The Mask of Fascism by Andrew Klavan

Some of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have been wearing the Guy Fawkes mask from the film V for Vendetta. I think this is appropriate. I have not read the graphic novel on which the movie is based and make no comment on it, but the film itself, which wears the mask of a liberating screed, is in fact one of the most purely fascist American films ever made. It is a despicable apologia for murderous violence against free institutions, and presents a pitifully unrealistic rationalization for some of the most oppressive ideas currently in vogue.

Like all leftist art, V for Vendetta achieves its occasionally powerful effects by re-writing reality to fit the upside-down progressive imagination. For instance, the film suggests Christianity lies at the heart of political oppression. But in Realworld, no matter what you might like to believe, the simple fact is that Christianity has been in on the ground floor of every truly free society on earth since the fall of Rome. (The one arguable exception is Israel — go figure.) The film depicts the west’s war with Islamo-fascism as an Orwellian mix of racist propaganda and eternal mock-warfare. That in itself is an Orwellian lie. Whatever its merits as a religious philosophy, Islam has produced violent and oppressive states since its beginning — and was oppressive even in its cultural heyday, now almost nine centuries ago. It’s difficult to imagine any genuine vision of a free world that does not include the suppression of Islam’s violent extremists.
By wearing the film’s mask, the OWS protesters define themselves precisely. They are a group who misrepresent the world in order to promote what sounds like freedom but would, in truth, be slavery. That some people on Wall Street have behaved abominably is no excuse for their anti-liberty stance, any more than the crimes of the Gambino Mafia family would excuse the answering crimes of the Bonannos.

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