America’s “road to serfdom” has these mileposts: by Jim Mc

The ongoing, incredibly reckless growth of government in a Country that’s been systematically and cavalierly de-industrialized in favor of a new world order, and its, “free [but not fair] trade”.

The replacement of traditional industries with the destructive fiction of a, “service economy” built on speculation; the “trading” of vaporous, tertiary “securities”; entertainment and communication gimmicks made overseas; and toxic government borrowing.

The severance of comparative links between the compensation of government employees and their private sector counter-parts. The feckless, elitist characterization of hard work as, ” jobs Americans won’t do”, providing a corrupt rationale to allow immigrants to illegally flood the Country.

The abandonment of serious development of accessible energy resources, in favor of “fairy-tale” energy [see below].
The cultivation of a “me first” society, a culture of trash, and the reduction of K-12 education to banal and dishonest, teachers-come-first, indoctrination. Ignoring the American legacy while relentlessly focusing the populace on diversity, i.e. ‘balkanization”, and class-envy.

The creation of numerous, “victim” classes. The hypocritical distortion of the Constitution to facilitate the banishment of non-denominational symbols of religious belief from schools, and from the town square; even while such symbols abound in our currency, our Founding documents, in governmental ceremony, and on the edifices of government.

A dishonest media partnered with a corrupt academy serving together as appendages to the radical Leftist, Democrat Party.

A timid, flaccid opposition Republican Party, which declined to even question the credentials, much less the legitimacy of a presidential candidate who furiously concealed huge gaps of his past, and threatened to create an enormous, unconstitutional, Para-military force equal to the size of America’s mighty military.

A Republican Party within which, too few have been willing to stand up and shout: “This must stop. If we cannot conduct governments as adults, we will have earned the eternal revulsion of our children and theirs; for our craven inability to preserve for them, the great Country which we inherited!”


The national renewable electricity standard (RES) mandates that a certain percentage of our nation’s electricity production come from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energies. A new Heritage Foundation study analyzing the costs of an RES finds that a national mandate for pricier, less reliable electricity would be harmful to American families, businesses and the economy.

For example:

    • The Heritage analysis models the effects of an RES that starts at 3 percent for 2012 and rises by 1.5 percent per year.
    • This profile mandates a minimum of 15 percent renewable electricity by 2020, a minimum of 22.5 percent by 2025, and a minimum of 37.5 percent by 2035.
    Some studies have attempted to model the economic effects of an RES and found only marginal price increases, but they fail to take into account the true cost of renewable sources. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis projects that an RES would:
    • Raise electricity prices by 36 percent for households and 60 percent for industry.
    • Cut gross domestic product by $5.2 trillion between 2012 and 2035.
    • Cut national income by $2,400 per year for a family of four.
    • Reduce employment by more than 1,000,000 jobs.
    • Add more than $10,000 to a family of four’s share of the national debt by 2035.

The reality is that if electricity created by wind and other renewables were cost competitive, consumers would use more of it without a federal law to force consumption. Recent experience with the mandate for renewable fuels like corn ethanol also suggests significant cost increases as well as technical shortcomings, says Heritage.

Source: Heritage Foundation

Final comment:

The best that any objective analysis could conclude here is that the emphasis “green energy” is nothing but half-baked, wishful thinking. Of course there’s no, “at best” involved in the corrupt, dishonest “green” promotions of the Obama regime. They know as well as we do that at best, this is minimal supplementary energy, which even at that, is not sustainable without enormous government subsidies. They also know that the discredited conspiracy of “global warming” can no longer be in the calculation to justify this nonsense. It doesn’t matter. This is about money for Leftists, and not about energy, clean or otherwise. And so they will attempt to push-on, whether through EPA enforcements of policy based on falsified “science”, or through the continued strangling of nuclear and conventional fuels. The National Center for Policy Analysis provided this summary of where the Obamunists would take us:

So this is what Obama would add to the existing economic chaos brought forth by this Government and its corporate wizards. They of course will deny the Heritage study, but the fact is,,,, this crap has already been attempted. We have a case history to study. We have the model of nearly bankrupt Spain. Democrats prefer to avert their eyes but here’s a microcosm of our “green energy” future.

Unfortunately the real question here is this. At the rate they’re taking us down,,,, will it even matter?

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