Liberal Frankensteins By Victor Davis Hanson

From Greece to California, the liberal dream is dead.

This Fourth of July, what remains is the Founders’ vision of a limited government; the idea of a population united by common values, themes, and ideas; a republican form of checks-and-balances government to prevent demagoguery, factions, and tyranny of the majority; the sanctity and autonomy of the nation-state; and individual freedom and liberty as protected through the Bill of Rights. Everything after and against that has proved a failure.

Indeed, what makes this Fourth different from recent celebrations is the ongoing repudiation of almost everything antithetical to the Founders’ views — the redistributive, all-powerful welfare state, the therapeutic arrogance that believes human nature can be altered by an omnipotent well-meaning government, the postmodern notion that nationhood and borders are passé, and the utopian idea that war can be declared obsolete and the need for defense transcended. From Greece to California such dreams are dead.

The European Union is unwinding for two very simple reasons. First, it is not a constitutional state, but a loose conglomeration of nations run by elites who are not responsible to the people. For decades the undemocratic nature of rule from Brussels was masked by politically correct edicts on everything from global warming to anti-Americanism. But as the money runs out, the elites’ fraud becomes impossible to hide.

Second, Mediterranean countries were allowed to cook their books in such a way that northwestern European money would continue to be loaned to the siesta cultures that had not produced goods and services to justify the influx of foreign capital and the attendant lifestyle it ensured. Now we are well past any chance that German money can be paid back; the only mystery is over the conditions of the default — whether slow and incremental, or sudden and cataclysmic — and whether it will leave in its wake a downsized EU or no EU at all.

In other words, the notion that platitudinous elites could, by their proclaimed virtue, establish a constitutional union without real democratic values proved unrealizable.

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America the Sinking Titanic Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

The Democrat Party is the proverbial iceberg floating on the vast ocean, approaching the mighty Titanic, the most developed, invincible, militarily and technologically able nation on earth, the U.S.A. America has much to fear. Democrat tactics are stealthy, deceptive, well organized, patient, manipulative, and treacherous.

The top of the iceberg looks benign enough, just a group of well-intentioned, caring, almost grandfatherly and grandmotherly individuals who want to protect the downtrodden, the poor, and the middle class from the clutches of the “evil” capitalist corporations, the same corporations who made them rich and put them in power.

The Democrat Party was the party of slavery. It kept the masses in abject poverty, creating a class of perennial victims who could not succeed because were purposefully kept dependent on welfare, handouts, entitlements, and cradle to grave mentality. In exchange for the Democrat largesse, people had to vote Democrat generation after generation.

Target of the attack is the American way of life with its large middle class

We live in desperate times – the target of the attack is the American way of life with its large middle class.
The administration encourages progressive groups to protest, to get in people’s faces, storm their houses and frighten their children. Liberals do not seem to care that our country is broke. We have spent and borrowed into oblivion. “Alea iacta est,” (the die is cast), the Democrats want everything and they want it now. Their greedy end always justifies the means.

The Democrats are destroying the well-being of the American families and their ability to earn a living; unemployment and underemployment are at 18%. Discouraged workers lured by 99 weeks of unemployment are at their highest. Steep taxation rates are driving the remaining manufacturing plants overseas and to other states. Tax and spend is the Democrat Party mantra.

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Share of taxes paid by the Top 1%, and more….

On C-Span this morning, and at least one caller railed that the rich were not paying their share of taxes and that they were paying less than those in the lower middle class. On the program I said I would post data.

In 1980, before Reagan won his election and passed his tax cuts, the share of all income taxes paid by the top 1% was 19%. The top 5% paid about 37% of the total.

The figures today? The top 1% pay 38% and the top 5% pay nearly 59% of the income tax collected!

So all these decades of tax cuts for the rich produced a larger share of the tax burden paid by the rich.

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