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Political Quote of the Day….

“Why do we never hear a human rights group decry the enemy? Because to the human rights groups — brace yourselves, folks — Al-Qaeda and these terrorists in Iraq, are not the enemy. To human rights groups, the United States is the enemy” –Rush Limbaugh

Democrats for electing Republicans By the Bear

Just when I taught all was lost and it was time to start writing epitaphs for the Republicans’ chances of winning in November “Faith” has interceded and has dealt the Democrats a deathblow. (see Funerals Washington Style)

The heinous butchering of two captured American Military personal by Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq and reports suggest body dismemberment and beheadings is a wakeup call to an American Public who is absolutely irate passion over these human rights’ violations. No longer will the public accept the Democrats whining about torture at Guantanamo or the frivolous charges by the ACLU, Amnesty International and other like American bashing organizations.

Add to this heinous crime the events of the past couple weeks, the killing of al Zarqawi and the follow-up offensive in Iraq and a realization and resolve is setting in on the public that we are winning in Iraq and win we must for the sake of our National Security. (see Taking Terrorism Seriously)

And where are the Democrats?

First of I would like to start with the mindless Democratic Senator from my home State of Illinois, Dick Durbin, he issued a statement blaming the mutilations of the soldiers in Iraq on America’s failed policy. This lack of consideration to the families of these servicemen and his inability to show any compassion or support for the troops is abominable. He did not have any problem turning this into trying to score political points. And Webloggin says, Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat Party – A National Embarrassment

The Democrats are fully invested in our defeat in Iraq and the War on Terrorism and would like nothing better than see their own country lose.

Andrew Sullivan wrote that he prayed for the safety of our soldiers but wondered how America could say it would be wrong for the insurgents to torture our guys when we supposedly torture their guys. I can not see any moral equivalence between the actions of U.S. forces in Iraq and the actions of the terrorists.

Will this increasingly passionate refusal to draw distinctions between the actions of Americans at arms and the behavior of Islamofascist monsters continue?

As faith would have it Sen. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and ranking member on the Armed Services Committee, and Sen. Jack Reed, Rhode Island Democrat, have sponsored an amendment that calls for “phased redeployment” to begin by Dec. 31. The nonbinding amendment would require the Bush administration to submit a schedule for continued troop withdrawal.

Democratic Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin have a binding amendment calling for all combat troops to be redeployed by July 1, 2007. A similar measure offered last week was overwhelmingly defeated in the Senate.

Only the Democrats would offer such a lifeline to the Republicans at this time in history. At this time and moment when a show of support for our troops is most needed they continue to show a profound disrespect for their mission. Can anyone ever believe them when they say, “I support the troops”? Or will the voters in November equate their new catch phases, “phased redeployment” and “a phased redeployment” as anything but smoke and mirrors for “Cut and Run.”

Just when the Republicans where looking like losers up stepped the Democrats and somebody got to loose to losers.

More related Losers

On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming

The Democrats’ exasperation has increased in the last week, as they postponed a vote on Mr. Kerry’s amendment to try to fashion a broader consensus among themselves. Democrats up for re-election asked him not to propose a fixed date. But Mr. Kerry, several Democrats said, was unwilling to budge from that idea, even though his co-sponsor, Senator Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin, seemed willing to compromise for the sake of consensus. In the end, Mr. Kerry agreed only to extend his deadline, from Dec. 31 of this year to July 2007.


The real Jack Murtha

Rep. John Murtha is thinking big thoughts. Since coming out for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq last year, he has accused Marines of murder “in cold blood” before a preliminary investigation is even complete; accused the military of a cover up over the same incident; declared his candidacy for the House majority leadership post; and, most recently, refined his cut-and-run strategy in Iraq to mean “redeployment” to Okinawa, Japan.

That’s quite a splash for such a veteran congressman, who a year ago had zero name recognition outside Washington. That he’s made a name for himself now by slandering our troops and their mission deserves a brief recital of some other activities associated with Mr. Murtha.

More from The Washington Times

A NEW EUPHEMISM: “phased redeployment” –Lawrence F. Kaplan

There’s a new catchphrase in town. In coming days, the Senate will consider various Democratic resolutions calling for a “phased redeployment” of U.S. troops in Iraq. What exactly is a phased redeployment? “It’s not a cut-and-run strategy,” insists Senator Carl Levin. His fellow senators, John Kerry and Russell Feingold, agree, saying in a joint statement about their own resolution, “We need a deadline for the redeployment of U.S. forces in Iraq.” This, needless to say, would hardly be the first time a country has redeployed in the midst of wartime. Britain famously redeployed from its American colonies. France redeployed from Algeria. In 1975, the United States redeployed from Vietnam. And indeed, as a careful reading of the fine print makes clear, the architects of phased redeployment want the troops redeployed all the way back to Fort Bragg. Rejecting the “cut-and-run” label, which after Vietnam was banished from the lexicon of smart Democratic politicians, is one thing. But now the word “withdraw” frightens them? Senators Levin, Kerry, and Feingold want to withdraw from Iraq. Rather than contribute to the everyday pollution of public discourse, couldn’t they just say so?

