“Murphy’s Law” By Jim Murphy

Hello once again from the West Texas Headquarters for Global Inclusiveness, or, Inclusive Globalness, take your pick.

A few quickies: I am NOT a “Person Of Interest” in the Natalee Hollaway disappearance. At least I don’t think I am, but I haven’t seen Greta today so maybe I’d better hold off on that. I also am not, at least to the best of my knowledge, a suspect in the death of “The People’s Princess” (Now for those of you residing in the “People’s Republic Of San Francisco, that would be Princess Di). I have not purchased ANY books written by Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, O.J. (The Goldmans), or that way dingy MSNBC squack Rita Cosby. I have NEVER watched a single episode of American Idol or Survivor.

Let’s get right to it. Halloween and Christmas are OFFENSIVE to Muslims. Well I have personally spoken to Santa and The Great Pumpkin and they tell me that Muslims are plenty offensive to them. Come to think of it, whining Muslims are reasonably offensive to all patriotic conservatives. BUT, in one of the Illinois school districts there was some serious thought about doing completely away with any type of Halloween celebration and Christmas celebration because of the vocal screechings of one butt ugly Muslim heifer. I could understand why her husband, boyfriend or what ever would want this squack’s face covered with a berka. She was as Fred Sanford used to say; “She is Mighty Joe Young’s sister, Mighty Ugly”. Or as my old friend Henry Chapple would observe, “Man if ugly was lead, she would outweigh a freight train.” But not to worry the gutty school district kept the Halloween and Christmas celebrations intact and placated this whining sow by having Ramadan celebrations also. That is great, just throw up your hands and give in to these idiots since they respect people so much who show kindness toward them.

Lots has been said this week in both Houses of Congress regarding the shooting of some Muslims by employees of Blackwater who is a private firm providing security for Americans AND Iraqis in Iraq. I am sure that we have not heard a big bunch of the facts as the matter is under investigation by the FBI. One report I saw stated that the Muslims who were shot were members of a group loyal to Muqtada Al Sadr and they were advancing on a facility which had security being provided by Blackwater employees, U.S. and Spanish soldiers. Well let me tell you that my Give A Damner is broke and it is awfully tough for me to be very sympathetic to people who are loyal to Muqtada Al Sadr. Representative Henry Waxman is calling for Congressional Hearings into the matter. One must wonder when both Houses of Congress are going to get off their collective rear ends and actually do something like pass meaningful legislation which is in the best interest of our country?

Also this week, David Brock of Media Matters which is a group loyal to Hillary Clinton and financed by MoveOn.Org decided to try to convince America that Rush Limbaugh was anti-American Military. Now these clowns might try to convince me of a whole bunch of stuff but this just won’t feed the bulldog. I heard the statement made by Rush Limbaugh and he said NOTHING which could be construed as anti-military. BUT to top it off, Harry Reid and the usual suspects are jumping on the bandwagon and are calling for Rush Limbaugh’s radio program to be stricken from Armed Forces Radio. Harry Reid calling anyone anti-military is a complete joke. Ah, but he has an ally in Retired General Wesley Clark. General Clark is a turd of the highest magnitude.

I listened to part of an interview with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas told a story that when he was in the Seminary, he turned in a report which was kicked back by one of the priests who told Seminarian Thomas that while his information was correct his English was not. He told Seminarian Thomas that he did not speak proper English and failure to do so would insure that he would be perceived by others as either being lazy or not very smart. Justice Thomas said that he carried that thought with him throughout his life. That is also one of the things which Dr. Thomas Sowell says is most important in order to be successful. “Learn to speak English PROPERLY”. I must say that both Dr. Sowell and Justice Thomas do exactly that.

