Clintons becoming most corrupt political family in history?

Quote of the Day 05/04/15

“Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the
productive but unorganized.” – Joseph Sobran

Get ready for a long hot summer by the Bear

Baltimore Riots 2015 A Compilation All Angles Freddy Gray

And what exactly does the death of Freddy Gray have to do with the riots in Baltimore?
Absolutely nothing; Freddy Gray was the excuse to riot not the symptom. If anything Freddy showed was a sure way on how to get in trouble. At the age of 25 Freddy had a rap sheet as long a professional criminal could have without going to jail.

Baltimore is your typical Democratic liberal controlled City, it has a black woman mayor, a black chief of police and the majority of the police officers are black. So what’s the problem? Why are blacks rioting against an all black controlled city?

I can recite all the standard excuses like income inequality, high black unemployment, white racism and they all fit the bill of particulars, but the real problem in a nutshell is LIBERALISM. All you have to do is look across the country at Democrat controlled cities and you see the same symptoms in every one of them, corruption, budgets out of control and patronage. If anything we are witnessing is the end of LBJ’s Great Society.

Chicago has the dubious honor of being the murder capitol of the country and just recently their bonds ratings have been rated as “Junk.”

Baltimore ranks no 7 in murder rates.

Liberalism created this society; and it all centers around the destruction of family unit.
We have a fatherless society in the black community, and also in some white communities, free birth control pills, abortion on demand and Joe wants to marry John and Jane is in love with her dog.

This is what LIBERALISM has brought to our society.

Maybe this sounds harsh, but it must be said:

You voted for it Baltimore, now live with it.

And by extension to the American People who voted for Obama thinking that a black man would put an end to racism; all it got you was more racism from the most racist President in modern times and his chief henchman Eric (the Red) Holder.

Ferguson, MO was the tip of the racist iceberg last summer and now finally that the truth about happened the media has ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Many of the witness who testified that they saw Michael Brown with his hands up in the air have admitted that they lied. Why? Because the racist pigs threatened and intimated them to lie.

I don’t believe that there is that much racism in America today, what racism is all about today in America is a way to earn a lucrative living for the race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and without it they would have to get an honest job.

Batten down the hatch because it’s going to be a long hot summer and where will the next riots be? My guess would be the big liberal democratic cities east of the Mississippi River…
Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta; in the West LA and St Louis.

And a hat tip to the unwed mother of six who pulled her 16 year old son off the streets before he could get into trouble. “She get’s it”, when will America get it?

Baltimore: What have you accomplished? By the Bear

The First amendment affords all the people of this country a right to protest, but that right is limited to peaceful protest. It does not give you the right to create mayhem or the right to destroy other people’s property or the right to loot and burn businesses; evidently Baltimore’s black woman mayor, Ms. Rawlings-Blake disagrees with this or doesn’t understand this.

So what has the mayor accomplished? Her words to the protestors encouraged civil unrest and lawlessness when she ordered the police to “stand down” as she stated: “Its only property”. Yes, Ms. Mayor its only property, other peoples property and businesses who employed black people and now they don’t have a job and the likelihood that those businesses will not return is a strong probability and who will incur the moral and economic costs of picking up the pieces? The innocent taxpayers?”

And we all understand why she did this, you put your political career above all else, a career that is destined to end soon because of her flawed judgment.

A rush to judgment

Marilyn Mosby, who is also black, is the youngest chief prosecutor in a major city (age 35) and has been only on the job for four months, her husband Nick Mosby is a Baltimore City Councilman.
To say she jumped the gun in filing charges against 6 police officers would be an understatement, here is the list of charges but of course when you are playing politics to mob protestors who want a hanging before all the evidence is clear, you make a excess charges that won’t hold up in court. Homicide????

The proper and correct thing to do is to wait until you a complete autopsy report as to the cause of death and a toxicology report (blood and urine) to determine the state that Freddie Gray was in. (the preliminary report shows that Gray had cocaine and other substances in his blood.)

