Some Idol Thoughts By the Bear

Monday was known as a “Day without immigrants.” One Day is not enough.

An unknown source suggested the easiest way to cure the gas shortage problem is deport 12 million illegal gas users.

“It is unreasonable to think you can deport 12 million illegal aliens.” Ask Mexico how, they just did it.

What do you call 12 million illegals entering your country from a foreign Nation? An Invasion.

Any member of Congressperson who votes for Amnesty and Citizenship for lawbreaking illegals aliens should start looking for a new job now.

The MSM has long been promoting the idea of a civil war is brewing. For once that got it partially right, they just got the wrong country.

A sign in front of the Congressional Office Building says, “For Sale.”

And to Tyson chicken-shit and the grape-heads at Gallo Wineries who shut down their businesses in support of the illegal’s boycott. You will soon find out the meaning of “The Great American Boycott.”

The cost of cheap tomatoes includes… Free Medical Care, Schooling for children and Welfare for illegal immigrants.

There are no jobs that Americans wouldn’t do, if proper wages where not undercut by illegal aliens.
Why are illegal aliens classified as “Undocumented Worker?” Because nobody knows who the hell they are.

And Terry L says….

This is an opportunity to start massive expulsions of illegal aliens from Mexico. In short order they can be replaced with legal aliens from China with guest worker visas and an opportunity to earn the right to immigration.

Within a generation the legal Chinese immigrants will own their own homes, own their own businesses, their kids will be in the top five percent of the high school and college classes, and ultimately become Medical Doctors, architects and scientists. Those not among this group will have started up outstanding Chinese restaurants.

Now, which would you rather have tattooed little brown violent Chicano gang members with brightly painted old cars that jump up and down with loud music spewing forth or clean, tidy, brilliant tax paying Chinese business and scientific leaders?

And Neal Boortz adds….

Mexicans have come to view crossing the border into the United States in order to work and send money back home as a way of life. According to an AP article by Mark Stevenson (4/23/06) “Mexico’s economy, society and political system are built around the assumption that migration and amnesties for undocumented migrants will continue — and that the $20 billion they send home every year will keep coming, and almost certainly grow.”

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