Choose the Energy Solution by Mark Green

The numbers themselves are stop-and-stare huge:

    $127 billion in additional revenues for governments by 2020 from increased domestic oil and natural gas activity.
    •$2.5 trillion in cumulative federal, state and local tax receipts to be generated between now and 2035 by America’s shale energy revolution – oil and natural gas from fracking.
    •$5.1 trillion in cumulative capital spending by America’s oil and gas companies on unconventional development by 2035 – an energy stimulus lifting the core of the U.S. economy.

We bring these numbers up because as Washington wrestles with its budget problems, America’s oil and natural gas companies can be the solution – adding jobs, economic value and energy to drive the long-term economic and general prosperity of our country. So, what are decision-makers waiting for?

Good question.

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