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“It has been thought a considerable advance towards establishing the principles of Freedom, to say, that government is a compact between those who govern and those that are governed: but this cannot be true, because it is putting the effect before the cause; for as man must have existed before governments existed, there necessarily was a time when governments did not exist, and consequently there could originally exist no governors to form such a compact with. The fact therefore must be, that the individuals themselves, each in his own personal and sovereign right, entered into a compact with each other to produce a government: and this is the only mode in which governments have a right to arise, and the only principle on which they have a right to exist.”
Thomas Paine (1737-1809) US Founding father, pamphleteer, author

“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

Greetings once again from the Association Of Jingoistic Xenophobic Right Wing Conspiratorial Fossil Fuel Burning Second Amendment Supporters Of West Texas.


Where do I start?

OK, how ’bout another shot at least part of the NFL Teams. Fourteen of them to be specific. These are the NFL teams who were PAID BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to put on either Pre-Game or Half-Time Salutes To The United States Military. From the articles I have read, these payoffs occurred from 2011 through 2014. Here is a list of the Teams and the cities whom they represent as well as the amount of money paid to each franchise during this time period:

1) Atlanta Falcons ……………. $1.1 million
2) Baltimore Ravens …………. $ 884,500
3) Buffalo Bills …………………. $ 679,000
4) Cincinnati Bengals ………… $ 138,000
5) Cleveland Browns ………… $ 22,500
6) Dallas Cowboys ……………. $ 62,500
7) Green Bay Packers ………… $ 600,000
8) Indianapolis Colts …………. $ 620,000
9) Kansas City Chiefs …………. $ 250,000
10) Miami Dolphins ……………. $ 20,000
11) Minnesota Vikings ………… $ 585,000
12) N.Y. Jets ……………………… $ 378,000
13) Pittsburgh Steelers ……….. $ 36,000
14) St. Louis Rams ……………… $ 60,000

GRAND TOTAL …………………… $ 5,436,400.

Every article I read said that this FIVE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY SIX THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS of OUR TAX MONEY was taken from the Military Budget. Now keep in mind that during this time period, we were told that the evil Republican Congress was cutting the Military Budget and that the size of our military had to be reduced and no new positions would be in the future due to these budget cuts.

Now if you stop and think, even if this money was taken from the military, it should not have gone to the NFL Teams…..keeping in mind that the National Football League is carried by the IRS as a NON-PROFIT MAKING ORGANIZATION. How is that possible?
Also I am a bit surprised as Michelle Obama could have taken five additional vacations or appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show several more times.

ALSO, you might notice that the EVIL NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS nor BILL BELICHICK nor TOM BRADY nor GEORGE BUSH could be blamed for this theft of taxpayer money. Also you might note that MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING was not held accountable for this criminal payment to NFL Teams. Also, it would appear that at least some of the Congressmen/women and some Senators should have been aware of this Larceny.
Also in the area of pure PHONIES other than the NFL, I might make mention of GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS and his contribution of $75,000 to the CLINTON FOUNDATION…. while he was posing as a NEWS REPORTER for ABC.

What gets my backside red as a three ball is that ABC and the rest of the Mainstream Media and even FOX News appeared to accept STEPHANOPOULOS as a legitimate reporter. I am going to say this once and then move on:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS has ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE a DEMOCRAT HACK. He was a “Butt Boy” for the Clintons for years and then suddenly, overnight, he was passed off as a News Reporter. He was also, as I understand, going to be the PRIMARY ABC ANCHOR for the 2016 Presidential Election. Now there is an unbiased view from the ABC News department. In my opinion, GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS trying to pass himself off as an “Objective Reporter” is just about as PHONY as it gets. STEPHANOPOULOS is about as objective as Michelle Obama.


Almost every year since 1979, my wife and I have driven at least once per year to Lake City, Colorado. If you are not familiar with Lake City, Colorado it is located on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide which you must cross if you are approaching the town from the South or East. After you cross the Divide, the trip from over 11,000 feet down to about 8,500 feet is rather steep with loads of curves which you must negotiate. If you do not use your gears to slow you down, by the time you get to Lake City, your brakes will be history. I know from experience.

Anyway, a number of these curves show a speed limit of 15 M.P.H. Now you can probably make them at a somewhat higher speed but I have learned that 15 M.P.H. means exactly that and I NEVER exceed those posted limits. Should you try to make one of those hairpin curves at 30 M.P.H. you would probably find yourself and your vehicle at the bottom of a rather deep canyon. Things like that happen almost every year in mountainous regions.

