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Has America Lost The Will To Survive? By Chuck Baldwin

The Barack Obama Justice and Education departments have declared that all public schools be required to institute gender-neutral bathrooms where boys can freely enter girls’ bathrooms and vice versa. Failure to comply threatens federal funding. But putting boys in girls’ bathrooms is NOT where the proclamation stops.

Writing for National Review, David French reports, “You may not have realized it yet, but the Obama administration just destroyed the traditional American public school. Without an act of Congress, without a ruling from the Supreme Court, and without even going through the motions of the regulatory rule-making process, the administration issued a letter drafting every single public educational institution in the country to implement the extreme edge of the sexual revolution.

“The Department of Justice and the Department of Education have declared that they now ‘interpret’ federal law to not only support the fantastical notion that boys can become girls but also to impose new legal requirements that impact every aspect of school life. The administration’s letter sweeps far beyond bathrooms–imposing a new speech code on school employees and even students, opening girls’ showers to boys, requiring schools to allow boys to sleep in girls’ rooms on overnight field trips, requiring boys to room with girls even in single-sex dorms, and putting boys on girls’ sports teams.”

See the report here:

The Transgender Straw Broke The Camel’s Back: It’s Time To Declare Independence From Public Schools

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant called the directive “outrageous” and directed his State’s education department to disregard the order. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called the order “blackmail” and also said, “This will be the end of public education. People will pull their kids out, homeschooling will explode, private schools will increase.” Both he and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have denounced the proclamation and have promised to fight it. Also saying they would fight the order are governors Asa Hutchinson (Arkansas) and Gary Herbert (Utah).

But for the most part, Republicans have been totally silent. In typical fashion, the GOP is too busy trying to not offend the media. And are we to take it that Democrats really want their sons and daughters going to the bathroom and taking showers with the opposite sex? Of course, Obama’s two daughters attend private schools that will not be affected by this perverse proclamation.

But even more disgusting is the fact that the vast majority of pastors and churches have said absolutely nothing. They are too busy trying to not offend the IRS and trying to figure out how to out-Hollywood Hollywood in order to draw bigger and bigger crowds.

The big question is: are the moms and dads of America’s public school children going to stand for this perversity that is going to directly affect their children? Are they really going to sit back and give their sons and daughters over to the government-mandated corruption of the innocence and moral purity of our nation’s schoolchildren? Lt. Gov. Patrick predicts the implementation of this order will be the “end of public education.” But will it? Will the parents of America actually resist this blatant attempt to invade not only the bathrooms and showers but also the moral conscience of their children? Or will they passively allow their children to be subjected to this grotesque and overt attempt to destroy their moral conscience?

If this order is allowed to be fully implemented, this nation is toast. In the entire history of the world, no nation has ever survived once it has given itself–and especially its children–over to universal moral corruption. Ever. And giving our children over to moral corruption is exactly what Obama’s proclamation does.

David French also correctly wrote, “First, the very act of teaching biology and human physiology will be hate speech unless it’s modified to conform to the new transgender ‘facts.’ Teachers will have to take great pains to note that chromosomes, reproductive organs, hormonal systems, and any other physical marker of sex is irrelevant to this thing called ‘gender,’ which, ‘factually,’ is a mere state of mind.

“Second, any statements of dissent–from teachers or students–will be treated as both ‘anti-science’ and ‘discriminatory,’ contributing to a ‘hostile environment’ that schools are legally bound to prohibit. This prohibition will go well beyond the use of pronouns and into discussions of what it means to be male and female. The argument that a ‘girl’ with a penis remains a boy will be treated exactly the same as an argument that blacks are inferior to whites or Arabs inferior to Jews.

“Third, public schools will now be even further opposed, doctrinally and legally, to orthodox Christianity. Christian parents who send their children to public schools need to be aware of the new ‘facts.’ They will be taught not only that their churches are factually wrong in their assessments of sex and gender but that they are actually bigoted and hateful–comparable to white supremacists.

“Fourth, the administration’s actions set a key political precedent. Federal funding–long seen as a boon to local schools–is now clearly and unmistakably an instrument of national control. The federal education bureaucracy is stocked with energetic and creative progressives, and last week’s letter represents just one more step in an ongoing effort to turn money into mandates.”

See the report here:

President Obama’s Transgender Proclamation Is Far Broader And More Dangerous Than You Think“Turn[ing] money into mandates” seems to be the crux of the issue. In the same way that the federal government threatens to withhold funding from schools that refuse to implement this act of corrupting the morals of our nation’s schoolchildren, it threatens (through the IRS-created 501c3 tax-exempt status for churches) to withhold tax exemption from churches that dare to speak out on this or any other “political” issue.

