America’s Sharp Left Turn Began With Education Takeover By JOHN F. GASKI

Many Americans are wondering how their country, a supposed “center-right” nation, reached the point of electing and reelecting the most radical leftist administration in its history.

Indeed, a long chain of events giving rise to a confluence of societal changes had to occur for such a fundamental reordering to take place.

What exactly were they? How did this happen? Here’s how:

First, when the liberal Democrat establishment, manifested by the teachers unions, decisively gained control of public education in the U.S. over four decades ago, the perpetrators may or may not have been conscious of setting the process in motion.

But that they did, regardless.

You may recall how American public schools gradually abandoned values and lowered standards — the former having the effect of diluting the nation’s public morality and the latter achieving the mass dumb down of our populace. Attitudes of the U.S. citizenry today would have been very foreign to our population of even 20 or 30 years ago.

Homosexual marriage, legal marijuana, class warfare, national bankruptcy, socialized medicine and communists knowingly appointed to the executive branch! Those were radical ideas even in our recent past.

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  1. DocNeaves says:

    Uh, marijuana was legal for thousands of years until early in the twentieth century with the Harrison Narcotics Act, which was struck down, and then again in 1937, and again struck down, and then, once more, in ’69, I think it was, with the Controlled Substances Act, where is it currently labeled as the worst possible drug category, Schedule I. The history of the criminalization of marijuana is rife with corruption, primarily in the form of Harry Anslinger, son-in-law to DuPont, who wanted it illegal because of man-made fibers DuPont was working on that would not compare favorably to hemp products. Along this same vein, a harvester for hemp, the male plant, was coming online that would be the ‘cotton gin’ for hemp, reducing the cost of the fibers drastically, which already outlasted all other materials for wear and tear. Also in on the deal was William Randolph Hearst, the paper magnate, who wanted hemp kept off the market because of his paper empire that he felt would be threatened by it. Add to that the complicity of the various states who, for reasons of wanting to control illegal immigration, would eagerly enforce these policies in times of depression as a way of chasing out those they felt were taking their jobs.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why legal marijuana isn’t the conservative position. It has never killed anyone by overdose, only by man’s attempts to regulate it. The move to legalize but tax it is the same mistake. When you do so, you create the black market, which creates or increases the danger. If the government, instead of a restrictive policy, would put in place Compassionate Care Centers to furnish marijuana treatment to low-income patients, or better, to ALL patients, most, if not all, of the marijuana-related crime, would vanish.

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