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Political Quote of the Day…

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.-Mark Twain


I was one of first to call for a pardon for ‘Scooter’ Libby but after I have had a chance to reflect on this whole stinking mess I concluded, “WHAT FOR?”

A pardon is tantamount to an admission that a crime has been committed and no such crime has been committed by Libby. This goes back to, “Where does a man go to redeem his reputation?” A much simpler way of exonerating Libby would be for the Justice Department to excuse (FIRE) Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald from the case and presto the whole case against Libby is gone.

If there was any crime committed here it is a malfeasance of duty by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and a whole host of officials at the State Department with an anti-Bush agenda.

Obviously, there are many other culprits who deserve repudiation in the Plame-Name-Game affair such as the lying despicable media whores Joe Wilson and his wife, and his ass-kissing buddies in the main stream media who intentionally promoted this story into one of the greatest non-stories of our time.

And I could not write an article of condemnation without mentioning the Washington political establishment who would prostitute their mothers for a vote.

But my focus here today is about the Injustice done to a man and the callousness by individuals that would destroy a man’s life. Scooter Libby’s life was relegated to the trash heap as some type of statistical collateral damage in the Washington political war games.

Patrick Fitzgerald and the State Department both deemed it necessary for different reasons that Libby should be the sacrificial lamb. No consideration was given by either party to the fact they both knew no crime was committed by Libby as they both knew Richard Armitage was the leak before the investigation started. It was a question careers at stake, future and present. The American idea of ‘fair play’ only applies to people of morality.

I have always looked at Colin Powell with a bit of respect and his final legacy will be severely tarnished in my eyes and many others for his role in this investigation. As far as Richard Armitage goes, the media is floating the premise around that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald asked him no to speak to anyone about his role in all of this. Being asked not to speak does not mean one can not speak up when an injustice is being committed. Both Powell and Armitage have a lot of explaining to do.

And with reference to Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald it discloses a glaring hole in the judicial system called “prosecutorial discretion.” It bestows God-like powers upon prosecutors who are mire mortal man subjected to political agendas and future ambitions. They alone are given the power to decide whether a case should go forward or not, such power is often abused as we have seen in the Duke rape case and in Palm Beach ala Rush Limbaugh exhibited that careers are more important than the destruction of people’s lives. Such men are not fit for the office they hold.

Scooter Libby certainly deserves to be vindicated but I can not help but wondering how this meaningless investigation has affected world events. This investigation surely helped drive down the President’s poll ratings which weakened him politically and needless to say that is what many people had in mind. Did a weakened Bush have to change course and his prosecution of the war on terror and has allowed Iran to get the bomb untouched? This may be the biggest crime of all in this investigation.

For Patrick Fitzgerald a just punishment for the crime he has committed against the people of the United States, nothing could be more fitting than being fired for malfeasance of duty and an abuse of the powers invested in him.

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On the Democrats and the Plame-Game-Shame

The Pumping Donkey wants to know, “What did Schumer Know and When did he know it?”

Once again, the Moonbats-who-wear-tinfoil-hats are exposed in all their corruption. All their deceit. All their lies and smears. All their insane paranoid conspiracy theories. And THEY want to lead this nation? Harrumph!

Once again the corrupt, lying, smearing Democrat Left Wing biased media is exposed in all it’s dishonesty.

Can Iran Be Trusted? By Michael Rubin

This is the first in a new series of analytical essays devoted to key issues in the Middle East. Michael Rubin, resident scholar at AEI, will be the primary author of the series, which will be available in Arabic.

Disputes over Iran’s nuclear program have become a primary focus of not only White House attention, but of international concern as well. While the Bush administration initially let Berlin, London, and Paris–the so-called European Union Three–take the lead in negotiations with Tehran on May 31, 2006, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice offered more direct U.S. involvement and a package of incentives should Iran agree to suspend enrichment. But while policymakers promote diplomatic engagement with Iran, few question how the Iranians themselves approach and understand diplomacy.

Diplomacy to resolve concerns over Iran’s nuclear program continues with no clear resolution in sight. Most officials seek to avoid military confrontation. After receiving Iran’s refusal to demands that it suspend uranium enrichment, both Moscow and Paris urged Washington not to escalate the dispute.[1] Serious U.S. analysts agree with the costs of military action. The Iranian government could ratchet up its sponsorship of terror, U.S. troops in Iraq could be vulnerable to Tehran’s proxy militias, ordinary Iranian citizens could rally around the nationalist flag, and targeted bombing of Iranian facilities could delay the Islamic Republic’s program, not end it.

But will diplomacy be enough to stop the Islamic Republic’s acquisition of nuclear weapons? What enables diplomacy is trust that the opposing side will honor its commitments. Tehran’s track record does not create confidence. In its formative revolutionary years, the reformist heyday, and even today, the Iranian leadership has had a consistent record of antipathy toward diplomatic convention and violation of agreements.

More from American Enterprise Institute

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Anything for a vote By the Bear

Here is what a G.O.P. Hopeful had to say ‘Rumsfeld Should Resign ‘

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J., Sept. 2 — State Senator Thomas H. Kean Jr., the Republican nominee for United States Senate in New Jersey, says he is so frustrated with the Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq that he is pushing for something that few Republicans have supported: the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

In an interview at his campaign headquarters here, just shy of midnight on Friday, Mr. Kean said that he had become dissatisfied over the summer with what he said was Mr. Rumsfeld’s refusal to consider “competing points of view.”

But what compelled him to advocate publicly for a “fresh face” leading the troops, Mr. Kean said, were Mr. Rumsfeld’s recent remarks chiding critics of the war for “moral and intellectual confusion,” and comparing them to those who advocated appeasing Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

“By engaging in that kind of rhetoric, this secretary has stepped over the line,” Mr. Kean said.

More from The New York Times

SideBear: “By engaging in that kind of rhetoric, this secretary has stepped over the line,” Mr. Kean said.

And exactly what is this lightweight RINO doing other than engaging in rhetoric? Does he really think by attacking Republicans he is going to get him elected? No amount of ass-kissing could accomplish this.

The only way a RINO can get good press from the Slimes at the Times is by slamming the GOP.

State Senator Thomas H. Kean Jr. is the son of Tom Kean, a former New Jersey Governor and a member of the 9-11 commission. Like father, like son.

By best advice for Kean is, don’t give up your job , just yet.

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