More on Our ‘Oily Mess’ and McCain

It is become apparent that John McCain has backed himself into a corner over drilling in ANWR and he can’t figure a way out.

The answer to his problem is rather simple and he can take a cue from his own words…for the last month he is been hammering away at Obama for not haven visited Iraq in several years and get up to speed with current events there.

The headlines will read… John McCain Goes To ANWR and make statement something like this.

    “Because of the current gas prices crises and its relationship to our economy and National Defense I came to ANWR to see for myself if we can not find some middle ground between oil explanation and saving the environment.

    I have examined the new and innovative drilling techniques developed and have concluded that we can do both. As President of the United States I will open up some ten thousand acres out of 19 million acres for oil exploration.

    Additionally, this new oil exploration will create hundred of thousands of jobs.”

The Bottom Line – The American People will follow this lead and he can jump start a lagging campaign with a slogan like “We Can Do Both” and create job as a bonus.

SideBear: Here are a couple of dirty little secrets.

John McCain has never been to ANWR.

Less than a hundred miles away to the east, Canada is busily drilling for oil. (ANWR and Canada have a common border)

China is drilling for oil 60 miles off the Florida coast under an agreement with the Cuban government.

While we sit idly by foreign governments are going to suck these field dry and any one who thinks we can save these oil deposits for the future better think twice.


Drill! Drill! Drill! By DANIEL HENNINGER

Charles de Gaulle once wrote off the nation of Brazil in six words: “Brazil is not a serious country.” How much time is left before someone says the same of the United States?

Complete “energy independence” is ridiculous. But consider who else is drilling.

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