I also listened to Barack Hussein Obama’s screeching spouse, Michelle, make the statement that our nation suffers from an “Empathy Deficit”. Maybe some of the Democratic hacks she and her husband hang with have that problem but I don’t believe that it is rampant in America. She also mentioned something about, dare I say it, Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Later on in the morning I also saw a news headline in, I believe it was U.S.A. Today, where 171 people in Louisiana have been indicted for misuse of funds intended for Katrina relief. Most of them were public officials. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Oh, before I forget, I heard that “Fat Teddy” was proposing some type of ”Hate Crime” legislation in the form of an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill. Is it just me or do some of you see something terribly wrong with attaching a piece of legislation to another piece of legislation when they have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other. Why doesn’t “Fat Teddy” propose his Hate Crime stuff as a bill on it’s own? This is how lots of stuff gets passed as Federal Law. As I understand it, most State Governors have a “Line Item Veto” which will eliminate this crap. The last time a Line Item Veto proposal was presented for a vote was during the Bill Clinton Presidency and it was killed. Keep in mind that at the time the Democrats had the votes to pass it. The truth of the matter is that these Congressional turds DO NOT WANT ANY PRESIDENT to have the power to dump a bunch of their PORK.

Which brings me to the “Acronym Of The Week”. I saw this on the TV Special “The War”. The acronym is FUBAR. Now I have known what this meant for a long time. If you do not know what it means, please ask almost any military veteran. What this acronym describes about as well as any that I can think is both Houses of our Congress and the present Presidential primary races. Cause that is exactly what they are. And I would just imagine if we could speak with George Washington; James Madison; Ben Franklin; Thomas Jefferson; John Adams; John Jay; and a bunch more patriots, that they would agree.

Good spot for our TURDS OF THE WEEK:

“Fat Teddy”; Harry Reid; Henry Waxman; Dr, Cornell West; Tavis Smiley; Dick Durban; Jack Murtha; David Brock; George Soros; Michael Moore; Al Gore; Bill Clinton; Joseph Biden; Barack Obama; Mel Martinez; Linda Chavez; Geraldo Rivera; Alan Colmes; Wesley Clark; Ramsey Clark; Chuck Hagel; John Kerry; Olympia Snowe; Richard Lugar; Chuck Schumer; Sheila Jackson Lee; Arlen Specter; Lindsey Graham; Patrick Leahy; Barbara Boxer; Barbara Streisand; Russ Feingold; Whoopi Goldberg; Diane Feinstein; Ted Turner; Madonna; Sean Penn; Tom Harkin; Jane Fonda; Rita Cosby; Joy Behar; Rosie O’Donnell, I’m doin’ these off the top of my head and they are all starting to look alike. So this will get it for this week. Maybe I will have to start 3 categories of turds. Regular Turds; Megaturds; and Gigaturds.

I also heard some folks talking today about “Parent Coaching”. Evidently this is a service, which costs approximately $70 per hour and it is for parents who do not know how to raise their children and need help. Parent Coaching? I cannot even imagine my parents needing the help of some outsider in order to get me to march to the right drummer. It seems to me like my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my teachers, my principals, my assistant principals, the police and my neighbors ALL had a pretty good grasp on how to raise and discipline children.

When Rice Stadium was first built it was a real showplace and there were a couple of spots where a young kid could get a running start and grab the top of the wall and pull over and get inside. We were a bunch of kids with no money for tickets so this was the way we were able to watch Southwest Conference football. The only problem was that it was illegal and they always had Houston Policemen working extra duty in the parking lots but being pretty resourceful we had lookouts set up to give us the go signal when it was safe. This was fine except for one Big Houston Cop. His name was W. C. Romund “Tiny” and he was huge. He was about 6’7″ and well over 300 pounds but could move pretty good for his size and was way smarter than we thought. When he would catch us he would ask us if he wanted him to give us a couple of licks or had we rather he called our dads. Well that was no contest so we would always let him give us the licks. He would bend us over and swat our rear ends a couple of times and it wasn’t much fun being hit by his big mitts. He would let us go and tell us that we were barred from the stadium for 2 games and that was that.