SO, when I first heard of the AMTRAK wreck between Washington, D.C. and N.Y. City, and that the accident happened on a curve, I immediately said that the train was more than likely speeding. Now I do not have a degree in physics nor even a degree in mathematics nor do I have a law degree from Harvard nor have I ever been an engineer on a train of any type. BUT I do know that when the maximum speed for a curve is 50 M.P.H. and you try to make it at 106 M.P.H. that more than likely your vehicle will leave its course and bad things will happen. NOW, why the train was going that fast is still not known for sure but I might just hazard a guess that perhaps that goofy looking engineer they keep showing was trying to make up his 15 minutes he was behind on the schedule.
But I am sure that once all of the attorneys representing AMTRAK; the engineer; the passengers; and the families of the injured and deceased finally get things sorted out I should imagine that my initial prediction will be the primary cause of the accident and the subsequent injuries and deaths.

AH, but let us not be too hasty. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews might just be on to something. Chris came to the conclusion that….now get ready for this…… In China, where they have very fast trains, have STRAIGHT TRACKS with NO CURVES. SO, Chris has decided that perhaps here in America we do things like the do in China and just straighten out the tracks.

Of course Chris Matthews perhaps is ignorant of the fact that in China, there is very little or NO private ownership and if the Chinese Government decides that your house is in the way they simply tear it down and run their straight track where once was your house. I also must wonder if Chris Matthews has “A Full Stringer of Fish” insofar as common sense when he makes idiotic statements and suggestions. HOWEVER, he seems to be running on a “Straight Track” insofar as being damn near as idiotic as the remainder of MSNBC’s crack staff. Keep in mind that AL SHARPTON has a one hour show on every day in the afternoons on MSNBC.

But in the long run when you try to negotiate a curve in a very top heavy vehicle and you are traveling at 106 M.P.H. when the speed limit is 50 M.P.H. it should not take a team of experts all that long to arrive at the conclusion that SPEED was the primary cause of the de-railment.


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“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”… MARK TWAIN

“In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality. One of the ways of fighting poverty, he proposed, was to ask from society’s lottery winners that they make a modest investment in government programs to help the poor………. Despite pious rhetoric on the left about asking the more fortunate for more money, the government does not ask anything. It seizes what it wants by force. If you don’t pay up, it can take not only your paycheck, it can seize your bank account, put a lien on your home and/or put you in federal prison.” … THOMAS SOWELL

“The track record of politicians hardly suggests that turning ever more of a nation’s wealth over to them is likely to turn out well.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”… PATRICK HENRY


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I have a suggestion to outlaw motorcycle gangs who wish to resort to gun-play. I would suggest that perhaps they go to Baltimore, Maryland where an idiot Mayor and an idiot City Council and an Idiot state prosecutor don’t seem to have a problem with restraining the Baltimore Police Department from taking action. As a matter of fact, the idiot Mayor would probably see that the outlaw motorcycle gangs had plenty of room to do their criminal activities. Just a thought.

Apparently trying that crap in Waco, Texas results in some pretty rapid and decisive action by the Texas Law Enforcement authorities.
I believe it was last evening when I was watching Bill O’Reilly…. you know…. “The Spin Stops Here” and “Fair and Balanced”. O’Reilly had on a guest whom he introduced as a “Former Leader of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang”. This guy who DID NOT claim to be a Former Leader but rather more of a hanger on and later a member of the Bandidos told O’Reilly and the rest of the viewing audience that The Bandidos WERE NOT heavily involved in the drug trafficking business or any other type of organized criminal activities. He told O’Reilly and the rest of the viewing audience that most of the members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang were just every day hard working people who liked to ride their Harleys on the week ends but that most of them got up and went to work at regular jobs and this was just more or less a hobby.

OK, I am going to go way out on a limb and say that either this guy is LYING or HAS NEVER REALLY BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE BANDIDOS OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG.

He said that since he lived in Oklahoma, there were no Bandidos in that state and that they were pretty much just located in Texas. Actually they started in Texas by a guy who worked in Houston but actually lived in San Leon which is between Houston and Galveston. The gang had its beginnings in 1966 and was primarily unique to the Houston and Gulf Coast area. BUT, like the Hell’s Angels and some other Outlaw Gangs they rapidly expanded and now have grown to international proportions with chapters in: Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, OKLAHOMA, Nebraska as well as international members in Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and other spots around the globe so this O’Reilly former Bandidos Leader was a bit off base. AND of course, Bill O’Reilly probably having no knowledge about the subject than lots of folks never challenged this bozo.

The Bandidos are known as the One Percenters (1%) , which is a play on the fact that 99% of the motorcycle clubs are not outlaws but the 1% are. Their motto is “We are the people our parents warned us about.”

The Bandidos along with the other Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are heavily into Drug Smuggling; Extortion; Theft; Prostitution; and several other organized criminal activities. THEY ARE NOT JUST A BUNCH OF REGULAR WORKING GUYS WHO RIDE THEIR HARLEYS ON THE WEEK ENDS.

