Thermometers Are Doing the Talking by Dennis T. Avery

What a world!! Global warming alarmists bring us to the brink of world food shortage and economic collapse – using words and computer models, not higher temperatures. As a result, more wildlife species are threatened by palm oil plantations growing biodiesel than by climate change. Heavy sea ice just trapped a big Russian ice-breaker for seven days in the Arctic’s Northwest Passage, which the alarmists told us last year would soon be open sailing. The sunspots and a Pacific Ocean cooling phase are forecasting the earth will cool further over the next two decades. In the past, both have accurate in their in their predictions.

The blue collar world sees no warming, but they surely see economic ruin staring them in the face. Finally, the workers of the world are crying, “Enough of this man-made warming hype without warming!”

    * Fishing fleets have gone on strike across Europe against ultra-high diesel prices, while the Greens demand that fuel become even more scarce and expensive
    * Truckers are staging fuel-protest slowdowns in major European cities.
    * Protesting French farmers have blockaded fuel stations.
    * More than 70 percent of Britons now say they will not pay any extra taxes to “save the planet.”

Meanwhile, the Vatican, widely flung governments, and dozens of universities have scheduled conferences on the global food shortage.

Guess whose advice we took on shifting much of our cropland from food to biofuels? The advice of the same Greens who told us not to burn coal or oil.

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