From the Bear’s Corner: “Hookers and the NBA’s “Death Penalty”

It you don’t mind I am going to turn the clock back to a week ago to audio tape that came out about the 80 year old billionaire owner Donald Sterling of the L.A. Clippers professional basketball team.

And by no means take this bit piece as a defense for his racist remarks, because that is not my intent.

Now I ask, who among us has never said something in a private conversation that could be interpreted or misinterpreted as a racist remark? You can step forward to the front of the line and cast the first stone.

What’s bother me about this whole episode is several things.

1. Have we moved the insanity meter up a couple notches whereby anyone who makes a stupid statement is now convicted of a “thought crime”? Do we now not have the tolerance to allow someone to say…”I am sorry for what I said.” And allow him make some form of restitution, like a donation to a black charity.

2. Taping a (audio) a private conversation and making it public is illegal in the State of California and that’s exactly what his ex-girlfriend did. (as a side note) What ever happened to the word mistress? Has it been expunged from the dictionary? Because that is exactly what she is.

3. After listening to the audio several times I can see another possibility for Sterling’s racist tirade. Here is a man with a mistress some 50 years younger than him and I sure her supports financially and he well knows that her attraction to him is ($$$$) and a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams.

His tirade may be one of jealously because he knows he can’t compete with the young studs in her age group and the black reference comes about because she is half black and is naturally attracted to black athletes.

Just something to think about.

4. But here is what really bothering me. I think the NBA has overstepped their authority in this matter by issuing a “death penalty” to Sterling by issuing an edit to him that he must sell his team. I am aware that in the NBA bylaws that if a majority of owners vote for it, but can they enforce it is the question? The NBA franchise is Sterling’s private property and he has said he doesn’t intend to sell the team.

Look for a long lengthy court battle here about “property rights” and whatever comes out of the courts regarding “property rights” can have far reaching Constitutional ramifications.

Now since we are on the subject of ladies of the night, do you know where the name/word “hookers” comes from?

It is taken from the name of Major General Joseph Hooker (1814-79), a Union commander during the Civil War, is a popular one. According to the story, Hooker’s troops were poorly disciplined and famous for fraternizing with the “working girls” of the day, in some accounts a practice tolerated by Hooker to the extent of allowing prostitutes to set up shop in the troopers’ barracks.

Never let a day go by without learning something new.

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