And they were one of the Outlaw Gangs which was instrumental in the shooting and gang violence at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in the Waco area. Looks like at least 9 of them got what they deserved.
I read one report last week where some boob paid….. ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY NINE MILLION DOLLARS; $179 Million; $179,000,000.00 for a Picasso Painting. Wonder if Barack and the rest of the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists agree with that kind of spending?
Anyway, it looks as if Hillary Clinton will just be unavailable for comment until after the Republicans get through running each other through the grinder. I can only hope that NONE of the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS is the final pick to run for President in 2016 on the Republican ticket.



Obama White House declares war with ISIS a ‘success,’ but for whose side? BY ANDREW MALCOLM

A year ago today President Obama had no strategy to address the rampaging terrorist army of ISIS because he deemed it a JV team. Late last summer, after the public beheading of an American and his island golfing vacation, Obama announced his strategy to “degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS:

Obama’s strategy involved no American boots on the ground. And it was based mainly on air power, mostly U.S. but also a coalition of Arab states.

Last weekend an unspecified number of American Special Ops boots landed on the ground in Syria and killed a senior ISIS commander and about a dozen others. The same weekend a relatively small number of ISIS troops captured Ramadi, the major provincial capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province.

This despite allied air power.

And the world watched the flight of thousands of U.S.-trained Iraqi troops, abandoning additional fleets of U.S. military vehicles to the enemy.

Obama’s press secretary was asked if this sort of event constituted the kind of “success” the administration has touted against ISIS? “Overall, yes,” said Josh Earnest, earnestly.

He added, “We have seen a lot of success. But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback.”

No kidding. The loss of Ramadi. The loss of Mosul. The loss of Falluja, each of which required significant investments of American treasure and lives to capture in the first place. Poof. Lost, just like that. (The full Earnest press briefing for May 19 should be posted here sometime today.)
We have no way of knowing what kind of glue this White House staff is sniffing. But they’re taking something powerful to so seriously distort their thinking. They talk of the ebb and flow of protracted battle. This one has been mostly ebb.

An ISIS affiliate is now firmly rooted in Libya, which turned lawless after Obama’s optional war to oust Moammar Gadhafi. The U.S. lost $500 million in military equipment this winter when it fled Houthi rebels and abandoned Yemen, which Obama had cited as a counter-terrorism success story as recently as last fall.

In deference to Turkey’s domestic concerns, Obama has dithered arming Iraq’s Kurds, who want to fight ISIS unlike Iraq’s army. Obama drew an imaginary red line over chemical weapons in Syria, announced an attack when it was violated, then backed down to Assad and Putin. Now it turns out Assad didn’t turn over all his chemical weapons.

Obama never did arm moderate Syrian rebels. Remember he dismissed them as a ragtag band of doctors and bakers? So, they were basically annihilated by the Assad regime and other feuding factions. Now, Obama talks of training some remnants.

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:

Political Correctness: Tyranny Of The Mind By Chuck Baldwin

In a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, dated September 23, 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” By any definition that Jefferson could have envisioned, today’s political correctness can only be regarded as “tyranny over the mind of man.” Forget freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, or freedom of privacy, political correctness demands that we don’t even have freedom of thought or opinion.

If one does not have the freedom to live in good conscience with his own sense of morality, he or she is indeed the most enslaved of creatures. Listen to Jefferson again, “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Forcing men to pay taxes “for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors” is indeed sinful and tyrannical enough. But to compel a man to actively PARTICIPATE in ideas he disbelieves and abhors is even more so. And, that, my friends, is exactly what modern political correctness forces us to do–or at least tries to force us to do. Political correctness attempts to strip us of our own sense of right and wrong. It is not only tyranny of conduct and behavior; it is tyranny of the mind and heart.

For example, if someone says something critical of Israel, they are labeled “anti-Semitic.” If they say something critical of the homosexual lifestyle, they are labeled “anti-gay.” If they say something critical of the practices and policies of our politicians, they are labeled “anti-government.” And if they say something critical of Roman theology, they are labeled “anti-Catholic.”

There are only two things that it is politically correct to be “anti” about: it is perfectly acceptable to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” Not only is it politically correct to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim,” it is all but REQUIRED that one be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” One risks personal friendship and professional employment if he or she is NOT “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.”

For the record, I am none of the above. I am not anti-Semitic; I am not anti-gay; I am not anti-government; I am not anti-Catholic; I am not anti-Christian; and I am not anti-Muslim. About the only thing I am “anti” is this: I am “anti-TYRANNY.”

And tyranny can come in many shapes and forms. There are tyrannical Jews, tyrannical homosexuals, tyrannical politicians, tyrannical Catholics, tyrannical Muslims, and tyrannical Christians. Because there are those from any of the above groups who are tyrannical doesn’t mean that EVERYONE in those groups is tyrannical. When I resist the ACT of tyranny by someone–or a group of someones–of a certain label doesn’t mean I am “anti” everyone who wears that same label.

