Will Obama Hold Anyone Accountable For Benghazi? By MICHAEL RAMIREZ

The Obama administration has determined that no one should be held accountable for the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi.

Sure, it might have been the first time in 33 years that an American ambassador was killed while in service, but according to the White House it just adds up to a “phony” scandal.

Secretary of State John Kerry decided that midlevel staffers suspended for the lax security surrounding the Benghazi compound were cleared to resume their jobs. Apparently, eight months paid leave is enough punishment.

You might recall that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted these same employees fired, but claimed State Department employment policy did not allow it.

The Obama administration also quietly withdrew the special team assigned to identify and track Benghazi suspects, and train Libyan forces to combat al-Qaida. The administration just brought charges against the Benghazi attackers a few weeks ago, 11 months after the massacre.

Isn’t charging them enough? You don’t expect them to actually pursue them too?

Now, just because …

    • Someone made a conscious decision to reduce security in total disregard of the requests of two ambassadors who had begged for increased security because of the growing threat in the region.

    • Someone made a conscious decision that the 9/11 anniversary did not warrant special concern or special precautions in an area where al-Qaida operatives and operations were intensifying, attacks against Western facilities and staff were increasing, and, in Benghazi alone, there were six terror attacks in the five months preceding the Sept. 11, 2012, slaughter.

    • Someone made a conscious decision to withdraw a 16-member Special Forces team assigned to security a month before the attack in Libya.

    • Someone made a conscious decision to put politics over the safety of the Benghazi staffers so the administration could sell the story that Libya was stable, secure and a foreign policy success during the presidential election.

    • Someone made a conscious decision not to send a rescue team during the 7-1/2-hour attack on the consular post even with a U.S. ambassador missing.

    • Someone made a conscious decision to revise the Benghazi talking points at least 12 times and to scrub any reference to terror.

    • Someone made the conscious decision to deceive the American public and cover it all up.

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  1. Accountability has been absent sine the day Obama was sworn in….what makes any rationally thinking person think that the elusive quality has emerged ? Scandal after scandal have gone unresolved thanks to a media circus that seems unable to stand for anything except, perhaps, to tender their miserable pay checks to the bank teller. Never look for responsibility in Obama – or, most unfortunately, in the Congress we once thought were sent to represent us.

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