The “Moron Factor” By the Bear

To me, the upcoming election in November is probably the most important election that we will see in our lifetime and if Obama is reelected by time 2016 comes along the United States as we know it will be unrecognizable. Given what we have already seen coming out of the Executive Office during Obama first term in the way of executive orders and the prospects that he will not have to run for reelection again, he intends to govern by decree and complete the ‘fundamental change’ that he has so often spoke of to a Socialistic Society.

The Constitution will become meaningless and any ‘rights’ ordained under it to the people will be revoked for the greater good of a communal society of pheasants and serfs. And the other two branches of government Congress and the Supreme Court, will simply be shadows of once was figureheads of three equal branches of government with a system of checks and balances.

The average American with half a brain knows that Socialism or Marxism or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t work, has never worked as a system of government that has been tried over and over again around the globe. (Just about every country in Western Europe and Russia tried Socialism and are living proof that this system of government fails.)

In the United States we have already tried our own brand of Socialism… aka the “Welfare State” and we now are seeing the results of this brand of Socialism has brought the country to the brink of financial collapse. Some lessons are hard to learn.

In the United States almost 50% of the people receive some form of government payments, I do not begrudge those who are really in need of help but receiving government help has become a con game for millions upon millions of able body people who could support themselves.

In this same group of almost 50% who do not pay any income taxes you have the Democratic base for the upcoming election and of course you know that they will vote for a free ride forever. What they fail to realize is the free ride is over and there will soon come a day when their checks stop coming. You can talk to these people and try to rationalize economic realities until your blue in the face and they will never accept the fact that free gravy train is over.

These are the people who collectively make up the “The Moron Factor” along with many fringe groups of bleeding heart liberals and the 18 to 29 age factor of kids who think it’s cool to change America. And of course when you add in all the ‘crazies’ like confirmed Marxists and Commies Obama has 45% of the vote in his back pocket.

By 2020 it is estimated that if the country continues on spending the way it has, Medicare, Social Security and interest payments of borrowed money will consume the entire budget of the United States. That means there will be nothing left for National Security etc., etc, and Welfare payments, but the morons in our society cannot accept this reality.

If my premise is right than this figures to be a very close election in November and I do believe that Obama can be beaten but the key here is to convert enough morons that the country is on the wrong track.

Obama is running a campaign of “Distractions” …let’s talk about dogs, contraception, who killed Bin Laden or Julia and anything and everything else except unemployment, the economy and budget deficits.

For Mitt Romney to win he MUST stay on message and stay away from the “Distractions”. It’s the economy, unemployment, and budget deficits. The right wing blogosphere can answer all the “Distractions” and this will allow Romney to stay above the fray and not have to play defense.

If Obama has to run on his economic record … he loses, it as simple as that.

And to the all the voters including the morons, I ask …Are you better off today than you where 4 years ago?

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