In 1958 after I became a member of the Houston Police Department my partner and I were in the parking lot and “Tiny” Romund came up and started talking to my partner, Jim Tyler. Tyler said that he wanted me to meet “Tiny” and he introduced us. We shook hands and he looked me dead in the face and said, “Boy, didn’t I whip your ass a time or two out at the stadium.” I said, “Yes sir you did.” He laughed and said he was glad I had decided to become a policeman. Now I don’t know whether or not he really remembered me from the stadium or not but I do know that I got some pretty good swats from that big old Houston Cop and I deserved every single one of them. Matter of fact I probably sneaked in more times than I got caught.

Is it just me or are most of you getting plenty sick of all these politicians using “The Children” as a political tool for all of their useless pork. Every time they want to run something under the radar they always say that it is for “The Children”. I heard some proposal made by Hillary, I am not sure if it is part of her health care package or what, but she is proposing giving every child born $5,000 to be used later for his/her education or health care. I do not know if it is retroactive or what but it is a preposterous idea. Another waste of taxpayer money.

I got this from the National review: “The fair state of Washington seems to be a center of academic ‘Diversity’ busyness. Washington State University in Pullman employs a Chief Diversity Officer with a staff of 55 and a budget of $3 million. Over on the other side of the state, the University of Washington in Seattle boasts a ‘Q’ center whose mission is to ‘create an inclusive and celebratory environment for people of all sexual orientations.” Both of these university are state universities who receive state funds from taxpayers. Absolutely criminal.

Now for a college story of a little different ilk. Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas plays football in Division III. Mike Flynt is on this years’ football team. What is unusual is the fact that Mike Flynt is 59 years old. He played for them in 1970 which was his junior year and was kicked off the team in 1971 prior to his senior year for fighting. In NCAA Division III schools, eligibility does not have to be in consecutive years so after 37 years, Mike is playing out his senior year of eligibility. I think that’s pretty cool. Wonder if Sul Ross has a Chief Diversity Officer? Bet not.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Richland Springs quarterback Tyler Ethridge setting a national high school record with his 186th TD pass. This past week, he threw 6 more TD passes and ran for another in his team’s 72-0 win over an El Paso 6 man team. The game was called at half time due to the 6 man “Mercy Rule”.

Most of this week I have been watching the series “The War” on Public Television. Now most of the time I have no use whatsoever for Public Television but this was a really great series about World War II. There were so many parts of this that absolutely were almost beyond belief. Of course some of the people involved were still alive at the time of the filming. It also showed some of the sacrifices which had to be made by people here at home and some of the things accomplished by some of the civilians were amazing. They spoke of one Ford plant in Michigan. A Ford automobile had approximately 1500 parts. A B-24 Liberator had 1,500,000 parts, This Ford plant cranked out a B-24 every 63 minutes. Absolutely amazing. I watched several old time veterans who you could tell were rock hard absolutely choke up when they told of their friends being killed or wounded and describing the scenes at some of the death camps in Germany. One man was on the Bataan Death March and was a POW for almost the entire war and served most of his time in prison in Japan. His family had already received their telegram telling them that he had been killed. I have nothing but the greatest respect for these brave men and women. We are losing them now at the rate of 1,000 per day.


“Only two groups of Americans need to worry about Hillary Clinton’s new health plan; people who are healthy and people who are sick.” ….NATIONAL REVIEW

“Honor to the brave who fell. Their sacrifice was not in vain.” … WINSTON CHURCHILL

“It would be an unmeasured crime to prolong this war for one unnecessary day. It would be an unmeasured and immeasurable blunder to make peace before the vital objects are achieved.”…WINSTON CHURCHILL

Let is pray for all of our men and women in all branches of our military: Special prayers for Sgt Jeffery Knott, USMC; GySgt Randy Morrow, USMC; Matt Sanderson, USA; Midshipman Levi English, U.S. Naval Academy; Tony Knott, father of Jeffery Knott. I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you who are veterans of military service, particularly Veterans of World War II; The Korean War; The Vietnam War; Operation Desert Storm; and all other conflicts where our military have been deployed. God bless all of their families and let us NEVER forget those who have given their lives in service of their country.

I usually leave off with some attempt at humor but I think this week honoring members of our Military and their families is more in order. Thank you all.

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