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“If you want to be free, there is but one way; it is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is no other.” — Carl Schurz(1829-1906) German revolutionary, author, newspaper editor, journalist, Union Army general during US Civil War, first German-born U.S. Senator (MO-R)

“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

Hello once again from the West Texas Headquarters For Jingoistic Anti-Debate Manmade Global Warming Denying Members Of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.


Yesterday I was listening to a self proclaimed MILLENNIAL on a morning radio talk show. It happened to be the Glenn Beck Show and this young college age girl who claimed to be a typical MILLENNIAL made the statement that, “Millennials are on a quest for TRUTH.” WOW! You could have fooled me. As it had been reported, the vast majority of the MILLENNIALS were avid supporters of Bernie Sanders. OK. Let me see if I have this right. Millennials are on a quest for TRUTH. The great majority of them were supporting Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is an avowed SOCIALIST and believes that the government should provide a FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION TO EVERYONE and that existing College Loans SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID. And this girl says that the MILLENNIALS ARE ON A QUEST FOR TRUTH? Sounds to me more like the MILLENNIALS ARE ON A QUEST FOR A FREE HAND OUT and turning the CONTROL of practically every aspect of our lives to a federal government.

It is fairly obvious that these MILLENNIALS are being taught NOTHING OF REAL VALUE in the public education system AT ANY LEVEL.

Then to top it off, Glenn Beck has been preaching a theory about the “I GENERATION” vs. the “WE GENERATION” and that this runs in cycles. Some of his views on this might make a bit of sense but he is wanting to tell us that the MILLENNIALS at this particular point in time are mirroring the same thoughts as THOSE WHO FOUGHT IN WORLD WAR II. I am sorry but even though I was quite young in WW II, I still remember it well and had many family members who did see combat in both the European and Pacific Theaters and I still have a vivid memory of many events of that war.

Now I know that Mr. Beck is a very smart man and I do agree with him on some things BUT I do not believe that there is really all that much of a similarity in today’s MILLENNIALS and the young Americans who fought in WW II. And I sincerely hope Mr. Beck’s thoughts on these various cycles of behavior are wrong. I seem to remember every day Americans at all levels during the WW II years of the 1940s were certainly more willing to sacrifice their own private holdings and their own time to support our nation during those years.
I can remember as a small child in both Wortham, Texas and later on in Houston, Texas doing everything our family could to be supportive of our nation during this war. At that time, my Father, who had been injured in the oil field in 1939 had to take a job as a grocery clerk and believe me that this kind of job did not bring in a whole bunch of money. I can recall having ration stamps and having “red points” to purchase meat and “blue points” to purchase dairy products. I can remember that the butter substitute we used was greasy and solid white but they furnished you with a packet of yellow powder to mix and make the substitute at least look like butter. I can remember my Mother saving all of the grease from every meal in a special can and turning that stuff in every week at a collection station along with all of the spare news papers.

I can also remember gasoline being rationed and there were ration stamps which you had to use to purchase gas which was plenty cheap back then. I can remember in 1939, we had a 1937 Ford Coupe with a floor shift and a flat head V-8 motor. I can remember my Dad having to sell that car when he was off work from the oil field due to his injury. I can remember that during the early months of 1940 when my Dad was home, he read to me faithfully every day. Then he began to make up games to teach me some things that just might have been useful later on. I can remember reading in a “Baby Book” which was kept by my Mother when she wrote that at age 2, I knew the capital of every U.S. State due to the games my Dad and I played. I could actually read by the time I was 4 years old.

I can remember many families who were in the same shape as mine and not a single one of them thought that the government owed us a free ride. Of course in Texas during those years not everything was perfect by a long shot. There were a few black families who lived in the small Central Texas town of Wortham which is in Freestone County and everybody pretty well got along and I can remember that some of the black families had young men who also served their country in WW II.

