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Political Quote of the Day….

“Immigrants in past centuries came here to become Americans, not to remain foreigners, much less to proclaim the rights of their homelands to reclaim American soil, as some of the Mexican activist groups have done… Today, immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism.” —Thomas Sowell

You can’t trust Washington on Immigration By the Bear

The reason I am so adamant about the close the borders issue is because what Washington says and does are two different things.

Twenty years ago in 1986 Washington passed legislation which gave amnesty to three million illegal aliens and in that legislation where provisions to secure the borders. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. And that is why we have the problem we have today.

Last year President Bush promised to hire 10,000 additional Border Guards. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

This past Monday night President Bush said he will deploy 6,000 National Guard people on the border. Why should we believe this will happen? When the President does not have this power according to the Constitution and he must get permission from the Governors of the States involved.

If the National Guard was deployed and the number is token drop in the bucket to appease the American Public which amounts to all smoke and no mirrors, the Guards assignment is to assist border patrol agents by sharpening pencils and pushing papers. This is what the President meant when he said they will not have any enforcement duties.

On Tuesday the Senate showed they have no interest in border security when they rejected this amendment. Read it for yourself.

Senate Bypasses Security for Immigration

On a vote of 55-40 that crossed party lines, the Senate rejected an appeal from Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., to require the border be secured before other immigration law changes could take place.


And now I will tell you another dirty little secret on how and why these promises are broken. In both 1986 and last year Congress did not appropriate any funds to keep their promises.

It is becoming very oblivious that Washington has no interest in border security and is just giving lip service to the American Public. Why should the American Public accept any legislation which will ultimately lead to amnesty until they see the borders secured?

If the borders are not secured now then in twenty years will be back to square one again, only the problem will no be 3 million or 12 million, it will be 150 million.

Action speaks louder than words.


And Hector the Smuggler, reporting to you from Kerrville Mexico asks, ”Who is running the United States immigration policy?”

Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Mexico said Tuesday that it would file lawsuits in U.S. courts if National Guard troops on the border become directly involved in detaining migrants.

SideBear: Is there not one of the powers to be in Washington with the balls to step up and denounce a statement like this from Mexico and say, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Or have they all been neutered?


Immigration Billboards Going Up In North Texas
DALLAS Conservatives are firing back at those who support amnesty and a guest worker program for illegal immigrants. Their latest weapon is a billboard located on Stemmons Freeway in Dallas.



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Remember this at election time By the Bear

Eighteen Republicans voted in the Senate with the Democrats yesterday to make it clear, border security is the last thing they care about.

Senate Bypasses Security for Immigration

On a vote of 55-40 that crossed party lines, the Senate rejected an appeal from Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., to require the border be secured before other immigration law changes could take place.


Here is a list of the eighteen who would sell out this country and I certainly hope you remember them at election time.

Robert Bennett of Utah; Sam Brownback of Kansas; Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island; Norm Coleman, Minnesota; Susan Collins, Maine; Larry Craig, Idaho; Mike DeWine, Ohio; Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; Chuck Hagel, Nebraska; Dick Lugar, Indiana; Mel Martinez, Florida; Lisa Murkowski, Alaska; Senator Shelby, Alabama; Olympia Snowe, Maine; Senator Specter, Pennsylvania; Ted Stevens, Alaska; Voinovich, Ohio; and John Warner from Virginia. There were four Republicans that didn’t vote: Thad Cochran, Mississippi; Judd Gregg, New Hampshire; Trent Lott; and Senator McCain.

This group is comprised of your usual RINOs but there are several who will be begging for your vote come next year, Presidential wannabes Chuck Hagel and John McCain.

And then there are others who come from very conservative States like Sam Brownback of Kansas and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina who will pay the price at election time.

And here is statement from….

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican: All the economists that we’ve heard testify, and we haven’t had a lot, but they all agree basically that low-skill workers tend to be a net drain on the economy. They utilize more in government benefits — welfare and health care — than high skill workers, and that any program that we pass ought to emphasize high skill workers. This bill does not do that. This bill does nothing about the chain of migration in which people who work their way to citizenships can bring in their parents, their brothers and sisters, adult children, regardless of the needs of the United States for workers, regardless of what skill sets they may have and whether or not we need them in the United States. It’s an automatic right.

