Media Malpractice: The hanging of George Zimmerman By the Bear

I have watched and read several different accounts about what happened in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as I am sure most of you have also.

By one eyewitness account from a 13 year old boy ( who shall remain nameless), he says he saw Trayvon Martin who was on top of Zimmerman banging his head on the concrete. By this account, if it is factual then I would consider George Zimmerman’s actions as justifiable.

If Zimmerman has a broken nose from a punch delivered by Martin and have cuts on the back of his head, and this shouldn’t hard to prove from medical reports then a hanging is not in order.

“Common Sense” which is severely lacking in America, especially from those who have an agenda, it would dictate everyone should hold their fire until all the evidence is out.

(And who can forget the Duke U. rape case as evidence to a Rush to Judgment)

Update: SANFORD, Florida (Reuters) – Neighbors of George Zimmerman say he had bandages on his nose and head the day after he shot dead Trayvon Martin, supporting statements by the neighborhood watch volunteer that he was beaten in a confrontation with the black Florida teenager.

But let me return to the focus of the scribe today, which is Media Malpractice:

Now I know I am not telling you anything new when I say the media is slanted left, but this time I think they have gone to far and crossed the line of being liable for their actions. We now know NBC has edited video tapes to present a false account of what happened including publishing a picture of Martin when was 11 years old (he was seventeen, several inches taller than Zimmerman and they both where about the same weight) and in totality the reporting on this case has been one to promote a hanging.

Angela Corey, the Florida prosecutor who brought charges against Zimmerman of 2nd degree murder which by all the legal opinions I have read is excessive and will never hold up in court, has me wondering why she did this. There are two schools of taught here…1) she was intimidated by the media’s lust for a hanging or 2) she knows the excessive charges will eventually be dismissed when the media blitz has moved on.

The question here is …can George Zimmerman get a fair trial or has the media poisoned the well to such a degree that is becomes impossible?

A long standing tradition in the America media is to never print the names of minors which is why I refrained from doing above. If you want to know who the 13 year old boys, it is out there because the media has it in print.

I can only conclude that the disclosing the boy’s name was intentional and the intent is to intimidate his testimonial. I don’t know if the boy is white or black but what they have done is put a target on his back. Should this boy be harmed by thugs trying to influence the case, who will bear the burden for disclosing his name?

And then there is also another side to this carnival of Rush to Judgment and that is, who stands to gain from all of this:

    Barack Obama who is running a campaign of class warfare.

    The media hype will put money in their pockets.

    And of course our race pimps will fill their coffers with donations and before you can get Al Sharpton to shed a tear for Trayvon Martin you would have to pull hairs out of his nose.

George Zimmerman who is a registered Democrat is an expendable pawn in media’s giant scheme of things to promote racism in America and if they have to hang one meaningless Democrat to achieve an agenda, then so be it.

Trayvon Martin is only a tool to the media to ignite the flames racism and they both have been used by the media for an agenda.

And then there will be phase 2 of this episode when George Zimmerman files a liable lawsuit against the media.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Charges Against Zimmerman Won’t Hold Up.

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