The Incorrigible President Obama by Richard A. Epstein

A rehash of failed progressive policies will not return the United States to greatness.

Last week, President Barack Obama gave a major address on economic policy before a friendly audience in Osawatomie, Kansas. In the course of his speech, he did not make a single reference to the failed launch of his healthcare legislation except to praise Kathleen Sebelius for her “outstanding job” as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Instead, the President talked with dizzying rapidity about the lost greatness of America’s past, and his plans to restore that greatness in the future.

As is common in speeches that romanticize history to advocate change, Obama’s address contained an unforgivable level of jingoistic nationalism: He claimed, “It was here in America that the most productive workers, the most innovative companies turned out the best products on Earth…. Today, we’re still home to the world’s most productive workers. We’re still home to the world’s most innovative companies.”

No one, not even the United States, can be that good. In fact, our present national status will only become worse if we do not understand that the American position has eroded from its glory days, in part because of the very policies that the President champions as the solution to our issues. But where to begin? The President manages to pack so many economic and historical falsehoods into his speech that it is nearly impossible to take them all on at the same time.

In one of his illustrative sentences, he says: “The truth is we’ll never be able to compete with other countries when it comes to who’s best at letting their businesses pay the lowest wages, who’s best at busting unions, who’s best at letting companies pollute as much as they want.” For the President, each of these goals represents the ugly end of an economic “race to the bottom” that the U.S. should do its best to avoid. Unfortunately, his statement is wrong on every point.

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  1. There may come a time when We The People will waken to the corruption that is our nation’s capitol. We The People just don’t matter as the politically hated industrial giants, after being squeezed for the funds that pay for vastly costly election campaigns .While we actually think that we matter, iff no American gave a cent to fund an election, the candidates would scarcely notice the fund shortfall as they continue to be given massive dollars by industries who do not want to fall out of favor and lose business. Sure, it is not too far from being absolute extortion but that filthy game has supported Jesse Jackson and many in Congress for years. Franklin Roosevelt spoke against public service unions and since his passing, the teacher unions are the largest on the land and they, alone, can swing most any election they choose, such is their financial clout and yet, We The People sit quietly by while those same teachers have so under-educated our children as to cause America’s children to be no higher than 18th when compared with children of other nations – nations who know the value of education as it is the foundation for growth. Other unions represent all sorts of municipal employees and in their quest for higher wages, there is no thought about the economic safety of our nation – their greed blinds them to realities and with a willing Congress afraid to challenge what has become ‘business as usual’. Obama’s creation of problems is really not understood as most of our problems were going to happen no matter who ed the nation. This Constitutional malaise started in earnest under L. B. J. and it has not stopped gaining strength as We The People are skillfully told exactly what Washington wants us to know, Republican or Democrat, there is no difference except for, perhaps one or two who sincerely honor their oath of office and try to represent us. We have lost most of our revered freedom, We are being told that, in many areas, we are no longer free to worship as we want. but that same government that limits us freely allows Islam to do what it wants, when it wants and where it wants. Our military is no longer the warrior-led group that freed the world in World War II, but is a thin line of volunteers flying troublesome planes and being sent into battles where the only objective is satisfying some political creature who , honestly, has no thought of or for the men who serve us.

    In just over 50 years, America has lost world standing, has lost its educational edge, has lost its military preparedness and seems not to care when other aspects of our life are added to the list of losses.

    But we are sure good at using our iPads and wondrous phones as we turn a blind eye to the real losses that will rob future generations of the freedoms we just didn’t care to defend.

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