Dr Barbara Bellar sums up Obamacare in one sentence


  1. Imagine if you will,… one Woman with more sense than the entire U. S. Gove put together.

  2. greenlady0 says:

    I want to know why everyone was laughing as these horrific facts and not rioting in the streets. When are we the people going to take charge and take responsibility for what we as a country are allowing to happen with our best reaction to treat everything as a joke? This is not a joke people this is your life for the rest of your days and as time has proven, things will not get better on their own.

  3. Jim Scott says:

    Greenlady0 ~

    The audience is laughing because the doctor’s list of absurdities that surround the writing, passing and implementation of Obamacare are so contray to any kind of common sense that listing, as she did, strikes one as humorous.

    However, the stark realities of Obamacare, amplified by the president’s rapid and illegal delays of it’s provisions implementation, is evidence that the Obama and the Democrats realize their socialist dream of ‘single-payer’ health care insurance and the subsequent control over Americans lives is rapidly becoming their worst nightmare and may well cost them their voting majority in the senate as well as the presidency in 2016.

    Sometimes, we laugh at absurdity before we deal with it. Americans laughed at film of the hyper-frenetic Adolph Hitler sputtering in German while gesticulating wildly at rallies but eventually, Allied soldiers managed to defeat the Axis powers and Hitler blew his brains out to avoid capture and being held accountable for his monstrous war crimes.

    Obamacare is a malignancy on the American body politic and will be excised, soon. Meanwhile, we can have a good laugh at the ridiculous manner in which the hated law was written, passed and imposed on the American public. Then, we’ll oust the Democrat politicians that did that to us and repeal the law. Replacing it with one that is sensible and effective, not a vehicle used to control people via their health care.

  4. woundedduck2 says:

    Between this brilliantly blunt, courageous, and accurately/truthfully stated analysis and statement on the woes of Obamacare…and Jim Scott’s comments, I could barely improve on their assessment. Except for one statement made by one of CA’s own, barely cognitive Pelosi; ‘Just pass it, then read it.’ It’s idiots and traitors like this that (1) CA voters overwhelmingly vote for (welfare queens and kings, gay rights activists, professionally unemployed, etc.), and (2) and, then because they haven’t done enough damage in one term, they repeatedly, election after election, vote for them again! Ditto for the idiots in DC and for their ‘constituents’ that vote them in, again and again. We appear to our nation’s citizens and to the international community that watches the U.S. political comedy of ignorance like fish in a fishbowl about to be flushed down the toilet. The legacy we leave our children and children’s children is deplorable, unforgiveable, and can only be returned to any degree of sanity the day after hell freezes over. And, if you begin to give any credence to the lie that Dem’s did this by themselves, and that the Rep’s are guiltless…go out and rent a brain!!

  5. SoCalSandy says:

    If it didn’t make us laugh, we’d have to cry!!

  6. This seems to be a Republican site , so the post I just posted probably won’t be posted .

  7. jasanfor says:

    Looks to me this is an AMERICAN site, so if your post did not get posted it was probably partisan rubbish…There is absolutely NO WAY to defend Obamacare. The advertising alone is ridiculous…almost as ridiculous as the current POTUS

  8. DocNeaves says:

    Son, it has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. Defend your ideas with facts and logic, and you’re welcome. Whine and complain with no basis, abuse people, and I’m pretty sure the Bear will lose your post. But he and I have disagreed when there was no one else here, and he still posted mine. You should not convict someone before you’ve even given them a chance. THAT might get you blocked, but nothing rational you say in defense or attack of a position will do so. If it did, I’D be the one defending you. Ask Bear.

  9. We had a power outage yesterday and the website wasn’t online for half a day and I don’t know what you are talking about. All views are welcome even if I disagree.

    The main rule here is I don’t want any foul language or spam.

  10. To anyone listening I didn’t use foul language and only wanted to have a say as others have here.
    I don’t feel I was convicting anyone , just seems to me all post are about being for Republicans .
    If I am blocked , so be it . I have been treated a lot worse by my family and this is the reason I wrote this post , for my son to see I am tired of being hit over the head with emails about Obama . I didn’t know this site existed until receiving another email from my son showing the above video . I have a right to feel just as anyone else does , I guess , don’t really know for sure as I have been treated really bad . You see , my son is wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about insurance or anything else at this time , but no one knows when that runs out , do they.? I too didn’t have any worries when I had good health and worked hard to fed my kids , but that is another conversation .
    Sir , ! If you feel you need to block me , do what ever you feel necessary .
    I just reread the above post and it said if one was abused here by others that could get one blocked too . I don’t feel I abused anyone , but this is your site and if you feel I did , so be it.
    I felt I was only telling the truth about things that have happened .
    I am sorry if I offended anyone , but there will be other times and other places to voice a opinion .
    Thank you for allowing me to post (this) anyway .