And out of all the people whom I knew from the early 1940s until the end of the war in 1945, I cannot think of a single person who even remotely reminds me of ANY of this so called MILLENNIAL GENERATION. So, in spite of his education and media experience, I must respectfully disagree with Glenn Beck on his comparison of today’s MILLENNIALS with the generation of young Americans who fought in World War II….. or maybe my disagreement might not be all that respectful.

I don’t seem to remember anyone back during those years in the 1940s or even in later years in the 1950s and early 1960s who believed in any governmental system which remotely resembles the system promoted by Bernie Sanders… or for that matter… Hillary or Donald or Barack or Happy or Sneezy or Dopey. (Yep, count ’em, Bernie, Hillary, Donald, Barack, Happy, Sneezy and Dopey.. there are 7.)

Actually, today’s MILLENNIALS have been sold a bill of goods, not only by the federal government but also by a completely corrupt education system. I heard one report that many of today’s MILLENNIALS have never heard of Chairman Mao or Joseph Stalin or the Holocaust. These things are just not being taught at any level. So, if they don’t know about these people or anything about WW II, how can we expect ANY of these MILLENNIALS to have a clue about our Founding Fathers or of our Declaration of Independence or for sure the Constitution of the United States.

If you just take a close look at how many of these so called MILLENNIALS were and still are solidly in the camp of an admitted SOCIALIST then you just might accidently not really give a damn about their likes and dislikes. It is insulting enough to the American people to have a WEAK SOCIALIST PRESIDENT in the person of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA or to have HILLARY CLINTON as the Democrat/Socialist/Marxist Presidential Candidate and for the Republican Party to have fallen so far as to have Donald J. Trump as their Presidential Candidate. BUT PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SELL THE STORY THAT THE MILLENNIALS ARE ON “A QUEST FOR THE TRUTH.” From everything I have seen or heard about the MILLENNIALS, the great majority of them are IN SEARCH OF MORE FREE STUFF…. But it is only FREE for them. It costs the rest of us a bundle.


The Donald for the past few days has been saying that this election is RIGGED. When you get to looking at the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, RIGGED seems like a pretty fair assessment of how things are going.

First of all, just look at the Democrat Primary. Perhaps Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination of the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists on the up and up. BUT in typical Clinton fashion, the folks in charge of the Democrat/Progressive/Marxist Party decided that they would remove any doubt, hence, all of the SUPER DELEGATES which all went to Clinton.

Then after she won the nomination the E-Mail scandal rose to the surface and the F.B.I. conducted a fairly lengthy investigation into this matter and ended up doing NOTHING but give the American people lip service.

I have read a number of comments from both active and retired F.B.I. Agents and I cannot think of a one that was not completely surprised at the way this whole mess was handled. When we all watched James Comey make his famous announcement of all of the violations which were committed and then summed it up by telling us that they were recommending no criminal action be taken against Hillary Clinton for some really obvious violations of her office and the law.

Of course, it really came as no surprise to most of us who have recognized the Obama administration to lean toward criminality in a number of instances.

Although I was too young to vote, I can remember the big stink raised in Texas when Lyndon B. Johnson won his first U.S. Senate election in a Primary Runoff aided by dead people voting in Duval and Jim Wells Counties. I am sure that most Texans remember the name George Parr who was known as The Duke of Duval County. Johnson’s opponent, Coke Stevenson had been Governor of Texas and had refused to appoint a Parr favorite to a District Attorney position in Laredo. Also Johnson had helped Parr obtain a Presidential Pardon in 1946 for a previous felony conviction.

Of course, Democrats and the mainstream media will try to tell us that rigging elections now is impossible with the electronic voting machines and such but I have noticed that most cities are loaded with professional people called ELECTRICIANS. These people do not hold these electrician jobs because electronics always operate perfectly…. Nope, on occasion they BREAK DOWN and electronics can be tampered with so please take the electronic voting machine story to someone who will buy into that crap.