But I absolutely will not be intimidated by name-calling when I resist what is obviously an act of tyranny, regardless of the label the tyrant wraps himself in.

To illustrate: I firmly believe that God has established marriage as being between a man and a woman. That does NOT mean I am against homosexuals having the same civil rights as everyone else, because I believe that ALL Americans enjoy the same protections under the Bill of Rights. Accordingly, all Americans have the right to enter into civil contracts with one another. But civil union is NOT the same as Holy Matrimony, which can be–and has been–defined ONLY by our Creator. Marriage is defined by both divine and Natural Law.

Any attempt to force me to participate in a so-called “marriage” between same sex couples violates my moral conscience and is, by definition, an act of tyranny. And by Nature, I cannot submit to such an act. I cannot and will not.

I wonder what all of the good Romans 13 pastors across America are going to do as civil authorities attempt to force them to marry same sex couples. This has already happened in one Idaho city. The city of Coeur d’Alene is threatening to incarcerate and heavily fine ministers and others who refuse to officiate over the marriage ceremonies of same sex couples. And as homosexual marriage becomes more and more vogue, Christian ministers across the country are going to be forced to come face to face with their own religious convictions–something many of them have not done for quite a spell. What will they do?

We know what many, if not most, of them will do. They will comply. They are like the pastors of Nazi Germany who taught their flocks to obey the government no matter what and who justified their cowardice and heresy with the misinterpretation of Romans 13. This is the same misinterpretation of that chapter that pastors are regurgitating today.

I highly encourage every reader who attends church to make a point of asking your pastor this Sunday what he will do when the civil authorities of his city or State demand that he marry same sex couples, because this demand is surely coming. Of course, how the pastor responds will then collapse a heavy weight of responsibility on the shoulders of parishioners won’t it (which is why many Christians will simply not bother to even broach the topic with their pastor)?

Do you see how political correctness has become tyrannical? Political correctness demands that we accept a Police State in the name of the “war on terror.” Political correctness demands that we say NOTHING critical of the state of Israel, even when it attacks a U.S. naval vessel and kills dozens of American sailors and Marines. Political correctness demands that we fight unconstitutional wars of aggression against Muslim people who have committed NO act of aggression against us. Political correctness demands that we dare not criticize neocon foreign policy in Washington, D.C. Political correctness demands that Christianity be held up to every form of ridicule and mockery. And now political correctness demands that people violate their own deeply-held religious and moral convictions. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America’s founders must be turning over in their graves.

Concerning marriage specifically, in my opinion the state has absolutely no authority or responsibility defining, regulating, or controlling marriage. The state had little or no authority regarding marriage until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For the church to allow itself be joined to the state is the unholiest of unions.

This latest attempt of civil authorities to define and regulate marriage should serve notice to everyone, especially Christians, that it is probably time to completely abandon civil marriages altogether and take it back to the individuals, families, and churches, where it rightly has always belonged.

Political correctness is not merely an expression of opinion: it is the denial of anyone else to hold a differing opinion–or even personally-held moral and religious convictions. It is exactly what Thomas Jefferson detested and personally opposed: it is “tyranny over the mind of man.”


P.S. As I noted last week, on Sunday, April 19 of this year, I delivered the famous sermon of Pastor Jonas Clark that was originally delivered on April 19, 1776, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. Pastor Clark was the pastor of the men who fought that historic battle, which began America’s War for Independence. Obviously, this message was delivered just a couple of months before our Declaration of Independence was signed. I preached this message word-for-word. And I tried to deliver it with the same zeal and passion in which it was originally preached.

The vast majority of today’s Christians NEVER hear a message that remotely resembles the kind of sermons that the pastors of Colonial America delivered. And since April 19 fell on Sunday this year, I delivered Jonas Clark’s powerful message regarding the Battle of Lexington and American liberty so people could listen to the kind of preaching that Christians in Colonial America heard routinely. Pastor Clark entitled his message, “The Fate of Blood-Thirsty Oppressors and God’s Tender Care of His Distressed People.”

My delivery of this awesome message is on DVD. I offer this DVD to my readers in the hope that many of you will purchase copies of the DVD and let your friends, relatives, fellow Christians, pastor, etc., hear true Colonial American preaching. Again, this is word-for-word the message of Jonas Clark delivered on April 19, 1776, concerning the Battle of Lexington Green and America’s fight for liberty.

I have never heard anyone deliver Rev. Clark’s famous message. As far as I know, this is the only verbatim recording of this historic message in existence–preached with the same kind of passion and fervor as it was said Pastor Clark delivered it.

To order my delivery of Jonas Clark’s message, go here:

Jonas Clark’s Famous Message Of April 19, 1776