A Case Of Corrupt Justice In Florida

Mob Rule: It’s come out in the George Zimmerman murder trial that the state of Florida withheld key exculpatory evidence in its arrest affidavit and charged Zimmerman under false pretenses.

Forty-four days after local police released neighborhood-watch captain Zimmerman from custody, ruling he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self defense, a special state task force set up under pressure from the Obama administration decided it was murder — with no grand jury input. Among evidence to support the charge, the affidavit noted Martin’s mother listened to a recorded 911 call and “identified the voice crying for help as Trayvon Martin’s.”

Left out of that April 11, 2012, document was the fact that Martin’s father also heard the same tape and concluded unambiguously — according to the testimony of two detectives — that it was not his son screaming.

Several other witnesses have identified the voice as Zimmerman’s, which makes sense since eyewitnesses saw the 6-foot-3 Martin straddling him and pounding his face and head on the sidewalk.

More, the affidavit omitted medical evidence of injuries to Zimmerman’s face and back of his head, as well as forensic evidence of grass stains on his back.

The task force, led by state attorney Angela Corey, claimed Zimmerman “profiled” Martin, who was black.

But it conveniently failed to mention a toxicology report finding traces of marijuana in Martin’s blood and urine — which would have corroborated Zimmerman’s remark to a 911 dispatcher that Martin acted like he was “on drugs.”

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