“Murphy’s Law” by Jim Murphy

First of all I would like to point out a list of labels hung on all of us by the Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Socialists/Marxists.

1) It is perfectly permissible for President Barack Hussein Obama to describe his grandmother’s observations as: Acting like a TYPICAL WHITE PERSON.

1A) BUT, if you happen to disagree with anything proposed by Obama, then you are a RACIST.

2) If Muslim Terrorists murder American citizens or American Military Personnel it is either classified as a Criminal Act or Workplace Violence.

2A) BUT, if any Non-Muslim disagrees with any action by a Muslim, then you are AN ISLAMAPHOBE.

3) It is perfectly permissible for a Homosexual to try to force their particular views on everyone at almost every level.

3A) BUT, if you happen not to agree with or subscribe to the Homosexual lifestyle, then you are a HOMOPHOBE.

4. If a left wing extremist attempts to force their particular views upon you, that is his/her First Amendment Right.

4A) BUT, if you do not accept the Left Wing/Progressive/Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Marxist political view, then you are A RIGHT WING WHACKO BIRD. (At least according to John McCain)

So, with that being said let me bid you all welcome to the West Texas Official Headquarters For Jingoistic, Racist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic, Right Wing Whacko Birds.


One must seriously wonder about the basic knowledge of the National and Global interests of the United States by Obama Administration appointees.

I watched a short video clip of a House Foreign Affairs Committee. One of the Congressmen asking questions to THREE; III; Tres; 3; totally incompetent Obama Administration Appointees who were purported to be EXPERTS on Afghanistan was Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). One of the questions asked of all three Administration Afghanistan Expert Appointees was: What was the annual cost of the Afghanistan War. You could hear crickets chirping as NONE OF THEM HAD ANY IDEA OF THE ANNUAL COST OF THE WAR. And, just when you thought that these three buffoons could not screw up any worse, the Representative then asked all three of these so called experts about the number of Americans killed and wounded over the past 12 months. Once again, crickets could be heard chirping as the silence was deafening.

While I was not surprised in the least about the total incompetence of these three appointees, I just wondered that why, in preparing to answer questions before a Congressional Committee on the Afghanistan War, none of them appeared to be able to anticipate a few questions which were sure to be asked. Once more, just an example of a totally incompetent administration under the so called leadership of a Chicago Mob Controlled Con-Man.

Then we were privileged to see reports of our present INCOMPETENT Secretary of State, JOHN KERRY while making a speech to a group of Indonesian students, show his ignorance by claiming that “Climate Change/Global Warming” was SETTLED SCIENCE and was “The World’s Most Fearsome Weapon Of Mass Destruction”. For a number of years now, John Kerry’s arrogance and lack of knowledge on practically everything of importance, have been suspected. I believe that in this speech before the Indonesian students, he has removed all doubt.

Now, while all this was going on and Joe Biden was showing his ass at every opportunity, the world’s most articulate and intelligent human went to California and took that opportunity to blame “Climate Change” for the lack of rainfall and the authorized something like $135 million to ease the drought pain. No one bothered to ask the world’s most articulate and intelligent Marxist why in this water shortage the welfare of the Delta Smelt, a one inch fish, was being placed above the welfare of humans. According to one article that I read, millions of gallons of fresh water are being flushed out to sea to save this so called endangered fish.

I can remember a number of years back in New Mexico, there was a huge forest fire and a number of residential areas were in danger of being burnt to a crisp. There were all kinds of chemicals being dropped on the fire along with huge amounts of water. One of the units wanted to obtained water at a nearby water source BUT the ENVIRONMENTALISTS had their day and prevented this water from being used as this water source was a breeding area for the GILA CHUB. Of course this was prior to the Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change being blamed for everything from blizzards to droughts.

But the bottom line is that we have some really incompetent people calling the shots and these people and their appointees have a serious problem with knowledge of the areas of their so called expertise.


