The Idiot Vote by Harry Stein

I bought it a couple of months ago as an inexpensive ebook from a link on Instapundit. It’s an essay that’s really good. Here’s something I wanted to post that gets to the crux:

    Yet in America today, only one of the dominant political parties–guess which one–is actually dependent on the idiot vote for its very survival. Ignoramuses are the Democrats’ core constituency. Can’t name your congressman or a single Supreme Court justice? Have vaguely heard of Gettysburg, but can’t quite place the war? Get your idea of news from People and Us or Comedy Central? You’re a singe-issue voter and the single issue is more-more-more and who-cares-how-it-gets-paid-for. The Dems not only want you to vote, they’ll hunt you down, fill out the registration form for you and show up on Election Day to drag you to the polls. And if you can’t make it, they’ll send someone else and say you did. And all the while, proudly cast themselves as defenders of democracy, because the right to vote is, you know, like, sacrosanct.

Source: Weekend Pundit


  1. Caroline says:

    Bear, It pains me to say this. There was a war. We lost. This is only going to get worse as more and more of these people vote….2 and more times because conservatives are so evil that multiple voting is the right thing to do. not legal, but right. We’re legalizing up to 20 million new hispanic democrat voters…you know that will come to pass. Those that we trusted, betrayed us: Roberts, Rubio, among others, and more to come. Why? Maybe because ‘someone’ has ‘something’ on them. Maybe it’s just that republicans know they’re done and the only way to maintain their privileged positions are to ease the rest of us into this transition.
    It’s not just the end of the nation, it’s the end of white christian/conservatives. Not this year and not in my lifetime. I’m retirement age and i’ll see some small changes in my kids a little more. By the time my granchildren and great grand children come of age, they’ll be running for their lives. They’ll be slaves. To the state or to muslims.

    They only bright spot that I can thnk of is that more often than not, those that conspired to deny freedom and liberty to others have a way of reaping what they sow.

  2. Caroline is absolutely right (and so is Howard Johnson). We’re f*cked. This country is done, finished and over with. It won’t happen in my lifetime, but the math and laws of human reproduction are set in stone. White, conservative, math-capable America is on life support and will be gone in 30 years. A new populace has arisen, one teat-fed with the sweet cooings of feminism and Oprah Winfrey: You Deserve Whatever you Want. There is no difference between deserve and desire. That was just a nasty white myth.

    There is no saving this country.

    I have never been so delighted that I never married or had kids. I am terrified of the swinehole of depravity that awaits our children today, when they are in their 30s.

    The future is not female. The past was. The future is male, and his name in 80 years will be Jorge, and 100 years after that it will be Abdullah.

    In 200 years at the most, this planet will be one big Muslim Caliphate. Those men who died on Normandy Beach did so for nothing whatsoever. Ditto Korea. Ditto Vietnam.

    I despise 80% of this country’s population.

  3. marty362 says:

    “I’m all in favor of the democratic principle that one idiot is as good as one genius, but I draw the line when someone takes the next step and concludes that two idiots are better than one genius.”

    - Leo Szilard

  4. DocNeaves says:

    I used to be proud to be an American. In my life, that has gone from pride to shame to despair, the same as Zorro. Unless someone can come up with some idea of how to eliminate the control the media have over our lives and the message stuffed into our ears, we are doomed.

  5. richard40 says:

    Basically the dems are a brilliant party (at least at winning elections, they are boobs at everything else), with idiot voters. The repubs are a stupid party (at least at winning elections, and also at legislative fights with dems), with intelligent voters.


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