  11. @ The Bear,
    After posting my info. yesterday a notice kept showing the post had to be monitored before posting , at least that was the way it felt to me . I am not familiar with this site and thought my post wasn’t going to be posted because of my views, so I did jump the gun with saying that and not knowing you. I am sorry about that .
    Just accept my apology and I won’t post anymore.
    Thank you,

  12. Your are welcomed to post your comments again, if you wish. As I said I even had trouble getting on line yesterday and was locked out for a half a day from entering my program where I post from.

  13. DocNeaves says:

    Sometimes my comments go directly on, if they’re short. But if I post again, same day, or if it’s long, it usually says awaiting moderation, or something like that. It’s not your views. So, to steal a phrase…keep calm, and keep posting. I couldn’t even get on yesterday, thought he’d been hacked or something.

  14. I saw a quote about the ACA (right) that went something like this: Obamacare means that you will lose the insurance you prefer, and be forced to buy more expensive insurance so that other people can get insurance for free.

    The only people who like this “tax” are the ones who aren’t paying it. And they don’t care – they don’t ever care – about what it costs the people who pay the bill. The “Obamaphone” lady doesn’t give one iota of care as to who is paying for her “free” phone – she doesn’t. She won’t even give credit or recognition to the taxpayers picking up the tab – she thanks Obama.

    Our contry has delved into a debate over “free ice cream Thursdays”. The Democrats promise two free scoops of ice-cream, and the Republicans shout “We cannot afford this – it’s impossible… unsustainable. ONE free scoop of ice cream on Thursdays”. When you are in the arena of promising “free stuff”, the side promising the most “free stuff” is always going to win with the crowd that actually believes in “free stuff”.

  15. Anyone who uses “this appears to be a Republican site” as an argument to discount what Ms. Bellar says here is, quite frankly, firing on one cylinder.

    How in god’s name did we reach a point where FACT vs. FICTION is wholly secondary to a “perceived” partisanship of the individual? Is mustering even a singled logical thought that far removed from Americans now? Do you simply take what someone from YOUR party as the irrefutable truth?

    I have only cast one vote in my life for a democrat (local election), but I am the first to admit that GW Bush was the worst president when it came to the nation’s finances (though subsequently trumped by Obama). Why? Because FACTS back that up.

    Everything Ms. Bellar says is funny, but it’s funny-sad, not funny-haha. Why? Because her comments are really true. Obamacare is the biggest FUBAR legislation ever passed by a Congress & President, then reaffirmed by the Supreme Court!

    Stupidity and ignorance is rapidly destroying this country. Unfortunately as is often said, you can’t fix stupid. We are toast!

  16. einkerem says:

    As a few have already posted with respect to the audience laughing, yes many times people laugh as long as it does not hurt them. Sooner rather than later Obamacare will be hurting them and they will stop laughing. What’s really sad is that the Democrats have found a way to keep getting re-elected over and over again for the job of President. They have bought the poor, the illegal aliens, the minorities, most women, all the liberals and all the gays and lesbians. The USA is now going to be stuck with whomever the Democrats elect in their primaries and no one will stop them for many years to come. Basically, you can forget about America as we once knew it. It’s over. What’s left is a socialist, ultra liberal, isolationist country that produces little, uses a lot, is not only broke but deeply in debt, that has relative morality as a compass. Basically, if it feels good, do it! The family unit is soon to be a rarity. I recall an episode in my life about 30 years ago in San Francisco (where I was born and raised), walking with my wife as she pushed a stroller with our first born, and having 2 gay man pass by us and mutter out loud – “I thought we got rid of you guys!” We left that once great city a few years later. For those using all their senses, it’s time to pack up and leave or find some tiny community in the middle of the country where no one knows you and leaves you alone, and hope and pray for the best. Odds are, it is not going to be pretty as the system collapses from all sides.

  17. oneillmm@sc.rr.com says:

    I am a liberal Democrat and proud of it. I’m so tired of black hating conservatives like this lady. I agree with the guy above … hope this is posted.

