Obama’s Energy Policy….”Sucks” By the Bear

First this headline: This is an unconfirmed report as of this writing, but it was enough to drive up world commodity prices to $100 per barrel price for oil.

Qaddafi Just Ordered The Destruction Of Oil Pipelines To The Mediterranean

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Libya is a small player in the overall picture of world oil suppliers because it only pumps 1.6 million barrels a day as compared to Saudi Arabia who pumps out about 12 million barrels a day. If Libya can cause a $10 spike in oil prices what would revolution throughout the Middle East do? And/or the closing of the Suez Canal? At this time these possibilities cannot be dismissed lightly.

The burden of $100 per barrel of oil is enough to stagnant the world’s economies and for the United States it spills disaster because of all that talk about American ‘energy independence’ was just that…talk!

It has been three decades since America talked about drilling in ANWR and the stock answer that the Democrats gave was… “It will take ten years before oil will flow.” And here we are 30 years later with our pants down looking at $4 or more at the pump for gasoline for the foreseeable future. There is zero chance of any meaningful economic recovery with oil prices on the rise let alone if there is any major disruption in oil supplies from the Middle East the impact on America’s economy will register high on the Richter scale.

Most private businesses succeed because they have the foresight to planning ahead. Governments fail because they are incompetent and have no foresight.

It is a given that PrezBo and his administration are anti-fossil fuel and have done everything possible to shut down the only feasible energy source available at this time. And I wouldn’t even call it a lack of foresight PrezBo’s part because when you are so gifted as he is, it can only be explained away as Demonic ideology. There is nothing more important than the financial health of the United States and to achieve financial health the country must have affordable energy supplies.

At this point in our history of ‘energy independence’, not only are we caught with our pants down, PrezBo has left the country butt naked and exposed to disaster from his incoherent and “draconian” energy policies. The Obama administration has destroyed Gulf economy with a seven year moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, intentionally holding up drilling permit applications which in effect is another de facto moratorium and the new moratorium gimmick is for the Dept. of the Interior needs to review lease procedures regarding oil shale permits, which they say will take several years.

While El PrezBo chases green dreams and windmills our energy production continues to go down and down and down as our dependence on foreign oil goes up leaving America exposed to the whims of tyrants and dictators like Gadhafi and the lunatic running Venezuela. The United States has an abundance of oil resources but the problem is our government’s refusal to drill. If the situation in the Middle East is not a wakeup call for this administration than Uncle Sam will be at the mercy of oil suppliers and $4 and $5 gas at the pump will look like bargain.

It is hard to believe that someone in the White House doesn’t recognize the box PrezBo has put himself in for reelection, the people who will get hurt the most is his base from rising oil prices and his chances for reelection fade away with every increase at the pump.

None of his should surprise anyone because Obama has said many times that he intends to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the cost of energy will rise dramatically (Coal, Oil and Natural Gas) but the sad part of this is… it is the people who will pay the price for the sins of failed government policies.

The irony in all of this, is the industry he is trying to take down will be the cause of his demise. Energy independence cannot be achieved without more domestic oil and natural gas production.

The only question that remains will be, come Election Day 2012 will we have enough gas in our cars to go vote him out?


Judge to Obama Administration: Get Moving on Drilling Permits

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SideBear: Does anyone really think that this gangster government will obey court orders?

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