Small Reactors, Large Potential Impact

A new report by the Energy Policy Institute, in collaboration with the American Council on Global Nuclear Competitiveness, titled “Economic and Employment Impacts of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors,” investigates how four separate scenarios of small modular reactor (SMR) construction could affect the U.S. economy. Growing interest and discussion surrounding the potential commercialization of small nuclear rectors, both in the U.S. and abroad, makes the study timely and relevant.

The study investigates potential impacts of SMR manufacturing, construction, and operation on the U.S. economy. Researchers relied on organizational model data contributions from industry members, demonstrating their integral role in new nuclear technology advancement. As the study’s input–output analysis reveals, both the direct and indirect economic impacts are potentially quite robust. Findings taken directly from the study project that…

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SideBear: As for one who spent his entire life working in various forms of the construction industry the subject of Small Reactors has fastinated me for years.

Imagine having a small box in the basement of your home that provides all your energy needs, no electric wires, no natural gas service buried underground, each home and/or building is a self contained unit in itself.

And as a issue of National Security the potential is limitedness, there would be no mega power plants that terrorists could take-out affecting millions of people and natural disaster would be limited to the direct area that is hit.

Its coming folks, its just a question of when.

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