  18. DocNeaves says:

    one…which guy above? And, you don’t get it. We don’t hate blacks. But, because you have listened to the lies of the Democrats for so long, you believe that anything that doesn’t glorify black people, put black people first, give exceptions and special treatment to black people, must mean that we hate blacks. We don’t want favoritism of any kind. And no, we don’t want the corruption in our own party any more than we want it in yours. The lie you believe is one that keeps you trapped in voting for the losers who keep you down. Favoritism makes you a loser, but you keep voting for it. Why? Because you vote BLACK. How can you vote along racial lines while condemning anyone else for doing so, unless, of course, they vote BLACK?

  19. I really wish SOMEONE would come along in the Republican Party and at least offer realistic, alternative SOLUTIONS. And I don’t mean plans that give big business even more tax breaks and take away from the poor and middle class, Mr. Ryan. The fact is, like it or not, “Obama Care” has insured over 8 million people who previously had NO insurance or insurance that had inadequate coverage. All I hear from the right is doom and gloom and how bad the roll out went. Missing in the information is the Walmarts and Targets whose idea of medical coverage is to refer employees to Medicaid. A friend of mine with health issues was recently knocked down one hour at work to a “part time” position at Target and soon after informed that Target no longer would insure part time employees! You want something to be outraged about, go for that.

    I wish both right and left would stop the buss shit and WORK TOGETHER to save this country.

  20. OH, and PS: I am sick to death of the Dr. Bellars of this world who say much and say nothing. Do you really think everything she said in that run-on sentence is true? Why are people so willing to listen to this drivel. Get the F… off your couches and away from FOX and MSNBC and do some READING on your own. Stop being lazy. This is your country. Don’t let talking heads talk you into a lethargic stupor of self-righteous manipulation that only serves their causes and not yours. I don’t care if you support Obama Care or not. Just know why. If you lost your insurance today, you’d need something too. If your child had a medical condition and you had no coverage, what is your SOLUTION?? WAKE UP, AMERICA!

  21. Jim Scott says:

    The leftist premise was that Obamacare would enable those unable to afford health care insurance to obtain it (at other people’s expense) and, as the president deftly and repeatedly lied, not only can we keep our health care plan if we like it…and our doctor, too (translation: this won’t affect YOU, taxpayers) but health care insurance premiums will drop and ‘everyone’ will be insured! What could possibly go wrong?

    It was all a lie. A very cynical, calculated lie intended to establish socialized medicine in the U.S. and make a path for the eventual ‘single payer’ (government-run) system Obama publicly averred he wanted. This, in turn, would give the federal government enormous power and thus control over every Americans life…the ultimate goal of socialism/communism.

    The yearning of too many Americans for Big Brother government to solve every human problem – with taxpayer money and more government control – is very troubling. That kind of attitude inevitably leads to a socialist state, economic stagnation and citizen subjugation to an omnipotent government run by the political elite.

    The majority of the alleged ‘8 million’ Americans now insured under the ACA were people who had their perfectly adequate health care insurance cancelled by Obamacare fiat because it didn’t fit ACA parameters. That is hardly progress. Many more ACA signups are those going on Medicaid. The current figures only include those in the private health insurance market, not those covered under company plans.

    Many corporations will drop expensive health care insurance coverage for employees because the ACA practically encourages that. This is why the employer mandate was pushed back to get the Democrats safely past the November election. Frankly, if Obamacare is so wonderful, why have the rules been changed 40 times? This unconstitutional altering of a federal law that, in itself, may well be eventually deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court indicates that Obamacare is a gigantic mess that is harming Americans despite the Obama administration’s happy talk duly parroted by a complicit and corrupt media.

    The House Republicans and the Republican party as well as conservative ‘think tanks’ have all offered health care insurance plans to replace Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) immediately quashes the House plans and the leftmedia ignore the various Republican plans that oppose Obamacare so Democrat politicians (and Obama) can falsely claim ‘the Republicans have no plan’.

    Until and unless Republicans obtain a voting majority in both houses of congress and the nation elects a Republican president in 2016, Americans are going to be stuck with the monstrosity that is Obamacare and if the electorate chooses to elect another Democrat president they will have only themselves to blame for losing their preferred health care coverage as well as another chunk of their freedom.

