‘Ever Wondered Why Our Government Sucks’ by Malcolm Hedges

Lettuce attempt to get to the point. Contrary to popular opinion or thought, the people of the Republic long ago lost representation in the government.

The “Government” is controlled and operated by elitists in or around D.C. (The Beltway ) and New York City!

D.C.(and adjacent areas) is one of the worst places to live in the USA, New York (and adjacent areas) is a close second. The climate (social and weather) sucks!

The greater D.C. area is a Socialist island with the highest crime rate in the US! New York is an elitist Socialist Metropolis crammed with elitists that have no clue that much of anything exists outside of the city boundaries.

I speak from experience, I did some living time in New Jersey, Maryland and New York. Some were more extended than others, but the general impression was the same. Holland, Oklahoma and South Korea were much more friendly.

As far as D.C. (The Beltway area) and New York consider, the Americans that make the country function don’t exist. Guess what, if the real producing and working Americans refused, they would all be unemployed.

To come to the point, D.C. (The Beltway area) and New York do NOT contribute anything to the real economy! D.C. (The Beltway area) is just a money sucking machine. New York City is just another big city sponging on the real economic engine.

Both of these groups on a daily basis put down the folks that pay their way? I suspect that this is a perfect example of elitism! Nothing comes out of Congress or New York but slap happy elitist pap!

Now you know why our Government sucks!

Source: NewsByUs

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