Some Plame Truths

This weekend some interesting developments appeared to rip some holes in the Wilson Gambit and further erode Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s credibility.

David Corn of The Nation magazine and VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) have pushed nonsensical claims that Valerie Plame was a nonofficial cover agent (NOC), supplying the necessary predicate for an Agee Act (Intelligence Identity Protection Act) prosecution. While I could find scant reporting in the pre-indictment period poking holes in this ridiculous notion, Saturday’s Chicago Tribune carried five stories doing just that.

In two of the most significant articles, the paper showed how easy it was to mine data online and determine who was working for the agency, including finding people who’d worked at the reported Plame undercover front Brewster-Jennings, people who listed that outfit in their online resumes.

Even more significant was another article in which for the first time agency insiders revealed the long bruited claim that she was properly classified as a NOC was utter nonsense. Here are some of those insiders’ assertions:

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SideBear: How trees have fallen and ink spilled over this story? I think the real story has become Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his attempt to cover up and justify a needless investigation.


Give one to The Minute Man From: Strata-Sphere

Tom Maguire, all things Plame, seems to have struck gold with his prediction that the true leak source for Valerie Plame’s identity was Richard Armitage (from Drudge).

WASH POST’s Ben Bradlee Claims Plame Leaker Was Richard Armitage.

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