  22. DocNeaves says:

    Paul…your words are hypocritical. First of all, the only ‘solutions’ you’ll consider are those socialist solutions that force one group to pay for another group’s insurance. Guess what? We’re ideologically opposed to that, so anything we propose you’ll immediately reject. So, vice versa. No socialist solutions. This means your side has no “realistic, alternative solution”. Get it? We have solutions, you just pooh paw them and move on, trying to fix the same old problem with a solution that actually worsens the problem.

    You claim the Republicans are sending people to Medicaid, but it’s Obamacare that’s sending them there. All those sign ups? As Jim so eloquently pointed out, they are ghosts…three categories of them: Those who haven’t paid, and won’t; those who were pushed into Medicaid; and those who were forced to sign up again after Obamacare took their insurance away. All bad.

    You want to talk about pre-existing conditions? Everyone who lost, and will lose (a considerably larger number, what with all the delays Obama has illegally done) their insurance will now have to worry about pre-existing conditions, because Obamacare doesn’t completely disallow that, while actually forcing millions of them to happen.

    In short, Obamacare sucks only slightly worse than Obama and you communists.

  23. Oh, Doc. I guess I should have known better inviting myself to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party site here. I forgot the “logic” that doing nothing, is doing something. Hmmm. sounds like the “strategy” currently being used in Congress. And thank you for labeling me a “hypocrite” and a “communist.” This is why the debate stops cold with comments like that. Therefore, I hesitate to keep the “debate” going by responding at all because the conversation gets derailed all too quickly. (I worked in immigration years ago, you’d be surprised how I feel about economic undocumented aliens jumping ahead on line to get into the US!) I am not left or right wing, in general. I’m no ideologue as issues are just too complex. Just that on this issue, I do tack to the left. That said, I do appreciate the fact that you at least are passionate enough on the issues to comment even though we disagree on this one. So many people say nothing at all, so kudos to you for that. Let’s keep it to the issues and not personally attack others on this site. It is unbecoming. One of the problems in this country, and others, is that we have become too personally invested in the ideology to the point that nothing gets accomplished or even discussed.

    Companies like Target and Walmart ARE forcing employees to seek assistance from the Federal government. I think next time you are in one of those stores, you might want to talk to an employee if you haven’t already. It angers ME when MY tax dollars are being used to cover working people because the companies they work for will not provide anywhere near a living wage or offer any medical coverage, even partial, to many of their employees. Or worse, take benefits away, such as medical insurance. AND then these companies will support politicians on the right who want to seriously curtail Medicare, Medicaid and public assistance in general. They want it both ways! Furthermore, I think it is disingenuous of Congresspersons of BOTH parties to support giving big agribusinesses and others, like forcing the Pentagon to accept material they don’t want or need because the products are made by companies in a Congressperson’s district. They support billions in public assistance of this type and in the same measure, cut assistance to the poorest people in our society. i.e. the seniors and veterans who “live” on social security. Sorry, but I do not understand the argument of cutting public assistance and “Obamacare” because they are “socialist” policies, yet do not touch MY Medicare! Isn’t that basically a government-run health care program? Seems to work pretty well, and is supported by even Tea Party advocates, some of whom justifiably rely on this service. You are “forced” to pay through payroll deductions for this. And please do not use the argument that you have paid into it over the years so you “deserve” it. Fact is, most people use whatever they invested in Medicare very quickly once they are on it. One illness can do that. Then you are using money provided by other people in the system.

    I recently read an article where one of the Walmart family spent a billion dollars to build a museum because she felt that she needed to “give back to society.” WTF? Do you think she could have done THAT by providing a better wage or coverage to the employees? Give back? I’ll bet she reaped a sweet tax break from her “philanthropic” efforts. I feel people like this are severely disconnected from the reality of even the people they employ. To my thinking, this is sad. Just saying, folks!

  24. HarryHorse says:

    The comments pro & con are interesting. Sadly, what we face is a government that attempts to remove personal responsibility from it’s citizens. Perhaps that’s why many really don’t care about the government and vote for the candidate that promises more free stuff or appears to be more physically attractive or more socially acceptable. I suspect there will come a time when the piper must be paid. When the strongest economy can’t pay it’s bills, the time will approach. Good health is a right that can be achieved by personal actions; good health care is a wish that may happen depending on circumstance; good health insurance is a myth when it really is prepaid medical care. Our government is attempting to provide good health care which is impossible without force. Government provided clinics are generally failures as displayed with the Indian Health Care or Veterans Administration hospitals; it almost works in the military but only in combat where the end result is necessary to a mission. Government insurance can only work if enough people allow themselves to be taxed to provide care for others, but we see that Medicare may be in future trouble because it provides benefits to an increasing number of seniors without a corresponding tax increase. Those who pay these taxes (many of which are hidden) eventually will complain. A single payer system (like Medicare) might appear to be a solution but if constraints aren’t defined, the taxpayers may again revolt in disgust or care will become severely rationed as it is in those countries that use such a system.