But the real RIGGING of this election lies directly in the hands of the mainstream media. It is very obvious that the mainstream media is in the tank for Hillary. We have all been made aware by any number of sources about the TOTAL MELTDOWN of Hillary Clinton immediately following the September 7th Commander-In-Chief Forum in which Matt Lauer asked Hillary a question which had NOT been provided for her ahead of time. After the program, every one of the reports states that Hillary Clinton went ballistic over the fact that her staff was evidently unaware that the particular question regarding her classified e-mails was going to be asked. The meltdown was witnessed by a bunch of NBC employees and according to the reports, Hillary was cursing and swearing to get Matt Lauer’s job and in general screeching at her staff as well as Donna Brazile, the DNC Chairperson (Brazile replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz and is just as big a varmint as Schultz). It was also reported that Hillary Clinton does not ALLOW any of her entourage to possess cell phones when they are with her. I can see why.

Anyway, the mainstream media publishes every rumor regarding Donald Trump but will not report any bad behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton.

Elections have been tampered with for many, many years and please do not try to sell me on some fairy tale that it is impossible to rig an election today due to electronic voting.

Ever since I was a little boy, I was taught that it is wrong to strike a girl. And I still believe to be true in MOST cases. HOWEVER, Hillary Clinton gives one pause to think again on this subject.

AND tonight’s Presidential Debate will mean absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things as the media will slant it in Hillary’s favor regardless of the truth of the matter. Perhaps the MILLENNIALS might be better served to try and find an instance in which Hillary Clinton actually TOLD THE TRUTH.


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“The greatest moral claim of the political left is that they are for the masses in general and the poor in particular. That is also their greatest fraud. It even fools many leftists themselves.”…………. THOMAS SOWELL

“In the vision of the left, the welfare state is supposed to be a step forward, in the direction of social justice. Tons of painful evidence, from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, that the welfare state has in fact been a step backward toward barbarism –among low income whites in England and ghetto blacks in the United States — does not make a dent in the beliefs of the left.”…………. THOMAS SOWELL

“Examining hard evidence would mean gambling a whole vision of the world — and of their own role in that world — on a single throw of the dice, which is what looking at hard evidence amounts to. The path of least resistance is to continue going through life feeling good about themselves, while leaving havoc in their wake.”……….. THOMAS SOWELL

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”….. PATRICK HENRY


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Earlier in the week there was an article in the (Sub) Standard Times headlined: OBAMA COMMUTES SENTENCES FOR 102 MORE PRISONERS. The article went on to say that Obama offered 102 federal inmates the chance to leave prison early, wielding his clemency powers Thursday as part of his end-of-term push to spur action on CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM. This brings the total number of sentences shortened by Barack Hussein Obama to 774 which includes 590 so far this year. The White House said that it’s more than the previous 11, XI. ELEVEN presidents COMBINED. Thirty-four of the recipients had been serving life sentences.

