The Reasons for Rampage Killings

Doping Kids with Ritalin for ADHD

INSIGHT Magazine
June 28,1999 Kelly Patricia O’Meara
Though shocked by bizarre shootings in schools, few Americans have noticed how many shooters were among the 6 million kids now on psychotropic drugs.

Health and Healing: Tomorrow’s Medicine Today by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

“Last month I warned you about the dangers of these selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and detailed a few of the scores of murders, suicides and other acts of violence committed by people taking Prozac-like drugs. These drugs can cause akathisia, mental and physical agitation that sparks self-destructive, violent behavior. They can also induce dissociative reactions to the consequences of their behavior.

“This is the type of drug that Eric Harris was taking when he walked into Columbine High School and massacred his fellow students. Kip Kinkel, who killed his parents, then went to his high school in Oregon, killed two students and wounded 22 others, was taking Prozac. Joseph Wesbecker was taking Prozac when he killed seven people with an AK-47 at a printing plant in Kentucky, before taking his own life.

“Atrocities such as these have become disturbingly common over the past few years. …

“Folks, guns and movies don’t cause these tragically frequent episodes of inexplicable violence. The real reason is written out on prescription pads by psychiatrists and doctors all over the country – theses monstrous acts were done not by criminals, but by ordinary people high on prescription drugs.

“Yet the overuse of Prozac-like drugs is not even part of the debate, and those who sound the warning against them are ignored. …

“… and the research on the negative side effects of SSRIs is indisputable.” – (Julian Whitaker, M.D. Health and Healing, October 1999, Vol. 9, No. 10, published by Phillips International, Inc., 7811 Montrose Road, Potomac, MD 20854-3394)

Health Canada

May 18, 2004
Subject: Stronger WARNING for SSRIs and other newer anti-depressants regarding the potential for behavioural and emotional changes, including risk of self-harm

Dear Healthcare Professional,
Eli Lilly Canada Inc., following discussions with Health Canada, would like to inform you of important safety information regarding the possibility that SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and other newer anti-depressants may be associated with behavioural and emotional changes, including risk of self-harm.
The new Class warning incorporated in the product monograph of PROZAC (fluoxetine hydrochloride) is provided below.Read more here…
Can Prozac Cause Kids to Kill? A Canadian Judge Has Ruled it Can

It is well documented that psychiatric drugs, particularly antidepressants, can cause a host of violent side effects including mania, psychosis, aggression, violence and in the case of the antidepressant Effexor, homicidal ideation. As far back as 1991, CCHR helped organize dozens of individuals and experts testifying before the US FDA that people with no prior history of violence (or suicide) became homicidal and suicidal under the influence of antidepressants
A Winnipeg judge’s ruling that a teenage boy murdered his friend because of the effects of Prozac will not be appealed, confirming an apparent North American first and reviving debate around the widespread prescription of anti-depressants to young people.

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Drugged to Death; Our Kids and Our Troops By Jim Marrs
Investigative Journalist
New York Times bestselling author
August 19, 2009

Today, one of the biggest problems we have, and one of the things that shocks so many Americans, is the rise of teen suicides and the rise of school shootings. Yet all we hear from the corporate mass media on the shootings is “Well, we need to take the guns away.” Let me tell you something, I went to school in Texas. We took guns to school. Nobody shot anybody. So what’s changed? Drugs. Kids on psychiatric drugs. Nearly every school shooter in this country can be shown to have been involved with psychotropic drugs—either taking them at the time of the shootings, or what can be even worse, coming off of them. And teen suicides? Read the FDA black box warnings, these drugs can cause suicidal ideation. So logically, if kids are being drugged up with antidepressants, and if in fact teen suicides are rising, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we better stop drugging our kids to death.

Psychiatric drugs cause major changes in brain chemistry and in behavior. International drug regulators warn that the drugs we are doling out to kids can cause mania, psychosis, depersonalization, suicidal and even homicidal ideation. If we take a look at the school shooters that were under the influence of these drugs, you have to wonder why there hasn’t been a federal investigation into the correlation between drugs documented to cause violence and suicide and kids taking them who then became violent and suicidal. If even a handful of these school shooters were found to be taking PCP or smoking crack we would have headline news announcing a causal relationship between illicit drug use and acts of violence. But because these kids are taking legal drugs, prescribed by a psychiatrist for an alleged mental disorder, something we use to refer to as “childhood,” the powers that be don’t think it merits an investigation.

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SSRI Drugs are Dangerous!
Uploaded on Mar 2, 2009
Dr. Gary Kohls urges people to avoid using SSRIs. They are addictive and they alter the brain [chemistry].

Peter R. Breggin, MD – Antidepressants & Suicide – Congressional Testimony
“Peter Breggin testifies before the Veterans’ Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 24, 2010”

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Movie (Documentary)
Uploaded on Dec 13, 2010


  1. Sadly, you are preaching to the choir…….people reading this great article are not the ones who should be reading it. That honor goes to those members of our society who, with their specially endowed ability to garner coverage by the media, can seectively avoid whatever truths they just won’t accept – history, be damned. Their versions of the law apply to others. They are special. They are endowed with creative abilities the rest of us cannot understand. The interesting facet is that in this group, you will find few inventors, few benefactors, few who create positive things and few who can try to educate themselves as they simply know it all.

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