A few days back a friend of mine and I went to a local Nursing Home Facility where one of our very close friends is currently a resident. This man, who is also on our prayer list, is 85 years old and retired military whose wife passed away several years back. Of course our friend has one of the best attitudes of anyone I have ever known. His body is simply wearing out and he cannot walk at all anymore. But his attitude is absolutely one of the most positive I have ever seen. He is one of the first people whom I met when we moved to San Angelo from New Mexico. We hit it off right off the bat. He and I like the same movies, books, and pastimes.

But one of the saddest sights I have seen in quite awhile was some of the other residents of this nursing facility. When you enter the front door you see many of the residents sitting in wheel chairs in the lobby. And while the lobby is furnished nicely and has plenty of sunlight and plenty of windows, I don’t think I can forget the looks on most of their faces. Of course almost all of them are in their eighties but they all had that same thousand yard stare on their faces.

As I left the facility I thought of how many people in our country are constantly complaining about their particular lot in life. I even thought of how many times I have gotten upset over some pretty minor things and these poor souls have nothing at which to look forward. I vowed that I would try to be more patient about many things and every time I get to thinking that things are not going exactly as I would like, I will try to remember these very senior citizens who have nothing in their future but more of the same thing every day of their lives.

I will also vow to try to do whatever I can to help people who are in that kind of environment.


Tony Aguilar, Mary Vigil, Joe & Ruth Lucero, Ted Salgado, Bob McKelvey -NM – Ella Dunlop, Kaleigh Paige Hudgens, Cliff Peiser, Bobby Peiser, Bob Wallman, Maria Tupaz, Bernice Murphy, Don Faubion, Judy Langham, Liz Deguren, Roger Tucker, John Gallemore, Zak Krejci, Debra Blake, Mary Denson, Randy Jones, John Henley, Don Weaver, Joe Williams, Horace Riebe, Roger Goertz, Billy Williams, Gerry Fincher, Jerry Carpenter, Steve Mida – TX – Sr. Delphine Grigas (96) – IL – Paul & Debby Gula, Mike Burkebak, Lanelle Kittlestad, Alan Miller, Debbie McKeown, Violet Fermin, Carlos Fernandez, Hamilton Anderson, Arlene Anderson – FL – L.T. Drennan – OK – Lynn Jones – NE – Warren Wetmore – IL – Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban – MD – Charles Latham, Rocky Leonard, Dr. Keith Miller – AZ – Kate Powell, Annise Kennedy, – CA – Keith Chambers, Nancy Chambers – CO – Carol Ann Johnson – OR – Hal Whitmore – DE – Herb Johnston – NY – Lonnie Shoultz – AL – Perry Evans – AR – Jim Pinney, James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old) – OH – Josip & Lela Slivar – ZAGREB, CROATIA – Sister Clarice Carroll (83) – HAITI – Carol Doyle, Rick Vizzier USNA74, Gloria Vizzier, Steve Burich USNA74 -VA – George Rimmer – WA, Dick Bolstad – SC

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Troy Partain of Stone Mountain, Georgia
Wayne Martin of Blacksburg, Virginia

John Mallory – DEA – Fr. Joseph M. Peek, Gary and Cindy Hogman, Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families.


“The central support of personal freedom has been removed. The rest of the structure may not last very long, now that the Obama Administration is busy quietly dismantling other bulwarks against the unbridled power of the government in general, and the unbridled power of the presidency in particular.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“The basic, brutal reality is that the federal government can do whatever it wants to do, if nobody stops them. The Supreme Court’s ObamaCare decision shows that we cannot depend on them to protect our freedom. Nor will Congress, as long as the Democrats control the Senate.”… THOMAS SOWELL

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”… VOLTAIRE

“An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!…. Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us…. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”… PATRICK HENRY


Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Louis Farrakhan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC Chairperson, Leon Panetta, Supreme Court Justices – Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts, Eric Holder, John McCain R-AZ, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius, Bill Richardson, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN, Former Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, COLIN POWELL , Michael Moore, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Former President Jimmy Carter. Al Gore, Chuck Hagel, Dick Durbin, Andrew Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie R-NJ , Michael Bloomberg, Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX, Susan Collins R-ME, Patrick Leahy, Jeff Flake R-AZ, Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX, John Boehner R-OH, John Cornyn R-TX, Mitch McConnell R-KY, Mike Huckabee R-AR, Lisa Murkowski R-AK, Mary Landrieu LA, Robert Menendez NJ, Al Franken MN, Claire McCaskill MO, Patty Murray WA, Henry Waxman CA, Linda Sanchez CA, Maxine Waters CA, State Senator Wendy Davis D-TX