Please remember that I have urged everyone to be very skeptical of ANY proposed legislation with the words: REFORM; COMPREHENSIVE; or COMMON SENSE in any way connected to the proposed legislation, but particularly federal legislation.
The (Sub) Standard Times also ran a story about two Milwaukee men who allegedly attempted to join ISIL/ISIS (take your pick), who were arrested in Tom Green County, Texas. This is the county where San Angelo is located. One of the men said that he desired to live under Sharia Law and that he was tired of living under the infidel’s system and wanted to strive for paradise. Both men had evidently converted to the Islamic Religion.
Last week I received a really pleasant surprise. I learned that the wife of one of the recipients of my weekly letter was a girl with whom I grew up after we first moved to Houston. Her older brother and I were the same age and I believe she was 2 years younger than her brother and I. My piece on Tommy Sands was what drew her attention that I was probably the same boy she knew from Houston since 1943. She wrote me a nice note and I learned that she and her family along with her brother now lived in Kerrville, Texas. I will make it a point to look them up the next time I am in that area. And just to show everyone how fate seems to work, just a few days prior to receiving her e-mail, I was talking with some other friends and we got on the subject of art and creative talent and I mentioned that girl’s Mom and older brother to them. Her Mother was a very talented lady and I always admired her artistic talents. Her brother was also a very talented artist even as a kid and just a few weeks prior, I had been looking at some old cartoons that her brother and I had conspired on back when we were both about 10 or 11 years old.
And finally I would like to comment on an item that has received way too much attention in the printed media. And that would be that Janet Jackson, at age 50 is going to have a baby. That’s just what the world needs….. another dysfunctional Jackson to wander among us.
Also, I just finished Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, “Killing The Rising Sun” and I must say that he and his co-author did an excellent job not only on events leading up to the dropping of the two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but on events subsequent to those to bombing raids. Also it told quite a bit about not only the Japanese leadership but some pretty in depth information on many of the American Military Leaders and the Scientists who were in on the development and testing of the bombs. I must compliment Bill O’Reilly and his co-author on writing an extremely interesting and informative book of historical facts. I liked it enough to remove O’Reilly from the Varmint List which is pretty easy to get on and damn near impossible to get off.



** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List. Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.



I Don’t Care by Unknown

I do not care if Donald Trump called a woman fat. I do not care if he tried to sleep with a woman or if he likes “beautiful” women.

I care that he sent a plane to pick up 200 Marines who were stranded after desert storm. I care that he supports our police officers and first responders.

I care that he supports guns and standing behind our military. I care that he supports the death penalty and is against abortion.

I care that he supports enforcing immigration laws. I care that he wants to destroy radical Islamic groups.

I care that he supports COAL. These are things I care about. Him talking sexually about women does not bother me. News Flash!! Women have been sexualized for centuries!! I don’t care what he did when he was a billionaire playboy, people change and grow..I truly don’t care about his taxes…Your precious Obama couldn’t change that and Hillary can’t either! Copied and pasted from another source but wish I had written this as I agree! Copy and paste if you agree also.

America’s Decadent Leadership Class by Peggy Noonan

It is quite dreadful and a showing of the gravest disrespect that, if U.S. intelligence agencies are correct, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has inserted himself into America’s presidential election. And it could not have deeper implications.

If Russia is indeed behind the leaks of the emails of Democratic Party operatives Mr. Putin may have many reasons, as he often does, but the most frightening would be that he views the current American political leadership class as utterly decadent and unworthy of traditional diplomatic norms and boundaries. And, thinks, therefore, it deserves what it gets.

Why would he find them decadent — morally hollowed out, unserious? That is the terrible part: because he knows them.

Think of how he’s experienced them the past few years. Readers of these pages know of the Uranium One deal in which a Canadian businessman got Bill Clinton to help him get control of uranium mining fields in Kazakhstan. The businessman soon gave $31 million to the Clinton Foundation, with a pledge of $100 million more. Uranium One acquired significant holdings in the U.S. A Russian company moved to buy it. The deal needed U.S. approval, including from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While it was under consideration the Clinton Foundation received more money from Uranium One. Bill Clinton got a $500,000 speech fee. Mrs. Clinton approved the deal. The Russian company is now one of the world’s largest uranium producers. Significant amounts of U.S. uranium are, in effect, owned by Russia. This summer a WikiLeaks dump showed the State Department warning that Russia was moving to control the global supply of nuclear fuel. The deal went through anyway, and the foundation flourished.

Peter Schweizer, who broke the Uranium One story, reported in these pages how Mrs. Clinton also pushed for a U.S.-Russian technology initiative whose goals included “the development of ties between the Russian and American people.” Mrs Clinton looked for U.S. investors and found them. Of the 28 announced “key partners,” 60% had made financial commitments to the Clinton Foundation. Even Russian investors ponied up.

