The World is turned upside down: Part 2 By the Bear

As the imminent scholar on Islam, Bernard Lewis said, “They don’t need to like us, just fear us”.

In the months following September 11, 2001, the world feared us, now five years later they fear no more. They only do not they fear no more, leaders in Syria and Iran are laughing at us along with Bin Laden and his gang who are rolling on the floor with laughter in their caves.

“I keep thinking, again, that if Israel, with its back to the sea, cannot muster the will to fight in a big way, then the fat, faraway U.S.A. will never be able to do it. I keep saying this and it terrifies me.”-Ben Stein

Certainly, Lebanon was the final tipping point in tilting the world on its axis but the tilt has been slowing going on progressively for quite some time. There are many lessons that can be learned from the Lebanon fiasco, if we choose to learn and see them in the realm of the big picture.

Had Israel soundly defeated and disarmed Hezbollah, the possibility of future confrontation with Syria and Iran might have been diminished instead of the inevitable much larger scale war which looms on the horizon. The Israeli failure is directly attributed to weakened liberal government unwilling to do what was necessary to deliver a knock-out punch.

Syria and Iran have paid no price whatsoever for their acts of aggression and for this the people of Israel will pay a much higher price in the future and undoubtedly the present Olmert government will be replaced by the people.

Another lesson from Lebanon is being sure you know thy friends and enemies. Enemies are more easily recognizable but friends who constantly stab you in the back must be kept at bay. Such describes France’s inert ability in the international scene as a so called friend.

There is no question that France double crossed the United States with the ceasefire resolution in the United Nations and at the last minute sided with the terrorist. If the United States has learned anything about the French, they are led by a government who will not standup against injustices in the world and they are a nation they will never fight to defend itself. Such where the lessons of World War II, such are the lessons of World War III.

But as I said before, Lebanon was only the final tipping point. Mark Steyn in the following linked article describes what might have taken place in the months following 9-11.

You may remember during the 2000 campaign an enterprising journalist sprung on Gov. Bush a sudden pop quiz of world leaders. Bush, invited to name the leader of Pakistan, was unable to. But so what? In the third week of September 2001, the correct answer to “Who’s General Musharraf?” was “Whoever I want him to be.” And, if Musharraf didn’t want to play ball, he’d wind up as the answer to “Who was leader of Pakistan until last week?”

Do you get the feeling Washington’s not making phone calls like that anymore?

YES! And there is no other reason than the constant harping, obstructionism, lies and deceit as practiced by the Liberal left which has so weakened George Bush that the Bush Doctrine can be deemed D.O.A. Whether is be negativism about surveillance programs or the ability to fight, we no longer have the guts to defend ourselves. The difference though between us and France, we will fight when we awaken.

Senate Minority leader Harry Reid recently said, “We are back to square one in our ability to defend ourself.” He is right but for the wrong reasons. Our inability to defend ourselves is a direct reflection of the poison that has been spread by the Democrats and the MSM. For this the American people will pay a price just like the Israelis.

The ultimate result of all this madness will be a nuclear Iran as even George Bush is now powerless to stop this. And who will the left blame for all of this…George Bush, of course!

What I find mystifying in all this is the naiveté of the left; do they really think that terrorists’ bombs only target conservatives? Such is the state of American politics today.

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World is watching as Iraq war tests U.S. mettle By Mark Steyn


Mission Unaccomplished
The French promise a military force and Condi falls for it.

Most U.N. resolutions don’t have the shelf-life of a gallon of milk, which isn’t always a bad thing. But in the case of Resolution 1701–the cease-fire agreement for Lebanon and Israel adopted unanimously this month by the Security Council–things seem to be going sour even faster than that. And that is cause for serious unease.

On Thursday, Jacques Chirac confirmed a Le Monde report that his government was prepared to offer only some 200 combat engineers (in addition to the 200 French troops already in Lebanon) to what is supposed to be the resolution’s centerpiece: A 15,000-man U.N. force that will help the Lebanese army patrol their southern border and ensure that Hezbollah will no longer use the area as a staging ground for future attacks against Israel.

Given that the French contingent was supposed to be at the vanguard of this enhanced force, it’s unclear whether other nations will be willing to chip in with troops of their own. All of this after the French used the promise of a robust, French-led international force to get the U.S. and Israel to agree to a cease-fire and withdrawal. Even less reassuring is the insistence by French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie that her troops will remain in the lead only until February, after which, apparently, it’s salaam and adieu.

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