Another reason to unban the bulb! by Kenneth P. Green

As I’ve written before, (here, and here, for example) there are many good reasons to remove the ban (pardon me, “unattainable performance standard that will serve as a de-facto ban”) on incandescent light bulbs.

Now there’s another reason to add to the list of objections. Besides being expensive, undimmable, slow-to-brighten, giving off ugly light, and containing mercury, compact fluorescent bulbs apparently give off UV radiation that will damage your skin.

New research funded by the National Science Foundation has scientists warning consumers about the potentially harmful effects energy-saving CFL light bulbs can have on skin.

Read more from American Enterprise Institute


  1. peterdub says:

    More about the Stony Brook study here, including the previous similar EU, UK and Canada studies, spectral diagrams of CFL, LED and incandescents and UV information, and associated skin disorders
    – and why light bulb regulations don’t make sense, even to save energy, referenced

  2. DocNeaves says:

    So why are they doing it?

  3. DocNeaves,

    Re why are they doing it =

    Click on the above tonn ie link
    then see “The deception behind the arguments for the light bulb ban”

    Gives the justification for the ban, 13 points,
    and the reasons they dont hold up

  4. DocNeaves says:

    Yes, I read the link, there was nothing new there…”trying to ban normal products”…it’s not about money. Trust me, it’s not about money. I don’t even think it’s about regulations anymore. I think they are just training us to follow their orders unquestionably. I think it’s really nothing more than that, and any money angles you find are coincidental, ‘useful idiots’ to the story. I think there’s a certain percentage of the population that falls for this malarkey, Those In Charge are using this demographic to control others, either through guilt or intimidation.

    The question of why they are doing it goes to “why are they doing this, instead of something else? Why light bulbs? Why something so easy to find the faults with that everyone can see it?

    Because it’s not about light bulbs. It’s not about gay “rights”. It’s not about where he was born. It’s not about whether Obamacare is good or bad.

    Obamacare is the law of the land, and soon, so will the UN treaty on Small Arms. Congress will have been bypassed, the Constitution will have been shredded, and America will become a subject nation acting according to the whims of the malevolent dictators that control that internation den of snakes, thieves, and child molesters.

    It’s about giving you all something to divide you, something to entertain you, anything to keep you from watching them, seeing how much of YOUR money they are spending on caviar and lavish lifestyles, how much money they are wasting, like it was so much beer, already opened, and needing to be drank before it was thrown out.


    Because it is.

    The Bankers own the money, and they can’t hardly get anything for it anymore, except more money in return, which they’ve made worthless with their greed. The only thing left now to feed the engine is to print more money, making it more worthless, which requires printing more. And we are at the final death spiral of a Democratic society, one that, though the government was formed as a Republic, the people themselves destroyed it, and turned it into a de facto Democracy, allowing the rich and corrupt to lie to them and tell them what to do in order to gain some of that money.

    Again. Why do they do it? It spends money, but that has become pointless. With these regulations comes the hard yank of the yoke, with little in the way of treats for the trouble and chafe, the surest way to teach a creature rebellion. It seems as though they are provoking the public to cry out.

    Again, why?

    I think they are pushing every button they can, in order to add to the fire of the October Surprise.

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