What difference does it make? By T. Scott

Today, January 23rd, Hillary Clinton, in talking about the entire mess we all know as Benghazi, asked the above question as part of her reply to those conducting the hearing on the events widely known as Benghazi . Would that I might have been able to give her an answer to that awful question.

Mrs. Clinton,

Death always makes a difference to the family of those who have been slain, whether in an active war, on the mean streets of our cities, along our borders, in active wars or in the peace and quiet of our cities and towns, death does make a difference. It makes a difference to those who see death in a hospital, on a highway, in our homes or anyplace where we once thought we would be safe. It makes a difference to the military family who loses a loved one fighting in a far off land for people he doesn’t even know. It makes a difference to the EMT technician trying to save someone hurt in a fire or in an accident, perhaps a gunshot or blow from a hammer – all who care for life and who dedicate their lives to the saving of lives know and life their lives in service to all of us because to them, it does make a difference.

It certainly made a difference to the family of our slain border agent and to the families of those in Mexico slain by weaponry provided by our own government in a futile exercise for which there will be none held accountable as the matter and the blame we might expect is dying from administrative neglect. It makes a difference to the neo-natal nurse who lives in her quest to save the newborns committed to her care just as it makes a difference to the thousands of doctors who dedicate themselves to cures and repairs that help save our lives as various things happen to us. It makes a difference to the parent who lost a child riding a trike as a drunk driver swerves upon a sidewalk and snuffed out a life of promise and it makes a difference to the parent who suffers for the rest of their lives as a child dies, as a loved one ceases to live or as a grandparent passes away leaving a huge hole the remaining family will never really fill

It makes a great difference to our God as thousands, nay, tens of thousands of lives are not allowed to exist, grow and perhaps become major contributors to a world needing creative guidance as these lives are simply regarded as inconvenient and in need of an untimely, very early death..

And, Mrs. Cllinton, it makes a huge difference in the families of those slain simply because the reason and manner of their death is changing every time this or that bureaucrat opens their mouth before a microphone. It made, and still makes a difference to the family of your one-time friend Vincent Foster who died alone under odd circumstances in an event that was conveniently swept from public view as seems to have occurred.

Your needlessly coarse comment reflects, Madam, upon you and the manner of your up-bringing as well as the manner and style of your life. Frankly, I find your thinking reprehensible and totally unworthy of anyone serving the citizens of my America – a nation that has dedicated itself to the preservation of life in nations across the globe as those nations have needed help repelling an aggressor or in waging an internal strife. I my America, we savor our freedoms as we recall famous words of yore…..life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Life is the most precious thing any of us will ever know and for you to try to sully our values as you did today is simply unacceptable.

Madam, do America a favor. Go away !

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