MSNBC, ACLU, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, UNITED NATIONS, Jane Fonda, LA RAZA, MOVEON.ORG, PETA, CAIR, BOB COSTAS (NBC), ESPN, The NFL, CNN, The Environmental Protection Agency, Al Jazeera America, Republican National Committee (RNC), NBC, CBS, CNBC, ABC


OK. I personally do not agree with Incompetent Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on his decision to reduce the size of our Military to Pre-World War II numbers. Also included in his ideas for defense cuts are many of the tools and equipment currently in use by our Military. Of course, I am not an expert in this field and for a few brief moments I thought that perhaps I was wr – – -; mista – – -; incor – – – -; a trifle confused regarding my views. THEN, I turned on a news program one morning and heard that Retired Army General WESLEY CLARK was in complete support of Chuck Hagel, which convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I WAS RIGHT.
A friend sent me a short video regarding a series of pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope. They found a patch of sky where there was absolutely nothing visible. This was near the “Big Dipper” in 1996. After a series of pictures were received it was learned that some 3,000 galaxies were visible. NOT 3,000 stars…. 3,000 GALAXIES. Then in 2004 they did the same thing near the constellation, Orion. Over 10,000 GALAXIES were discovered. Sort of brings things into perspective, doesn’t it?
I noticed in an article in the (Sub) Standard Times that the Ol’ Religion Of Peace, has murdered, peacefully I am sure, at least 58 students at the Buni Yadi Government College in Dimaturu, Nigeria. The article said that Islamic Militants set fire to a locked dormitory and then shot and slit the throats of students who tried to escape through windows. Wait a minute! Could the (Sub) Standard Times be guilty of Islamaphobia?
FINALLY!!! The NCAA football rules committee has come up with something with which I am in agreement. At present, a TARGETING PENALTY which could include Expulsion from the game of the offending player, could be reviewed and the expulsion could be overturned BUT the 15 yard penalty was still invoked. I thought this was one of the more stupid penalties and rulings in college football. But now, the rules committee is proposing that if the review shows that the targeting call was not in order, the expulsion AND the 15 yard penalty could be overturned.

Then, just when you thought the Rules Committee was showing some brains, they come up with this brilliant idea:

The rules committee also proposed a change to allow defenses to substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40 second play clock, WITH THE EXCEPTION of the final two minutes of each half. Offenses would NOT be allowed to snap the ball until 29 seconds are left on the play clock. The proposed change is in response to the no-huddle offenses that don’t allow defenses to substitute. Yeah, let’s legislate the NCAA Football game so that it is not worth watching and we will depend upon video re-play thereby making the officials more afraid to make a call.
I notice that the NFL is threatening to PULL THE 2015 SUPER-BOWL from Arizona if Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, signs into law a bill which was recently passed by the Arizona State Legislature which has promoted a bunch of rhetoric about religious vs. gay rights. AND, of course BOTH ARIZONA U.S. Senators are calling for Governor Brewer to VETO the bill. OK let’s look at this; BOTH the NFL and JOHN MC CAIN are against the bill…. that makes me immediately supportive of the bill. THIS IS A STATE MATTER AND THE NFL AND THE U.S. SENATE NEED TO KEEP OUT OF IT!
Just got our sample ballot for the upcoming Primary Election. Lots of stuff and lots of contested races. I will have to study a bit more this year. I do know that getting recorded messages supporting one candidate or another does not have a very positive effect on me. I would personally like to get my hands on the first idiot to come up with these recorded message ideas. AND, the “Do Not Call” list means nothing.

DUMP MC CAIN. Get rid of all RINOs.

See Y’all Next Week


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