From the Bear’s Corner: Truth and Justice is the American Way

I came upon an article in the Daily Beast written by Mansfield Frazier who suggests whether he is guilty or not George Zimmerman should be hanged. The premise of his point is that should Zimmerman get a “not guilty” verdict and walk away a free man then there will be race riots like those that the country experienced in the Rodney King debacle. So what Frazier is saying “racial politics” trumps truth, justice and the American way.

Let’s assume for the moment that George Zimmerman is found not guilty. What Frazier is suggesting is we should bend the law and hang one inconsequential ‘white Hispanic’ man because he is intimidated by race riots. Once you go down that road then maybe we will hang a dozen or so innocent people the next time because we are intimidated by consequences. And then how many people must we sacrifice on the altar of intimidation before we turn over the country to the lawlessness?

Only a brain dead leftists could suggest a solution like this.

If there are going to race riots, and I do believe that this is a strong possibility, then so be it, and the law enforcement will have to do their job.

And consider this, George Zimmerman is a very rare species and should be protected under the endangered species act. He is the first “White Hispanic” know to mankind.

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