Alaska Wisdom by Jim Mc

From my retired USAF brother in Anchorage (I asked him how Alaskans enjoyed being called looney by the MSM)

Well, we are looney, but heavily armed. There are less Dems here than Republicans. But, did you notice that OK went 67% for McCain–AK was only 61% as the partisans showed up?

I have seen Russia from Alaskan soil more than once–so there.

Sarah was never spotted shopping for clothes in the last 9 weeks–but has been seen in the Wal-Mart shopping. She does look better in jeans than Obama’s wife does in her strange getup.

Didn’t know that Bush had a Doctrine myself–I have heard of the Monroe Doctrine.

She does know energy issues and is real interested in the Military and their families (genuinely).

She did cancel the real Bridge to no-where project in Ketchikan, but I think she favors still the causeway in Anchorage, also dubbed by MSM as a bridge to no-where.

Monegan, her Troopergate target was always a weak leader in Anchorage–we had no real policing if gangs while he was in charge of Anchorage PD, and he really tried to goad her on by sending to Sarah a poster of her ex-bro-in-law saluting in his trooper garb as a recruitment tool where they wanted her to sign it. The Independent Troopergate investigator Branchflower was Monegan’s buddy, and Branchflower’s wife was actually a Anch PD Lt that was a main supporter of Monegan. The ex-bro-in-law should be disarmed. Her husband Todd has been patient, but I think he might end up kicking someone’s butt someday in MSM. Maybe him and Joe the plumber should enter a toughman contest. Todd and Sarah stood by their kids, and the kids behaved well.

Greta on Fox News has been most accurate reporter from any of the media.

Sarah said tonight that you need thick skin in politics, and she told the media they need to be more truthful and develop their own thick skins. I think Sarah will work them over.

Sarah was rear-ended driving her vehicle to work this summer from Wasilla to Anchorage (40 miles), yet it was not mentioned–I guess now she will have to be more cautious in being out there as her life has changed.

Even the Alaskans that “hate” Palin must be pissed about the way the MSM and the Demoshits treated them and their state as loons and hicks.

Commentary by Jim MC

Well done. Palin will a part of the leadership which finally takes this Party back from the solipsists, the losers, the sycophants, and the sock-puppets. I mean people like the Bushes, Dole, McCain, Romney, Ridge, Lott, Graham, and so on, past and present. The GOP must be returned to the wise and courageous, who comprise the only faction, that has led it to success in modern history. A success that was based not on immediate readiness to compromise, but on adherence to conservative principles. To paraphrase Bill Buckley, I’d rather be governed by the first 536 Republicans in the Anchorage phone book, than the mob of Marxists, fools, liars, drunks, perverts, cut-throats and weasels; who will now be in control of the White House, and Congress.

All of the alleged Republicans in the media, those who formed the Palin critics chorus among the NYC and Beltway “fifth column” elitists; should also find another political home. Special Notices: Adios to public-nuisance and cloying mediocrity, Peggy Noonan. And Brooklyn-born, Miss Peggy, please take your phony accent, and your stupid, “1000 points of light” with you. And these Davids [Frum, Brooks],,, you guys can take a hike too, now! You were useless, even when you claimed to be on our side. We’ve read between your lines. You’ve never been on our side. And let me add Karl Rove to this get-the-hell-out, group. Rove’s policy “genius” gave us this Bush 43 train-wreck. His expert commentary was rubbish. Had enough of Dick Morris and Frank Luntz too. Just sick of looking at them. You can add your own traitors to the list.

“Kindler, gentler conservative”, Bush 41, was always a flaccid, pro-choice moderate [read: liberal]. It bears repeating here, that when this Bush served in Congress [’67 – ’71], Rep. Bush [R-TX] was so enthusiastic about the Planned Parenthood agenda, that Speaker Tip O’Neill whimsically dubbed him, “Rubbers”. Babara must have been beaming. He cross-dressed as a conservative to scam Reagan into pulling him off the political dung-heap, which is precisely where he belonged. So then 41 proudly became the “regulations president”, as he folded for every piece of expanded Government crap, that Foley and Mitchell stuck under his nose.