An open letter sent by the Fraternal Order of Police before Mosby’s news conference today requested that Mosby appoint a Special Independent Prosecutor to “avoid any appearance of impropriety.”

“I have full faith in your professional integrity,” the letter said. “While I have the utmost respect for you and your office, I have very deep concerns about the many conflicts of interest presented by your office conducting an investigation in this case. These conflicts include your personal and professional relationship with Gray family attorney, William Murphy and the lead prosecutor’s connections with members of the local media. Based on several nationally televised interview, these reporters are likely to be witnesses in any potential litigation regarding this incident. Most importantly, it is clear that your husband’s political future will be directly impacted, for better or worse, by the outcome of your investigation.”

These two young ladies serious errors in judgment as they saw an opportunity to climb the political ladder and gain public fame. At this point we really don’t know what happened in that police van or thereafter that caused Freddie Gray’s death, until then judgment should be withheld until all the facts are on the table.

Other than that, what else could go wrong in Baltimore? let the show trial begin!

Dershowitz – A Sad Day for Justice Motivated by Crowd Control, Any Conviction Unlikely


Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y´all Bein´ Played!

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The Clintons Lower the Bar — Again By Jonah Goldberg

I once had a boss who gave me some great advice, not just for managing people but for judging politicians: You forgive mistakes; you punish patterns. Everybody screws up. But if someone won’t learn from his mistakes and try to correct his behavior, then he either doesn’t think it was a mistake, he just doesn’t care or he thinks you’re a fool. The one indisputable takeaway from Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Clinton Cash,” is that Bill and Hillary Clinton fit one or all of those descriptions.

Let us recall Marc Rich, a shady billionaire indicted for tax evasion and defying trade sanctions with Iran during the U.S. hostage crisis. Rich fled to Switzerland to escape prosecution.

He hired Jack Quinn, a former Clinton White House counsel, to lobby the administration for a pardon. Quinn sought help from then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who advised Quinn to petition the White House directly — advice Holder later regretted. On the last day of his presidency, Bill Clinton pardoned Rich.

The ensuing scandal was enormous — and bipartisan. It was widely believed that Rich had bought his pardon. Denise Rich, his ex-wife, had made huge donations to the Democratic Party, including $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign and $450,000 to the foundation building Bill Clinton’s presidential library.

Liberals were infuriated. “You let me down,” wrote the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen. “It’s a pie in the face of anyone who ever defended you. You may look bad, Bill, but we look just plain stupid.”

“It was a real betrayal by Bill Clinton of all who had been strongly supportive of him to do something this unjustified,” exclaimed then-Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). “It was contemptuous.” Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) chastised, “It was inexcusable.” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd suggested Clinton had “traded a constitutional power for personal benefit.” Jimmy Carter all but called it bribery and said it was “disgraceful.”

You can understand the bitterness. Democrats had defended the Clintons through Whitewater, Travelgate and Hillary Clinton’s billing records shenanigans. They even defended Bill Clinton when he raised millions in re-election donations from Chinese donors and rented out the Lincoln bedroom. But this was just too much. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us half a dozen times …

The Clintons said it was all a misunderstanding, which is what they always say. Quinn offered a familiar defense: “The process I followed was one of transparency.” Bill Clinton: “As far as I knew, Marc Rich and his wife were Republicans.” Hillary Clinton kept quiet.

Personally, I think Jimmy Carter was right, which is not something I say often.

But let’s assume it really was just a misunderstanding. Wouldn’t a normal person — never mind a family with historic ambitions — go to great lengths to avoid even the appearance of a repeat performance? When Sen. John McCain was unfairly lumped in with the “Keating Five” influence-peddling scandal, he said the dishonor was more painful than his five years in a Vietnamese prison. He dedicated himself to demonstrating the sincerity of his shame, including his decades-long – though intellectually misguided — quest to reform campaign finance laws.

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