Truly, for the sake of waking our pastors and churches out of their coma and getting them involved again in the fight to preserve the liberties and way of life of our nation, it would be better if churches were NOT tax-exempt at all. Let them start paying taxes and see how quickly and aggressively they would again engage the salient issues of our day. Again, in the same way that the federal government threatens to withhold funding for schools that will not comply, it threatens to withhold tax exemption from churches that speak out against compliance. Which is worse? School leaders and church leaders alike are groveling before the federal government for the scraps from the king’s table.

In addition to the immorality of Obama’s proclamation, constitutional attorneys Bill Olson and Herb Titus filed an amicus brief on May 10 in a Gloucester, Virginia, case that now falls under the Obama proclamation dated three days later. Here is a summary written by Olson and Titus:

“The Obama Administration has done it again. In an effort to strip school children of their modesty and morals, Obama has issued new instructions governing use of rest rooms, locker rooms, and showers in every government-funded school in the country. And, in predictably lawless fashion, Obama has violated not one, but two federal laws. First, he took a 1972 law, Title IX, which was designed to prevent sex discrimination in education, and says that as of today, the word ‘sex’ in the statute does not mean the ‘sex’ you were born with. It means whatever ‘gender’ you feel like on a given day. And, if that was not bad enough, the manner in which the Obama Administration acted was to legislate by letter, not just usurping legislative power, but Obama violating another federal law–the Administrative Procedures Act.

“Purporting to act according to what are known as official ‘good guidance’ practices, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education issued a transgender ‘good guidance’ letter, dated May 13, 2016. Such a ‘good guidance’ letter can only be issued if it does not add requirements to applicable law, but provides information and examples to inform recipients about how the Departments evaluate whether covered agencies are complying with their legal obligations.

“However, like a newly enacted statute or promulgation of a new regulation, the May 13 good guidance letter includes list of new terms, never previously adopted by Congress or the Administration. Not only that, but the letter contains rules governing the interpretation of those new legal terms. For example, the letter defines ‘gender identity’ to be ‘an individual’s internal sense of gender,’ but then forbids the use of any objective standard–such as ‘medical diagnosis or treatment’–to verify any individual claim. One’s gender identity is, thus, established solely by a person’s subjective claim. And that claim can change from day to day.

“Additionally, the good guidance letter indicates that the rules governing ‘sex segregated activities and facilities’ are not the same. As for restroom and locker use, ‘transgender students must have access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity,’ but with respect to ‘athletics,’ gender identity is not the sole determinant of access. That is, for athletics, a boy who feels he should be a ‘transgender girl’ could be excluded from the girls’ basketball team, but not put out of the girls’ locker room.

“None of these examples merely ‘provides information and examples’ of existing regulations–which is all that guidance letters may do lawfully. This letter presents brand new interpretations of the word ‘sex’ and new applications of new terms. And, they are binding.”

See the report:

Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Decree Appears To Violate Multiple Federal Laws
I repeat what I said earlier: if this order is allowed to be fully implemented, this nation is toast. In the entire history of the world, no nation has ever survived once it has given itself–and especially its children–over to universal moral corruption. And giving our children over to moral corruption is exactly what Obama’s proclamation does.

William Wilberforce, the famed British statesman who was primarily responsible for ending the slave trade in Great Britain, astutely observed, “It is a truth attested by the history of all ages and countries, and established on the authority of the ablest writers, both ancient and modern . . . that the religion and morality of a country, especially of every free community, are inseparably connected with its preservation and welfare; that their flourishing or declining state is the sure indication of its tending to prosperity or decay. It has even been expressly laid down, that a people grossly corrupt are incapable of liberty.”

Sam Adams, The Father of The American Revolution, rightly said, “Public liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals.”

This is not a conservative or liberal issue. And at its core, it is not even a religious issue. This is an issue about the most fundamental duty that responsible adults have in a civilized society: the responsibility to safeguard their posterity. Failure at this level would mean that this country no longer has the will or reason to survive.

© Chuck Baldwin

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What if?…. By the bear

This presidential campaign has shown the American People the ugly side of politics. It has been a “MUD sling” contest from day one and I think we haven’t seen the end of it. In fact I think its going to get worse before its all over with.

So much has been said for Trump to win the Presidency, the Republican Party must get behind Trump for him to win. It will happen and it will happen even before the Republican convention. Even the anti Trump soothsayers, Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol will wake up and realize its either Trump or the most corrupt woman in the world.

For the Record: Donald Trump was not my preferred Republican candidate, but I will vote for him in lieu of Hillary the most corrupt woman in the world. There is no other choice.

