Something about chickens coming home to roost… By T. Scott

Reuters quietly released a Congressional report telling how a VIP Mortgage program run by the former Countrywide Financial Corporation used this preferential program to sway Congress hopefully to kill any proposed legislation that might hurt that company.

Between 1991 and 2008, Countrywide held virtual control over the sub-prime mortgage market and their efforts at lobbying Congress stopped any meaningful investigation dead in its tracks as the wheels in Congress were liberally greased by Countrywide along with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Well. La Dee Dah………Where have the media been hiding since the early 2000’s when several Republicans asked pointed questions about the financial health of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – these quasi-government entities were the prime purchasers of loans originated or sold through Countrywide ? Remember ?? Barney Frank who sat on the House committee that was supposed to oversee mortgage lenders assured all of us that everything was just fine. We now know that he lied. Chris Dodd who sat on the similar Senate board stated that he did not receive a preferential loan from Countrywide and he was right – this sly corruptocrat received two such loans !! Frank has said he will not seek election this November and Dodd had found greener pastures taking over the Motion Picture slot once held by Jack Valenti. There is something very un-American when someone who is dishonest suffers no loss but is handsomely rewarded by a system that is out of control.

We read that Angelo Mozilo, former chief executive at Countrywide recently paid a fine of some $ 67.5 millions. The harm that was caused by Mozilo was certainly wide-spread and it seems that he will get off with the mentioned fine. Not so for Mr. Madoff who ( we remember )scammed greedy people with his offerings of huge gains but the government decided that Madoff would spend the rest of his days in jail. Madoff did not help kick off a mortgage market meltdown that spread damage far and wide and by any reasonable comparison, Mozilo should be in jail for a term several times as long as Madoff, but justice works slowly, if it works at all.

A quick look at the listing of those in Congress who received contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac up to 2008 shows that Chris Dodd led the group pocketing $ 165,000. Next in line ( and this one is a real puzzlement ) is Barack Obama who was a brand new Senator and even so, he pocketed $ 126,300 followed by John Kerry who grabbed third spot with his greedy $ 111,000 in funds.

All of this points to a very real and terribly serious problem in Washington. In 2009, there were some 12,577 registered lobbyists in Washington and together, they disposed of $ 1.62 billion dollars in the performance of their lobbying efforts. Do the math – the 535 members of Congress were all swimming in a pool of special interest money. We, as citizens, vote for people to represent us and our interests. There are some who of us who allow naive thoughts that the letter they write to their representative really means something but looking again at the tremendous impact this herd of lobbyists exert across our Capitol tells a very sorry story – that our government has no time for us – there are too many lobbyists to see, too many hands to shake and too many special interest deals to make.

Our government is thoroughly out of control.

This control factor is more easily amplified when we look at laws our own government passed, but will not enforce. We read of individual states efforts to pick up the law enforcement slack – Arizona for one – and we also read that the government that will not perform has taken Arizona to court in an effort to stop Arizona from doing what should have been done long ago. In Florida, a Federal judge stopped the purging of voter lists, we read that the defense of Marriage Act has been reduced to toilet tissue and efforts to improve the positively awful education system have been stopped deal in their tracks. Far worse, we read that teacher unions are demanding that vouchers which might enable a child to receive a decent education be stopped and they have issued threats should any government function seek to aid a child by making vouchers available.. Voter intimidation that was an open and shut case will not be properly handled, trials of terrorists held at Gitmo linger for how long ??? and the fate of the Ft. Hood shooter is nowhere to be found in media reporting. As for Fast and Furious and the Department of Justice gun-running scheme, there might be truth made public long after most of us are dead as the stack of cover-ups nearly reaches the ceiling and contempt citations are meaningless as there is no organization empowered to enforce those citations against the very departmnent charged with the maintenance of justice.. Government runs by a different set of laws as can be clearly seen and all who dishonor their oath in this regard should be hauled before a judge..

We The People have no options but to wrest control of our government in a decisive manner by taking firm control of both houses of Congress and the White House. To start to balance our budget, we need to severely reduce the size and complexity of our central government that has grown so large that it truthfully does not know what either its right or left hands are doing – worse, it doesn’t know where either hand is at any moment.The entitlement racket must be shown for the counter-productive feature that it is and all entitlements need to be carefully reviewed to insure that only the very needy receive help. The economy can recover only if the volumes of silly government regulations are tossed into the nearest incinerator and proposed legislation that will increase any aspect of business costs needs to see the trash can. The government should not be a hiring depot for the mentally challenged or irresponsible along with those who have shirked payment of their taxes, taken graft and done all of those self-enrichment things the rest of trusting America reads about in disbelief. Daily disclosures of fraud in this or that Federal program cost the nation billions and billions of dollars and yet, our bureaucracy cannot seem to be concerned, our Congress works hard to hide their collective yawns and We The People end up paying the cost of all of these illegal or certainly improper actions – – – – – and we are not the ones who did the things that caused these many messes…. those we actually hire to run government and were well paid to to this job should all be punished as would happen to any person in our civilian world, certainly not allowed to retire with generous pensions and health benefits they negotiate for themselves but deny all of us. .

In short, America must become what it was designed to be and very little more than that. It must be established for once and for all time that our government is ” of the people, by the people and for the people ‘ and all elected officials must adhere to that basic tenet of our law as well as our Constitution which the Democrats and Obama seem to think is their personal wad of silly putty to be shaped as they wish

Our economy can again be vibrant and productive but only if government is prevented from seeking new ways to hamper business growth as seems to be its present way of doing the people’s business.

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January 21, 2013 Chicago, IL

Erskine Bowles: Ryan budget is “sensible…honest, serious”

This from Obama’s deficit commission head. Ouch!

From the Bear’s Corner: The Paul Ryan choice

The choice of picking Paul Ryan for VP is going to be an I.Q. test for the American voter come this fall.

If they buy into the Democratic attacks that Ryan will take away Medicare for seniors and push grandma over the cliff then it could be a problem for the GOP.

Get ready to hear a daily criticism of Ryan’s fiscal policies are “extreme and radical” and you will hear those two words a thousand times before November. Obviously, the Democratic base will buy into these charges, but this doesn’t mean a thing because they will vote Obama no matter who is running.

The voter who I am talking about is the middle class voter that needs to understand that the country is in a deep fiscal mess and unless we do something about it the USS United States is going to belly up.


Hitler Finds Out Paul Ryan is the VP Pick