“It’s a Republic …if you can keep it.” By the Bear

The title words where the remarks from Ben Franklin to a woman who asked Uncle Ben what type of government will we have when he emerged from the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

I find it interesting that Franklin had some reservations at that time about the future of the Republic. Franklin’s accomplishments rate high on the scale of accomplishments but it never occurred to me that Uncle Ben was a fortune teller with a crystal ball. So here we are some 226 years later and the Republic still stands, but does it really.

Many people who I encounter always assume that I am a Republican and to that I always counter that I am a Conservative who normally votes Republican because their ideology is closer to mine than a Democrat. If there is such a thing, I would call myself a Constitutional Conservative. ,,,,and Damn Proud of it.

I have no problem with our system of government to which I will add, it has worked fine for over 200 hundred years. It was designed to protect the people from an overzealous central government, it has a system of checks and balances to prevent one branch of government exceeding authority over another. As the Constitution says… THREE EQUAL BRANCHES of government.

So what am I concerned about….PEOPLE. The People I refer to are our elected officials. If I had my choice I think I would replace all of our elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats and start from scratch, including the two million plus unelected bureaucrats that write rules and regulations that in effect are laws of land without being approved by Congress under the legislative process as set forth in the Constitution.

The problem as I see it is the Federal Leviathan has gotten so big that I doubt anyone knows or even cares what’s in it and how it affects the average citizen’s daily lives.

In 2010, the Federal Register totaled 81,405 pages and millions of words said Jim Hemphill, the special assistant to the director of the Federal Register. Since that time about 1,400 new pages have been added (I say about because they are still counting). If you printed out all the pages it would come out over 340 lbs. Over 6,000 pages have been added to cover ObamaCare alone and it contains over 2 million words.

Note: I tried to find out how many words where in the Federal Register and the only answer I got was ….”impossible to answer.”

Federal Income Tax Code contains 72,536 pages, answers range from 3.8 million and 5.6 million words.

When you combine the Federal Register and the Income Tax Code the average citizen and business man has to deal with 154,000 pages and about 10 million words. No comment necessary!
Congress is not acting as a Congress should, whether it be from laziness or a dereliction of duty there is no excuse for passing laws that no one has ever read and have no idea what’s in the law.

ObamaCare is a classic example of what I speak of… passed in the middle of the night and since then the bureaucrats have added 20,000 plus pages to the law. These 20,000 pages whether good bad or indifferent have been injected into the law without being passed by Congress.

Another example of this is the immigration bill. Former Sen. Jim DeMint who is now with the Heritage Foundation states…. that the immigration reform plan released by the “Gang of Eight” senators, would cost Americans “trillions of dollars.” DeMint went on to say (and I paraphrase) “If Congress would just read the bill, no one would ever vote in favor of it.”

What a novel idea, Congress should read a bill before voting on it.

This is why I question the State of the Republic because the very operating mechanism set forth in the Constitution are not being adhered to. There is too much emphasis on politics and a huge gap of lack about the welfare of the country.

What it boils down too, is the once shinning beacon from sea to sea known as America is controlled and owned by the political establishment and their friends. On the totem pole of importance keeping power ranks no. 1 and near the very bottom comes the welfare of the country. The only reason that they put up with We the People is because we dutifully supply them with tax dollars to spend and in evidently they always find new ways to tax the people more.

All of this gives little meaning to the phrase …. “A government of the People and by the People.”

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