So now that the battle lines are drawn, the real political war will be at the Democratic convention. WHAT IF Hillary is indicted or even if a few of her top aides are; (Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin or Jake Sullivan for acting with gross negligence) then everything is up for grabs in the Democratic Party?

My guess is that the Department of Justice (if you can call it justice) will not indict anyone without Obama’s and Valerie Jarrett’s approval. The Democrats are facing a double edge sword, Hillary will not go away without a fight; Even if she agreed to step down, the Democrats would have only a narrow window to act. Who will step in to replace her?

Joe Biden? John Kerry? of Liz Warren (AKA a Lying Indian)

In the mean time Trump will go 100% into an attack mode and he will trout out every victim of Bill Clinton’s past sexual aggressions. When Trump get through, “Mud slinging” this will look like child’s play.

Now Bill Clinton is not a stupid man by far, they don’t call him “slick willy for nothing. He has managed to escape rape charges, impeachment lawsuits from women he molested and amassed a fortune in the Clinton foundation and old slick willy has managed to beat the system. But I can’t say the same for Hillary, her claim to fame is by hanging on to Bill’s coattails.

Now “Slick Willy” knows that Trump will take advantage of all of Bill’s indulgence with the opposite sex and so does Hillary and yet instead or retiring with a fortune (who needs this) and the possibility of being indicted; the Clinton’s decided to go for the brass ring in the White House. This cause me to wonder why? And I can only come up with a few possible answers. 1) For Hillary it has to be a lust for power. and for 2) Bill its a way to escape from Hillary, keep her busy in the White House and old slick has all the free time he wants to run wild with the ladies in the evening. And then there is 3) Win or loose Hillary can make a fortune in campaign donations.

Dead broke Hillary

Obama Works Overtime To Destroy Jobs

Regulation: Not done with his ruinous economic tinkering even in the final year of his presidency, Barack Obama wants to raise the salary threshold at which employers must pay overtime. Sounds great, but it will in fact be very bad for the economy.

Right now, all workers who earn up to $23,660 must be paid time-and-half for overtime, which usually is defined as those working more than 40 hours a week. Under Obama’s new rule, that would be lifted to $47,476 a year, affecting some 4.2 million workers, the White House says.

The media have embraced it as a progressive idea whose time has come. “Thanks to new federal rules, some midlevel managers are in line for a big raise,” a Los Angeles Times headline blared.

Well, don’t count on it.

Yes, some workers will get a boost in pay. Good for them.

But over time, the businesses affected by Obama’s overtime diktat will have to pay for the higher wages somehow — just as they have to pay for any tax.

“In the medium term,” writes Jeffrey Miron of the Cato Institute on the think tank’s blog, “employers will offset these costs by rearranging work schedules so that fewer employees hit 40 hours, by laying off employees who work more than 40 hours, or by pushing such employees to work overtime hours off the books.”

In the long term, he adds, employers will simply lower their base wage, so that overall compensation remains the same.

A recent study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University analyzed the proposed overtime pay rules and found that they will “fail to achieve their objectives.” Of course, that depends on you believing that the objective isn’t to win votes in a hotly contested presidential election year.

But even if it isn’t that, the Mercatus study by economists Don Boudreaux and Liya Palagashvili notes that “the rules will increase compliance costs for firms, and … employers will respond to the new requirements in unintended ways.”

In particular, they say, “employers will be forced to move some employees from salaries to hourly pay or find other ways to clock their work.” Or they may just cut overall pay to make up for it. Or, as we see happening now with increases in the minimum wage, they might replace current workers with automation, robots or higher-skilled workers. And some will stop letting workers telecommute, since it’s harder to monitor their hours.

Those aren’t gains for workers, they’re losses.

Even the most basic presumption of the new law — that there’s a bunch of people being systematically overworked and underpaid — is false. In fact, “economists generally agree that U.S. labor markets are quite competitive, particularly for the low- and medium-skilled workers who would be most affected by the rule change.”

Then there are the other costs, including regulatory paperwork, an increasingly costly headache for businesses. As an example, legal costs to ensure compliance could cost high-tech startups alone as much as $4.5 billion just in fees. Spread that across dozens of industries and you have massive new costs that will make it harder and more expensive for businesses to employ workers.

By the way, it’s a tragic misconception of many Americans that the businesses themselves will pay for this. It will be you, the consumer and worker, who will pay higher prices and see lower wages as a result of Obama’s grandstanding on overtime pay.

Instead of more costly rules and class warfare, this president would do far better to help businesses invest, grow and create lots of great jobs by cutting regulations, slashing taxes and getting out of their way.