The ‘Supermoon’ rises above the Empire State Building

Steve S. asks…”WHERE DOES IT GO?”

When they try to clean up the debris in Japan, the zillion tons of it, where does it go? Will they dump it into the ocean? Where did all the debris from Katrina go? I often searched for that answer, but never found it.

Does any one know? Or care? Much will be radioactive. Is that a special problem?

Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Michele Bachmann Voters Are Ignorant – Her District Is 92% White’

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Update: Tsunami in Japan -unbelievable!

The photographer has to keep moving up the stairs as the rushing ocean continues to rise and move everything by on up the hill and into the countryside.

Stick with this video. Things get worse.

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Quote of the Day 3/24/11

“The government is supposed to provide order and structure. It is the agency of law in a just and reasoned society. The shameful failure of the Pelosi Congress to produce a budget is an example of lawlessness — a failure of fiscal duty no different from various accounting frauds that would put corporate CEOs behind bars. A budget is the government’s way of explaining to its masters in the electorate how it will perform the duties they have assigned to it, using the resources they have seen fit to provide. The current process of limitless deficits and make-it-up-as-we-go spending resolutions makes an utter mockery of this republican ideal. … Government through continuing resolution is a fraud. Politicians who claim the wisdom to manage our lives, with piles of law carved into stone, are instead scribbling their judgments on scratch paper with pencils. It’s time to hear exactly what they intend to do, and exactly how much it’s going to cost us, so we can pass judgment on them.” – columnist John Hayward