“There is no end to the depths and depravity to which our government will not sink.” by T. Scott

My initial thought was to begin this writing on the thought,” Is there no end to the depths and depravity to which our government will not sink ?” Then, I read over those words and thought to make a minor change in the word order, but a major change in the message – here goes “There is no end to the depths and depravity to which our government will not sink.”

Consider the raft of corruption surrounding the awful legislation enacted by a solidly Democratic Congress and signed into law by a Democrat President and yet, as occasional barbs are thrown at this terrible legislative act, a surprising number of Americans have been taught that blame is to become responsibility of the Republicans as it is a certainty that whatever was done, George Bush did it. We know that the construction of the web pages that were supposed to help us navigate this monster was awarded to political cronies of the administration and yet, there are no cries from mainstream America regarding this woeful waste of money. As problems within the organization of Obamacare are found, we learn that there is no provision on the web pages where the birth of a child might be included in coverage and if one is to marry ( whatever marriage means in these strange times ) it is impossible to revise the coverage to allow for this family change. Billions of dollars poured into a rat’s nest of corruption, known to the media and to the Congress and yet, there are none who will stand up and demand truth about a program that simply does not work..

We read of comments by one member of our military who has dared question the administrations handling of the several wars in which our young men and women are engaged, often at great personal peril and the reaction, thus far, is to grill the messenger, not the message. We might recall that our commanders in the desert wars we are waging, asked tor 50 thousand troops stating that a lesser number would deny the quick resolution to existing problems and would lead to a higher number of casualties and yet, none in Washington said a single word when Obama cut that request by 40 % virtually assuring a degree of failure and increased risk to our valiant young warriors. The military has had a Corps of Chaplains and this administration has given order threatening to punish members of that elite Corps should they undertake to expand their God-given mission, and the Congress sat, hushed and did what was expected – they did nothing.

Once the worlds leading air power, we read of problems with the aircraft our brave young must fly as the same government is killing off the remarkable A 10 Warthog – the finest close support aircraft ever developed and, there is no replacement in the pipeline, much less on the drawing boards. In a rush to develop a new aircraft that will be used by all of our services, we are spending far too much trying to make one airframe fit all mission requirements which is, really, like telling all of our pilots that they will wear size 9 B shoes regardless of the feet to be so sloppily shod. One size does not fit all – it never has and it never will. Meanwhile, in their mis-guided thinking processes, new restrictions upon promised benefits due to those who were this nations warriors is taking place and in this, our administration makes liars out of all Americans who have always been willing to extend benefits to those who volunteered to put their lives on the line that we might life as free people.

Obamacare, as woeful as it is, has one charming qualification – it established an income limit on those who apply for assistance in meeting these costs. That limit is in the Forty thousand dollar range and yet, members of our Congress, paid well over One Hundred Thousand Dollars have applied for payment help. Those who have attempted this scam are either the most stupid people to draw breath or they lead the list of those to whom corruption is a pill they ingest with their morning meal as to better prepare them for the coming day. Why America must tolerate these people is beyond comprehension ! The media needs to investigate and confront these people with the printed, visual and spoken word across this troubled land.

As I type, the Congress is debating extension of unemployment benefits and almost on cue, the Democrats will not discuss an off-set in spending that would help cover the cost of these expanded benefits as sought by Republicans and as sure as the night follows the day, with the backing of their media machine, if the benefit bill is not enacted exactly as Harry Reid wants, it will become a Republican problem. Of course, there are none in Washington capable of forming an analysis that severe cuts in government spending would provide economic relief for our over-burdened businesses and with more businesses free from burdensome government regulation and tax, we might just see business growth and meaningful employment in the immediate future which, in turn, would cause a swell in commercial activity and be a very productive action to take. No, Washington has taken it upon itself to vilify the Tea Party which is primarily concerned with lower taxes, smaller government and the resulting economic relief, However, with the blessings from the administration, the media has twisted facts into fables and far too many Americans believe the Tea Party to be subversive, anti-American, anti-Labor, and to just about everything you can come up with. The Chambers of Commerce, who could combine with the lower tax groups in an effort to restore economic stability seem more concerned with growing government even as they deny themselves the truth that expanded government means expanded costs and these costs are paid by We The People and the businesses that are the primary commercial asset in our America.

We The People need a resounding wake-up call and we need it right now. The off-year election to come this November can set this nation upon a course we need or it can allow politicians to decide our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. It is just that simple ! There is no free lunch and for government to give anything to one person, deserving or not, legal or not, the funds to cover the costs of that giving can only be painfully extracted by those among us who believe that hard work is the key to their own future – hard work unhindered by a government that has only one policy – anti American growth in every aspect you can imagine.

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