From the Bear’s Corner: WMD’s

It is now a given that someone is using Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Syria. Very little attention has been given to where these (WMD’s) came from because the Democrats denied their existence when George W. was President. (as usual politics trumps all else and in this case the deaths of thousands of people.)

They are using Sarin Gas in Syria, the very same gas that Saddam Hussein used on the Kurds in Iraq. Of course the media wouldn’t want to embarrass and their lefty cohorts by bringing the subject up.


  1. DocNeaves says:

    Does anyone remember the truck convoys that went from Iraq to Syria? Gee, I wonder that they were carrying. Oh, yeah, we said at the time they were carrying all of his WMD. Well, that much be a coincidence, right?

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