Will 2013 go down as one of the worst Presidential year in History? By one cranky Bear

Off the cuff I would say yes, and I exclude assignations, and the focus here is on Presidential policy. And of course two presidents have been impeached in the past, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton and while impeachment is no trip to Hollywood, and when Bill Clinton said: “I did not have sex with that woman” he redefined for our culture as to what construes sex. this made many of the boys in the bar very happy and a girl named Monica become popular.

I would also exclude this also.

And in the 1920’s President Warren G. Harding reputation was forever stained in what was called the “Tea Party Dome Scandal.” So this rates some consideration but that was only one scandal as compared to the many scandals that have come about in 2013 and I expect 2014 to top them all.

Do politicians lie? All the time. To be a successful politician you must master the art of double-speak and by that I mean you say one thing and mean another. This gives them an escape hatch for when they get into trouble. As an example when Obama said… “ If you like your doctor and present insurance policy you can keep that.” Period. He now blames the public for misunderstanding what he said: “You can keep all of that if it meets all the rules and regulations of ObamaCare.” Pure B.S. by a master of double speak.

So now let’s get back to the premise at hand as to why I consider 2013 as the worst year and 2014 will top that in my opinion. What Harding and Clinton did, did not hurt the America people per se. What Obama’s policies have done has caused a lot of hardship and unnecessary suffering to millions of people and tens of millions more people will feel the effects of his policies in 2014, especially those who we define as the middle class, you know the ones, the chumps (you and me) that get up and go to work every day and dutifully pay our taxes to support the government.

These folks live by a family budget and that budget is going to get squeezed every day more and more with all the 20 new taxes that come into play TODAY. (you can read the list here)

Additionally, the cost of electricity is now at an all-time high because of all the new rules and regulations put on the power companies. So not only does you home electric bill go up, cost of just about everything that is produced uses some form of electric power, that additional cost will be passed on to the consumer.

The price of gas at the pump remains very high and traditionally the cost of gas rises in the spring. The price of gas goes up and the cost of trucking products to the market will also rise and the consumer will be bear the brunt of that.

The unions and big companies who donated to Obama’s war chest got ObamaCare waivers and the poor will get rebates from the tax man for the cost of health care insurance and the chumps will have to pay full boat for their coverage.

A gloomy forecast? Yes it is, but take some solace in the fact there are many millions more of us than them and consider July 4, 2014 a good day for a march on Washington.

Someone once said: “If I wanted to take America down I wouldn’t change a thing that Obama has done in the past five years.”


  1. DocNeaves says:

    As to “Harding’s” Teapot Dome Scandal, it was someone in his administration, not Harding. As to the Railroad strike, so what? Times were tough, and when the new wage went out, there were plenty of people willing to work for it. That is the law of supply and demand. Nobody wants to point out that the “law” was already skewed wrongly. Nobody should be told what they have to pay. The minimum wage law is ridiculous. The wage should be whatever the marketplace will bear, no more, no less.

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