Credit: The Plank


Murtha’s Ethical Past and Present

John Murtha’s Pattern of Wrongness

Democrats: A Culture Of Subversion

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Awakening a Sleeping Giant

If in the case of Iraq there has been any lessening of resolve among the American electorate, and to read the newspapers and listen to a great many television pundits one might certainly think there has, the events of the past 48 hours should put these doubts to rest.

American forces have recovered the remains of two soldiers, Privates Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca, ambushed and kidnapped at a check point in the aptly named “Triangle of Death” south of Baghdad. Specialist David Babineau, died in the attack and was not captured.

Iraqi Major General Abdul-Aziz Mohammed Jassim, director of the Iraqi military operations room, stated “with great regret” that there is strong evidence that the soldiers in question had been captured alive, horribly tortured, mutilated, and then murdered. Major General Jassim described the way in which these brave soldiers died as “barbaric.” This probably means that they were beheaded.


If they have not already figured it out, and it is highly unlikely that they have, the murderers in Iraq have made yet another egregious error. Perhaps even a fatal one for their own cause. Americans don’t react to barbarity in the way in which our enemies hope. Americans still remember the Alamo.

More from The American Thinker

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“500 chemical WMDs weapons” found By the Bear

Here is the Director of Intelligence John Negroponte’s letter to the House’s Select Committee on Intelligence and his explanation of the 500 chemical weapons WMDs found in Iraq. (pdf) which is what Senator Santorum disclosed on the Senate’s floor yesterday.

Source: National Review Online

The immediate reaction from the libs was to down play the importance of this discovery and I wouldn’t expect anything less. They claim some intell officer (unknown) said these WMDs where pre the 1991 Gulf War and degraded in strength.

I also picked up some isolated comments on some left wing blog sites suggesting the timing of this discovery was suspicious.

Here is my reaction to the left……NUTS!

1. Whether they where pre war or not or any combination of it does not matter, it proves that Saddam had chemical weapons (WMDs) and only people suffering and blinded by Bush Derangement Syndrome will refuse to admit the significance of this revelation.

2. The left is also stating that these are not the type of weapons we went to war over, again I say NUTS! This is exactly what the world was concerned about …NERVE GAS.

3. The amount of Nerve Gas found here could kill a half million people which Saddam did before when he gassed hundreds of thousands of Kurds.

4. This is the chemical agents which Iraq denied possession of and to U.N. Inspectors prior to the war claiming that it was all destroyed.

5. We should all be petrified at the thought that even one canister of this nerve gas got into the hands of Al Qaeda terrorist as this is just what they had been hoping for. A release of this gas in a subway system or a big office building could kill thousand immediately.

6. The lefties are claiming these containers are old and deteriorated and have lost their strength, maybe so or to what extent, which one of you lefties would like to volunteer to take a sniff of this stuff? You can’ t have it both ways.

7. 500 is not enough, what’s the magic number? How much has to be found before you become concerned? I think we should all be concerned about what might be buried in the sand and has not been discovered yet.

For the left to continue to live in a state of denial is foolish and counterproductive to the war on terrorism. Nerve Gas is not selective about who it kills and the problem is, it’s all of our problem and unity would go a long way in defeating this enemy.


Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

WASHINGTON — The United States has found 500 chemical weapons in Iraq since 2003, and more weapons of mass destruction are likely to be uncovered, two Republican lawmakers said Wednesday.

“We have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, chemical weapons,” Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., said in a quickly called press conference late Wednesday afternoon.

Reading from a declassified portion of a report by the National Ground Intelligence Center, a Defense Department intelligence unit, Santorum said: “Since 2003, coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent. Despite many efforts to locate and destroy Iraq’s pre-Gulf War chemical munitions, filled and unfilled pre-Gulf War chemical munitions are assessed to still exist.”

More from Fox News

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Taking Terrorism Seriously

There will alas be no shortage of people ready to suggest that American errors and abuses in the treatment of detainees somehow caused/mitigates/compares with the torture, mutilation, and beheading of captured US service personnel. Let me raise just one of dozens of possible responses to such people:

Much that happens in Iraq seems senseless, but the kind of terrorism practised by al Qaeda in Iraq is anything but. It is profoundly rational, purposeful, and goal-directed. They do not torture, mutilate, and behead because they are enraged by some piece of propaganda they happened to hear on al-Jazeera the day before. Terrorism is a political method, adopted in pursuit of political ends. Those ends were selected – and the methods chosen – long before anybody had ever heard of Guantanamo as anything other than a sleepy naval station.

Too many people on all sides of the political spectrum talk as if only the United States acts, while everybody else merely reacts.

But in this war on terror, the United States could install every captured insurgent and al Qaeda operative in his own hotel room with Spectravision and halal room service – without in any way altering the strategy or tactics of al Qaeda.

Credit: David Frum’s Diary

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