Egypt’s Dangerous Turmoil Is Ultimately Obama’s Doing

Mideast: In demonstrations against Hosni Mubarak in 2011, President Obama insisted our imperfect ally had to go. Now that Egyptians want his disastrous Islamist replacement removed, the U.S. stands by its man.

On his first anniversary, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi faces massive protests, a 22-million-signature petition to step down and an ultimatum from the military. Instead of taking the side of the people, our president has threatened to withdraw U.S. aid if Morsi is ousted, urging him to save his skin by calling early elections.

True to form for an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi in just a year has flexed his muscle to use a skewed referendum, with just 30% turnout, to shove down the throats of the people a new constitution, drafted by Islamists and falling short on human rights.

The country’s lower and middle class rightly blame him for devastating Egypt’s tourism-driven economy; big-spending Westerners want to go to the dangerous and unstable post-Arab Spring Egypt about as much as they want to vacation in Islamofascist Iran.

Another “surprise”: Tahrir Square demonstrators, on hearing the Egyptian military’s ultimatum to Morsi on Tuesday, cheered. They did the same when army choppers passed over the crowds later in the day, the throngs even setting off fireworks in celebration.

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