But the research coming out of the initiative raised alarms: U.S. military experts warned of satellite, space and nuclear technology transfers. The FBI thought the Russian partners’ motive was to “gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology.” WikiLeaks later unearthed a State Department cable expressing concern about the project. Somehow, said Mr. Schweizer, the Clinton State Department “missed or ignored obvious red flags.”

What would Mr. Putin, knowing all this and inferring Mrs. Clinton’s real priorities, conclude about the American political system and its major practitioners? Would he feel contempt? Might he toy with them?

As for Donald Trump, we don’t know, because he has not released his tax returns, what ties if any he has with Russia. There are charges that Trump businesses are entangled with powerful Russian financiers. We know some of his top advisers had business ties to Russia or affiliated nations and leaders.

Again, what might Mr. Putin think of this? Might he amuse himself with mischief, even to the point of attempting to hack the election returns? We’ll see.

But nothing is more dangerous than this: that Mr. Putin and perhaps other world leaders have come to have diminished respect for the morality, patriotism and large-mindedness of our leaders. Nikita Khrushchev had a rough respect for JFK and his men and that respect, in the Cuban Missile Crisis, helped avert nuclear war. Mikhail Gorbachev was in the end half-awed by Ronald Reagan’s goodness and idealism; the world knew George H.W. Bush and respected his integrity, and so he was able to build coalitions that were real coalitions, not just names. Now, whoever wins, we are in a different place, a lesser and more dangerous one.

* * *

On the latest groping charges: We cannot know for certain what is true, but my experience in such matters is that when a woman makes such a charge she is telling the truth. In a lifetime of fairly wide acquaintance, I’ve not known a woman to lie about sexual misbehavior or assault. I believe Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, and I believe the women making the charges against Mr. Trump in the New York Times. The mainstream media of the United States is in the tank for the Democratic nominee, to its great and destructive shame: They add further ruin to the half-ruined reputation of a great American institution. That will make the country’s future harder and more torn up. But this story, at least as to the testimony of its central figures, does not appear to be an example of that.

* * *

Here I would like to say a word for the spectacular illusions under which American voters once were able to operate. You used to be able to like your guy — to admire your candidate and imagine unknown virtues he no doubt possessed that would be revealed in time, in books. Those illusions were beautiful. They gave clean energy to the engine of our politics. You can’t have illusions anymore. That souring, which is based on knowledge and observation as opposed to mere cynicism, is painful to witness and bear. The other day a conservative intellectual declared to her fellow writers and thinkers: “I’m for the venal idiot who won’t mechanize government against all I hold dear.” That’s some bumper sticker, isn’t it? And who has illusions about Mrs. Clinton? No one.

* * *

The big fact of the week, however, has to do with these words: They don’t like us. The Democrats, progressives and left-liberals who have been embarrassed by the latest WikiLeaks dump really hate conservatives, or nonleftists. They don’t like half the people of the country they seek to control! They look at that half with disdain and disrespect. Their disdain is not new — “bitter clingers,” “basket of deplorables.” But here it’s so unashamed and eager to express itself.

A stupid man from a leftist think tank claimed the most “powerful elements” in the conservative movement are Catholic. “They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations,” he wrote. Mrs. Clinton’s press aide Jennifer Palmieri responded: “I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they become evangelicals.”

When I read that I imagined a conversation with my grandmother, an immigrant who was a bathroom attendant at the Abraham & Straus department store in Brooklyn. Me: “Grandma, being Catholic is now a step up. It means you’re an aristocrat! A stupid one, but still.” Grandma, blinking: “America truly is a country of miracles.”

Here’s what you see in the emails: the writers are the worst kind of snobs, snobs with nothing to recommend them. In their expression and thoughts they are common, banal, dumb, uninformed, parochial.

I don’t know about you but when people look down on me I want them to be distinguished or outstanding in some way — towering minds, people of exquisite sensibility or learning. Not these grubbly poseurs, these people who’ve never had a thought but only a sensation: Christians are backward, I saw it in a movie!

It’s the big fact of American life now, isn’t it? That we are patronized by our inferiors.