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How I know I am right? By the Bear

How long has it been, if ever, that President Bush has been praised by Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and a host other Democrats for his position on immigration?

How long has it been, if ever, that President Bush has been praised by The New York Times, The LA Times and the Washington Post for his position on immigration?

I congratulate the President for winning over the left and throwing the American Public overboard but if he thought his poll ratings where going to go up, he is dead wrong.

Latest Poll ratings from WaPo……

I rest my case.

And I know Terry L. is right, here is his e-mail to Ken Mehlman Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Dear Ken,

The Republican party has the leadership and majority in both houses, plus the Whitehouse. I am a fiscal conservative. That is what was promised and NOT delivered. Both houses have gone hog wild on pork. Shame on you. You were given the opportunity to lead and you frittered it away.

You have messed around on the issue of illegal aliens and border security far too long without coming up with a “rule of law,” principled common sense approach to the problem. Border security and enforcement against hiring illegals are the two key components. I neither see nor hear of an enhanced effort to hire more INS enforcement agents to go after employers that make a practice of hiring illegals. If you did so there would be a mad rush for the border from the U.S. to Mexico of illegals. Just don’t get in the way!

The third issue is energy! Propose nuclear, offshore drilling and a major research effort for improved efficiency and alternative fuel sources. Let the democrats vocally oppose it and vote it down. Damn! You guys were put in office to lead. Since Newt left it is like you have forgotten how to analyze, how to think and how to act. Now get out there and lead and I will send some money. But not until I see some leadership and some common sense and some action!

Terry L.
Rocky River, Ohio

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This passed 50-48 and has been described to me as “a surprise”:

‘This amendment simply protects Americans workers and puts their interests first’

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), chairman of the Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship subcommittee, made the following statement Wednesday regarding the successful vote on the Cornyn/Kyl amendment to protect American jobs and clarify when foreign workers would be eligible to enter the United States:

“This amendment simply requires an employer to look for U.S. workers first. If proponents of the compromise bill were serious when they say that certain provisions are needed because immigrants do work Americans won’t do, then they would have supported this amendment.

“America is a compassionate country and we want to make sure we do this immigration reform plan correctly. But one of the things we don’t want to do is hurt American workers. We simply must protect American workers and adjust future work visas to meet the needs of the economy.”

As currently written, the immigration bill pending before the Senate would allow unskilled temporary workers – 200,000 a year – to obtain permanent green cards regardless of whether U.S. workers are available to fill the jobs. The Cornyn amendment would fix that flaw in the pending bill.

The Cornyn amendment would require the Department of Labor to certify that there is not a U.S. worker who is able, willing, qualified and available to fill the job that is offered to the foreign worker.


• The amendment protects U.S. workers by requiring the Department of Labor to certify that there is not a U.S. worker who is able, willing, qualified and available to fill the job position that is offered to the foreign worker.
• S.2611 does not require an employer to first advertise for qualified U.S. workers before a temporary worker can obtain a green card. This amendment imposes that requirement.
• Beginning in year four, and every year thereafter, up to 200,000 unskilled workers a year would become eligible for a green card – irrespective of economic conditions or whether there are unemployed U.S. workers available to fill those jobs.
• This is a significant departure from current law. Under current law, most employment-based green card must be sponsored by a U.S. employer.
• Almost every employment-based green card applicant must also obtain a determination from the Department of Labor that no U.S. worker is “able, willing, qualified…and available” to fill the job position. [8 USC 1182(a)(5)(A)] The current bill does not include that requirement for unskilled workers.
• Even high-skilled workers (e.g. H-1B professionals) must be sponsored by an employer and can only obtain a green card after the Department of Labor has determined that there are no qualified U.S. workers. This amendment ensures that all foreign workers go through the same process.

Cornyn is a member of the following key Senate Committees: Armed Services; Judiciary; Budget, Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and Joint Economic. Cornyn was previously Texas Attorney General, Texas Supreme Court Justice and Bexar County District Judge.

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