Dr. Gil Mobley on why the CDC is ‘lying’ about Ebola

Quote of the Day 10/20/14

“If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago, and a racist today.” — Thomas Sowell

Insanity by the Bear

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result.

The definition of the govern (We the People) is keep electing the same people over and over again expecting a different result.

The definition of government is keep spending money over and over again on frivolous projects to enhance campaign donations.

Here are some of the government’s priorities:

* $2,873,440 trying to figure out why lesbians are obese, and $466,642 on why fat girls have a tough time getting dates. (I could have answered that question for the price of a cup of coffee)

*Another $2,075,611 was spent encouraging old people to join choirs.

*A study where researchers sent texts to drunks at the bar to try to get them to stop drinking. The project received an additional grant this year, for a total of $674,590.

*The NIH is also texting older African Americans with HIV ($372,460), HIV and drug users in rural areas ($693,000), HIV smokers ($763,519), pregnant smokers ($380,145), teen moms ($243,839), and meth addicts ($360,113). Text message interventions to try to get obese people to lose weight have cost $2,707,067.

*The NIH’s research on obesity has led to spending $2,101,064 on wearable insoles and buttons that can track a person’s weight, and $374,670 to put on fruit and vegetable puppet shows for preschoolers.

* TOTAL -$39,643,352 worth of NIH studies within the past several years that have gone to questionable research.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

Wouldn’t that money be better spent on research for a cure to EV-D68 virus that has already killed 7 kids and hospitalized hundreds of children? Or Ebola vaccines?

And if you think the above doesn’t make much sense; Obama appoints Ron Klain, a lawyer and a political fixer and big time Democratic contributor to become Ebola Czar. This man has no medical background whatsoever and has a very shady background. He was up to his neck in the Solyndra scandal, a company that defaulted on $535 million dollars in federal loans before they made their first solar panel.

And I guarantee you that Obama will ask for a barrel full of money to fight Ebola right after the election in November. And once again Mr. Fixer will have his greedy paws on hundreds of millions of dollars to dole out big to big time Democratic donors. I refer you back to my three definitions above.

This is pure politics and it is payback time for campaign donations and that’s the way the District of Corruption works (D.C.).

Now let’s get back to Ebola crises and how it will affect our economy.

People tend to pull back on spending during times of turmoil and since consumer spending is the biggest factor in the GDP and this limp economy will go further in the tank. Wall Street knows this and that’s why you are seeing irrational behavior in the stock market.

These are my personal feelings and you have to wonder how many people feel the same.

I for one will not consider air travel at this time because I don’t want to be stuck on an airplane with people coughing and sneezing. So, I look for the air travel industry to take a big hit.

Some 30 counties have already declared that there will not accept any airplanes that originate from the African region where the Ebola outbreak is and Obama has refused to follow suit. Doesn’t common sense dictate that you isolate the problem at its source to keep it from spreading? But of course when I use the words ‘common sense’ in reference to the Tower of Babble at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave it becomes an oxymoron.

I don’t believe a word that comes out of babble land because they have been known to lie over and over again. The truth about the Ebola crisis will come out AFTER the election.

And as I have said many times before… “Politics trumps everything else and in this case the health and welfare of the American people.


Is CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link To Illegal Alien Kids?

A disease that was once rare in the U.S. is killing Americans, and its rise coincides with the tidal wave of unaccompanied minor children arriving from Latin America under our de facto open-border policy.

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Throw them All out

How the feds block Ebola cures By Robert Goldberg

We have technology to potentially control Ebola and other viral outbreaks today. But the federal bureaucracy refuses to catch up with 21st-century science.

For example, diagnostic startup Nanobiosym has an iPhone-sized device that can accurately detect Ebola and other infectious diseases in less than an hour.

Two other companies, Synthetic Genomics and Novartis, have the capacity to create synthetic vaccine viruses for influenza and other infectious diseases in only four days. Both firms can also share data about outbreaks instantaneously and make real-time, geographically specific diagnosis and vaccine production possible.

These companies could start producing Ebola vaccine/treatments tomorrow — except that the Food and Drug Administration’s insistence on randomized studies and endless demands for more data means firms have to spend millions on paperwork instead of producing medicines.

And for every small company drained by such tactics, many others conclude it’s not even worth trying.

These advances aren’t available because the FDA is using 19th-century science to decide which medical technologies should be used in the 21st century.

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Ebola golf

North Dakota sets more oil production milestones in August – one billion barrels of total oil and more than 13% of US oil By Mark J. Perry

Oil drillers in North Dakota pumped out 1.13 million barrels of oil per day (bpd) in August, setting another new monthly all-time record high for the state’s crude oil production (see blue line in top chart), according to oil production data released yesterday by North Dakota’s Department of Mineral Resources. August marked the fifth straight month that daily oil production in the Peace Garden State exceeded one million barrels. Another important production milestone was reached in August, as average daily crude oil output from the state’s shale-rich Bakken oil fields topped one million bpd for the third straight month (see brown line in top chart), as the Bakken recently joined an elite group of only ten oil fields in world history whose daily output exceeded one million barrels at peak production. Oil production in the Bakken has increased more than 7X over the last 5 years, from only 151,522 bpd in August 2009 to 1.067 million bpd in August of this year, with accumulated production reaching the one billion barrel milestone in August.

Here are some other highlights of North Dakota’s record-setting oil output in August:
Bakken now joins an elite group of only ten super-giant oil fields worldwide to ever produce more than a million barrels of oil per day at peak production, and just surpassed one billion barrels of accumulated total production.

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