S&P’s downgrading the country’s credit rating.

If anything the Tea Party were trying to stop the very thing that happened, if anything the Tea Party stands for is “STOP RECKLESS IRRESPOPNSIBLE SPENDING.!” And if Washington had listened to the Tea Party “Downgrade Nation” wouldn’t haven’t been downgraded.

On July 14, S&P issued a report spelling out—in plainest English—what it would take to secure our credit-rating: “If Congress and the Administration reach an agreement of about $4 trillion [in cuts], and if we … conclude that such an agreement would be enacted and maintained throughout the decade, we could, other things unchanged, affirm the ‘AAA’ long-term rating and A-1+ short-term ratings on the U.S.” – from Commentary Magazine

Did Washington listen? Hell no, but now it’s the Tea Party’s fault.

If there is any bright side to S & P’s downgrade the American Public may began to understand the magnitude of the fiscal problem we face.