Solving a Problem that Fails to Exist

The 20th century, especially the American Civil Rights movement, has directed a spotlight on disadvantages groups. Thus awareness rose concerning past and ongoing misdeeds committed at their expense. As an atonement, an effort emerged to compensate the living to right the wrongs committed against their ancestors. Paying now for mistreatment in the past on the basis of bona fide membership in groups to compensate wronged earlier generations has produced fall-out effects that transcend national boundaries thus establishing the global significance of the phenomena. Some of the cases from abroad provide perspectives that make absurdities close to home stand out the more.

The official designation of victim groups also creates a class “accountable” for the wrongs of victims. In time the living members of either group are unlikely to have even been disadvantaged, persecuted, or to be beneficiaries of torts. A generation after the end of disenfranchisement,…..

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