“Compassionate conservative”, Bush 43 was elected by the Right. He governed as a big-spending compromiser. He signed McCain-Feingold after declaring it unConstitutional. He enthused over the The Drug Bill, which established yet another massive entitlement to address a problem that was calculated to seriously burden 5 or 6% of seniors. Liberals use a sledge-hammer, where a fly-swatter would do. “Moderates” go along with them.

After doing nothing to control our borders for 6 years, Bush 43 then demagogued and misrepresented the issue, while supporting immigration amnesty. He embraced the economy killing, insane concept, that measures by America could influence alleged Global Warming.

He cuddled with Edward Kennedy on WH movie nights before joining him in another massive expansion of Federal involvement in education. An involvement which, since its inception, has managed only to accelerate the decline of learning. He failed to prosecute serious leaks of critical intel and security info. Along with his odious old man, he sought to restore the image of the despicable Clinton. [see also: letting burglar Berger walk].

Bush 43 fought for nothing on his own. Yes, OK, he “kept us safe” after 9/11. But he quickly caved to the treacherous Congressional demands to create a humongous expansion of the strangle-hold that unions have on this Government, when he refused to stand his ground on the new Homeland Security Dept.

Yes, he passed tax-cuts, but he oversaw the chronic, catastrophic, massive governmental, and private abuse of our economic system, which finally caused a global meltdown. He warned and then did nothing. He was the man driving past a darkened house at night, whom, upon seeing smoke and flames in the building, and spotting the running arsonists; rolls down his window to yell, ‘Fire!”,,,, once, before driving on. And then he joined with the perpetrators in Congress, including Obama, and the GOP “quislings” including McCain, to cobble a massive, senseless “bailout” without any serious examination of the Democrat’s criminal culpability.

Unlike his father’s horrendous elevation of David Souter to the Court, this Bush seated two good SC justices on the Court, thanks to gallant men in the Senate. But even this came only after he put up the woeful Harriet Miers! He appointed arguably the most incompetent, unqualified man ever to hold the position of Attorney General, his house lackey Alberto Gonzalez. Bush seems genetically incapable of feeling shame. This evidenced by his naming the new DOJ Hdqtrs. after the opportunist character-actor, Bobby Kennedy. No matter whether Bush was discomforted. This Gonzo shamed our Country by entering this DOJ building.

A flawed Iraq venture, that was ill-calculated, and ill-conducted was served with great honor and distinction by the brave men and women who went tthere. Bush gets credit for little here, except for, “staying the course”, and refusing to accept the Democrat’s commitment to defeat. He did so until men like Kagan, Keane, McCain, and Petraeus finally rescued Iraq and America.

While our troops were dying, and while 9/11 still smoldered; this man, this President of the United States brazenly informed us that Saudi Arabia, this beastly, bloody psychotic, regime, this single most vicious, most evil progenitor of global terrorism, was actually, America’s “friend and ally”. All this as Bush cronies continued to haul in their countless millions for their “service” to the Saudis.

Dole [Viagra-man, Bob Etha-Dole] is a, “can’t we all get along” man of the permanent, Senate minority. Only conservatives like Reagan and Gingrich dragged him temporarily into the majority. The others mentioned above don’t deserve extensive mention. Romney’s an, “I can do humongous government better than you”, plutocrat, who tosses his principles around like bean-bags. Ridge is a plodding, pro-choice, big government mediocrity. Lott’s a grasping non-entity. He’s gone? OK, that’s one less for the dumpster. McCain’s “Tonto”, Lindsay Graham wanted Joe Lieberman as VP! Can you imagine a self-proclaimed conservative even thinking such a thing? Maybe he remembered all that “Joe-mentum”, that Sen. L delivered to the Gore campaign, even if nobody else does.

And don’t get me started again on McCain. He’s a tired old man who has served his Country as he saw fit, often well and with distinction, and singular courage. My guess is he will return to the Senate with a sense of, “mission accomplished”. That would be his “mission”,,, not ours.

For him this closing message: “I’ve seen conservatives, and Sen. McCain, but despite your assurances of having been, “a foot-soldier in the Reagan revolution”,, sir, you are no conservative.”

Enough already. Tuned in Laura Ingraham as I was finishing writing this. She must be looking over my shoulder. She just interviewed LA Gov, Bobby Jindal.

There is definitely hope. But not until we get that dumpster loaded.

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