Obamacare: A Century of Progressivism on Trial By Stephen Z. Nemo

Last Wednesday, President Obama gave a speech before the Center for American Progress while his unaffordable, dictatorial health care law crumbled, destroying affordable private-sector plans of Americans, with employers reducing employee work hours to stay in business while complying with the “law of the land.” The Los Angeles Times described the president’s effort as an attempt “to encourage Americans to sign up for [ObamaCare] coverage and to reassure nervous Democratic lawmakers and other allies who have watched Obama’s so-far unsuccessful efforts to contain the political damage.”

Obama chose the Center for American Progress as the venue for his speech because a century of bipartisan Progressive thought is on trial thanks to the Chicago community organizer. Obama, in effect, said if Americans hate his health care law they would have to disown Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society and … wait for it … Hope and Change.

Obama begged the public to see past Progressivism’s many failures and focus on its central premise instead: that you are scared, weak, stupid and incapable of making choices. That a select few, Progressive social engineers, are blessed with mystical knowledge that makes them uniquely qualified to spend your money, make your choices and design glitch-free government healthcare web sites.

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