    It’s a really pity that a true national debate cannot seem to be conducted. There are many reasons why ‘Obamacare’ is flawed beyond the obvious way it was enacted. The current two political parties refuse to discuss the flaws objectively. The major flaw beyond being actuarially unsound is that it does nothing to manage health care costs. Considerable taxpayer money will be consumed in an unending government morass to correct it’s flaws and administer the law. There could be better solutions that neither political party can accept. Most consumers are oblivious to the many flaws but when they discover what the government has done, on their behalf, there may be considerable backlash.

  25. DocNeaves says:

    Paul…when you use the concept “living wage”, you lose all credibility. That is nothing more than Marxist claptrap. Since it is the basis for your argument, I have to assume, and rightly so, that you are a Marxist at heart, since you make a Marxist argument.

    You are what you are.

    Thanks for ridiculing me for being partisan, even though you yourself are more partisan than you will allow yourself to believe. Thanks also for then taking the high road so that you can make me look bad.

    It doesn’t work.

    You look just as stupid as you did two, twenty, or two hundred posts ago, arguing a failed concept that has killed millions.

    You argue that somebody spent some money in a way you didn’t like, when they could have spent it in a way you DID like.

    Who the heck are YOU? A Marxist, that’s who. How do we know? You consider OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY as your very own to spend as you wish. You feel like you have a right to tell others how to live.

    And when the choice is to imprison, or not to imprison, doing nothing is the best choice. Yes, I advocate doing nothing about a living wage except abolishing the minimum wage, the worst thing for wages anyone has ever done.

    Unions should be outlawed next.

    Now…we are diametrically opposed ideologically. YOU have been proven wrong over and over. OUR way has NEVER been tried.

  26. Well, Doc. You need to reread everything I wrote. I think I actually complimented you personally at a point! Is that not OK here? But evidently, I struck a nerve with you. Maybe that’s a good thing. Why do you spend half your comments attacking me— whom you don’t even know— and less giving well-thought out responses on what I said? You decide. Self-reflect— or is that a “Liberal Only Sign of Weakness Thing!” ;)) I do know this. You have proved by your diatribe that you want to just shut down debate by typical bullying on-line, antisocial, paranoid antics, which proves my point. So thanks for that. I will not allow myself to waste time further responding to such negativity and unproductive commentary. I guess negative attention IS attention, which you crave. I know your type. Yes, an assumption, but at least based on what you present! I’m sure of this, too. No matter whether left or right most people would agree that the behavior you are demonstrating here does not move the debate forward. I will leave this site to you and your ilk. So you will get what you want, to just close off debate. That is fine with me. I speak to open-minded people of all political persuasions face-to-face all the time, but you do not have the right to take my time responding any further. Your mission accomplished on this site. Good luck and see you at the ballot box.

  27. DocNeaves says:

    Exactly. You have no answers. You complimented me? By way of stroking yourself. Empty compliments are a tool to stroke your own ego (look how nice I’m being to him even though he’s being ugly to me!) while then being ugly to me. Bullying? Paranoid antics? You have your own insults, so that’s where the hypocrite charge comes from. Typical liberal. No answers, no arguments, so run away. Idiot.

  28. Honestly, I don’t consider myself Republican or Democrat. I’m American. My family has a varied racial background, so I really don’t care about skin color, only content of character. With regards to the ACA, I applaud the intent, but this act is flawed. Too many exceptions for specialized groups, Congress and the W.H. will not be participating and yet its touted as a good policy. Costs of coverage has increased, deductibles have increased, participating quality facilities and physicians have decreased. Yes, I speak from experience. Prior to this act, I had determined my Insurance needs based on cost, deductible, type of coverage and my health and had a plan in place I was very happy with. Not anymore. I’m over 50, yet I have to have pediatric coverage?! My deductible went from $2,000 to $5,000, premium increased 147%. Lost my doctor, preferred hospital and network. I didn’t ask for the ACA, but now I am suffering.

    Congress needs to repeal and take a bi-partisan effort on helping those with true issues and needs regarding health coverage without forcing those of us who were happy to participate.

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